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RE: MarketFriday – A new shopping center

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Did they build this one on the shores of the Dead Sea? Oh, I actually do not like when they take up the views of such awesome places like that. Move inland! LOL

The place is still so new and beautiful and waiting to be filled with both stores and patrons. Although, I love when the shops are new, they look so clean. It is a nice looking Mall, and they have nice shops there so far, especially the stores with the products from the Dead Sea! I look forward to seeing the next floor and I think that was an awesome idea to do it one floor at a time!

I hope you are having a wonderful week! Thank you for being a part of the challenge!

#MarketFriday loves you!

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they cannot move it inland because there the mountains interfere :)))) in fact there is a rather narrow strip of plain between the Judean mountains and the Dead Sea. Thanks! Let you have a successful week !!!!

I pulled up a map and my apologies!!! There is no way they could, without building into the mountains. :)

It's pretty, I was hoping that they could preserve it, but, it is indeed a beautiful place!

Have a great week, my friend!

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