Market Friday ~ A Favorite Stop

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Thank you @dswigle for #marketfriday! I asked Denise in her latest Market Friday post if she could guess where I was going. Here is a little hint...


That's right! You guessed it!


Cracker Barrel..where you can have a delicious lunch and shop a little too! I don't need a new rocker but I still love to check them out when I'm at a Cracker Barrel. How can you not?! Looks like they've sold quite a few though.



I just loved the forsythia wreaths that hung on the door! What a bright cheery greeting and a great way to enjoy the look of forsythia beyond the short blooming period of the plant.


Cracker Barrel has so many lovely displays. We went this week so most of the Easter displays were already sold and gone but they still had some very nice Spring and Summer displays.


A few Easter items and treats were still available.



🎝 "I always feel like somebody's watching me" 🎜 Nope! Just these big-eyed stuffed animals sitting on the displays looking cute as all get out!


Feeling thirsty? They have a lot of different soda options and even more candy options. Yes and yes please! Just kidding, I try not to drink too much soda but nothing wrong with a little moderation..of course!


On to more displays. Quite a few garden displays which is to be expected.


I have to get a closer look at this one. That gnome..he looks so familiar! Hmmm..I just can't put my finger on it! 😉


He might enjoy a little music as he hangs out in his sparkly little house. No electricty required, just a little wind!


A few more displays to see.





I just walked around a table for those last four shots and loved the way they came out! There were a couple of displays that had a patriotic theme.



A Maryland themed display as well.


A couple of pretty displays with positive messages.



How about a new top or hat? I saw a couple of nice tops in pretty colors.




I spy some cheery yellow boots hiding next to this display.


These next three displays have such a beachy feel!




If you are a fan of horses then you will love this one...


Ahh! That beautiful yellow wreath again. It does tempt me!


My post is coming to a close but I do love the message on this display. I'm at a point in my life of letting things go and living a little more simply.


My last photo and how cute is this? I know...too cute!


Hope you enjoyed my #marketfriday! I'm sure it won't be the last time I do a post on Cracker Barrel. Always changing and always something new to see and always an enjoyable lunch! 🍴




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I know that you are not going to believe this, but I don't think I have ever been into a Cracker Barrel. I know you're not going to believe this because most people don't, especially since I travel so much and they are on the highway no, but the truth is that it never occurred to me until someone told me how they had food like mother used to make. Now I'm not so sure I believe that, but they sure do have a kick butt load of fun before you get to the food I am told.

It's unbelievable to step inside of one of those, which I have to admit I have done that, but, I will tell you that I'm always shocked at the variety and the quality of the merchandise that they have there. Just look at what you are showing us and even though they ate all the Easter candy already oh, there is much forgiveness in me for that, because I don't need it anyway oh, but I'm sure that I would have liked to have touched just a little bit of it. you have brought to me an absolute quality post and the pictures came out amazing and the amount of them is staggering. I am so glad that you went in and took pictures because I always think that their merchandise is not as good as what I remembered it, but when I looked at your pictures, especially with that beautiful yellow wreaths and all those dainty little pretties that they had, I do remember how enthralled it was. So thank you so much for taking the time and effort to take pictures and put a post together and for taking the time to join Market Friday.

As always, I am running way late and I can't believe I missed this post but I hope that you are having a most amazing week and that you have a wonderful day.

#MarketFriday loves you! 💖

Upped and steemed


Thank you so much Denise! I do love to go there occasionally..usually when we visit Port Deposit or Conowingo as it is near there. The food is pretty good and I love to browse around the shop. I rarely buy much though as I'm more in the process of letting things go as opposed to acquiring more but that wreath did tempt me as did the rocker chimes. I didn't give in though! 😉

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Thanks so much @pixresteemer!! xoxo

Nice place for a woman to browse ... :-)

You don't think a man would like it, Mike? :)

Hee hee..thank you @manorvillemike!! It is and I! I didn't buy anything but two items were really tempting me. I stayed strong though. ;)

I try to keep my shopping to pet store, food and hardware :-)

All important and necessary! Sounds like most of my stops too! 😉

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Thank you @esteemapp!!

👌👍you really took time with the details

Thank you so much @wissyofenmu!!

A great Easter post Dee. 🐣 What a wonderful shop to browse and even a home for the gnome.
I haven’t heard of this store in my neck of the woods but would love to check it out.

Thank you so much Jo! It is about thirty minutes from where I live. You would love it..I
They usually have some kind of glitter lamp or two with different holidays and seasons and they always catch my eye. I got Mr Pumpkinman there. :)

Love Mr. Pumpkinman ..he is special. 🎃 Yes. I would love browsing through there. 🧚‍♀️

Its been quite a while since I have been to a cracker Barrel, I to like checking out the rocking chairs and all the cool stuff they have on display, I had almost forgotten how cool the shops in them are

Thank you @tattoodjay! I love it when I get to go. :)

I must check the menu again to see what they have that is Ok for my wife maybe we can visit there again soon

Well this is a fabulous fun filled store, with plenty of Easter treats for all ages.

They have a whole load of crazy flavoured soda along with some sweet treats I do recognise.

Lol at the gnome he looks happy in his house. And the snow globes are super, I do like a good snowstorm when it’s enclosed.

Live simply, it’s a good quote although it’s not so simple to sit on a rocker wind chime.

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Thanks so much @c0ff33a!! I could get dizzy looking at all those soda'
He does look quite content in his little house.
"It’s not so simple to sit on a rocker wind chime"...
Ha sure left me with a funny vision in my head! 😂

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