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So I had accidently forgot to snap a photo of the outside of the store. Whoops so forgive me. We are going to the Goodwill Thrift Store in Ocala Fl USA. They have a selection of new and used items. They also have some great prices on things and each week a new color tag denotes a 50% off discount.

I like visiting this place often because you can find the diamond in the ruff here all the time. I dress my kids in a very expensive brand of clothing and I find 80% of that brand here almost like new. So are you ready to see inside? Let's go!

They have the largest selection of clothing for any thrift store in my town.

Here is more of a look at that selection!

They also of isles like this of glassware. I have found several expensive items including a fenton vase for $3 that one like it sold for over $60 on ebay!

Here is some little ceramics. These are also found in the glass isles.

Look at this antique creepy clown figurine.

This is the furniture section. They were still trying to bring todays furniture out.

They even had this fender guitar for $20. It was a squire so it was probably all it was really worth.

Oh look! Its an old Singer sewing machine! Who remembers their mom using one of these?

All types of artwork / home decor can be found here. They also had bins in the back room of photos, paintings, and frames.

These next few photos are some I took of the jewelry they had for sale.

Most of these are just costume jewelry pieces. Cute tho on some of them.

However, you can find every now and then items that are worth some money like bakelite bracelets and turquoise stones.

What are some of your favorite thrift store finds? Drop a comment or even a photo to share with us!


Thanks for Viewing... Have a GREAT WEDNESDAY EVERYONE!

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I love thrift shops! You just never know what treasure you'll find. My friend would go nuts for the sewing machine. LOL! She collects them I love to find crochet cottons and nice wool. Thanks for sharing.

You're welcome i am glad you enjoyed my post!!

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I like thrift stores, too! The selection of items is more exciting than the "big box" stores, cheaper, and recycling is cool! This makes me think of a photo I need to make — the biggest thrift store near me groups items by color, which makes for a striking display and makes it easier to find things, too! All the red blouses are together, all the black skirts are together, all the blue dresses are together, etc., so thanks for that photo idea! 😊


Omg i would love to see that..

I love this @deadgrlsuppastar!! For me, going to the thrift stores is like a treasure hunt! I used to sell on eBay also and found a few treasures at Goodwill. Some I kept, some given away and some resold. You never know what you'll find but always fun to look!! ;)

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Such a great store, you can't beat grabbing a bargain and as you say in some of these stores if you know what you are after you can save a good amount and still get quality items. My mum had a singer sewing machine like that, I think it was passed onto my Aunt eventually. That clown is just plain weird though! Super #MarketFriday loved your journey.


Thanks love... gonna visit your page in a minute!

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