MarketFriday – A new shopping center

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Hi, Steemit!!!

  Today is #MarketFriday!!!

We have opened a new shopping center. When we were there last time the center was still half empty. We were interested to see what is there now. Therefore, we decided to take a walk there.


The stand at one of the entrances informs that there is no tax on the goods.



I see shops of this company for the first time. Now I understand where to go to look glamorous)))))


This department sells cream and the like of the Dead Sea. Prices are normal and a great choice!



The shop of the company Jajine - soap, cream, everything for baths, etc. I like their products.



Some departments have not started working yet. For example, the firm Ahava - which means love in translation. This is a very famous company in Israel that manufactures products based on Dead Sea minerals. The quality of the products is high so the prices for it are quite large.



Shop from the diamond exchange. In what hotel on the Dead Sea you did not have a rest, you will surely be invited to these shops. There is a large selection and prices are appropriate :)


Next time we will walk on the second floor of this shopping center.

Have a nice Friday !!!


#MarketFriday by @dswigle


Did they build this one on the shores of the Dead Sea? Oh, I actually do not like when they take up the views of such awesome places like that. Move inland! LOL

The place is still so new and beautiful and waiting to be filled with both stores and patrons. Although, I love when the shops are new, they look so clean. It is a nice looking Mall, and they have nice shops there so far, especially the stores with the products from the Dead Sea! I look forward to seeing the next floor and I think that was an awesome idea to do it one floor at a time!

I hope you are having a wonderful week! Thank you for being a part of the challenge!

#MarketFriday loves you!

Upped and Steemed


they cannot move it inland because there the mountains interfere :)))) in fact there is a rather narrow strip of plain between the Judean mountains and the Dead Sea. Thanks! Let you have a successful week !!!!

I pulled up a map and my apologies!!! There is no way they could, without building into the mountains. :)

It's pretty, I was hoping that they could preserve it, but, it is indeed a beautiful place!

Have a great week, my friend!

What a cool looking mall lots of space and looks so pristine and clean

it's because it's still new :)))

I guess with time that will change but lets hope not for a long time :)

It is not crowded. Is it because it is new or just the time of the day you were there? Good thing there are stuff there you like. Surely you bought a lot, no?

This shopping center is built on the shores of the Dead Sea where there are only hotels. so it all depends on how many people who came to rest, wants to go there for a walk. I bought some t-shirts there because there was a good discount. Thanks for stopping by!

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