Getting The Most Out Of Drones

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Drones are being used today in a growing number of industries: mining, security, agriculture, transportation, media, and more.

They are being used to carry out a myriad of different tasks; deliver medical supplies, deliver pizza and mail packages, survey land, assist cleaning up after car accidents, and helping emergency crews fight fires.

The usefulness of this technology has many different companies in various industries looking to reap the benefits that it has to offer.

And one area that you might not have suspected to see them become very prevalent is within the infrastructure and construction industry.

Though, someday soon there could be a drone on every single construction site in many countries around the world. There are already construction companies in the US and elsewhere that have been growing their drone programs. And these drones are being used to help reduce risk, improve safety, save money, and increase efficiency.


Drones provide a cheaper option than a human surveyor when it comes to collecting data and tracking the progress of a particular work project.

When the company can collect data more efficiently about the project they are working on, then it enables them to get the job done quickly. They're doing it faster and more efficiently. And with the drones, the construction companies are better able to manage their resources.

The drones are also being used to provide surveillance even during after hours, decreasing the potential for vandalism or theft etc, and they're being used to help facilitate communication with workers while on site.

Drones can be useful in many ways to construction companies and that's why we see a growing number of them turning to adopt this technology and embrace drone programs for their business operations.

Right now, DJI is regarded as the leader in the drone space and in manufacturing drones. It's estimated that they make-up more than 70 percent of the market.

And one of their biggest orders for commercial drones is on its way to Japan.

More specifically, to its construction industry.

The construction company Komatsu placed the order, which is said to be the first custom order that DJI has worked on for a partner. They are a multinational, billion dollar company, and they've purchased at least 1,000 drones that will be using machine vision software which comes from a US startup known as Skycatch.

The project will bring together the Skycatch Explore1 with the DJI Matrice 100 and the drone will be able to produce quality 3D models, detailed maps, assess schedule delays, and more. It's been estimated that drones could help to save construction companies possibly tens of thousands of dollars or more every week.

The CEO of Skycatch, Christian Sanz, has said that this order from Komatsu is a signal that things are speeding up with regard to the construction industry and its adoption of this technology. It's expected that drones are going to quickly transform this space in the next few years to come.



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Great information. I am not certain if you wrote that they can be used for reforestation too. Either way. The fact that they are being used to do productive things is quite laudable. I wait for the day when the ones being used for war will be converted into more benign tools to do some of the things you just mentioned. of my favorites.

I have a friend who started a company utilizing drones to create 3D computerized models of homes for the real estate market, targeted at off-shore buyers who do not have time to travel to inspect the properties

Great info here! Something I will definitely remember this moving forward looking for work with my Mavic.

May need to upgrade the model for a more high powered model tho..

This is crazy! It is incredible how fast this technology caught on! I feel like it was yesterday when there was only one drone company and they cost 1,000,000 bucks to buy one! This is straight out of a science fiction movie haha!

I remember when the Gameboy Color came out and I thought this is the pinnacle of tech... nothing will every surpass this device haha! Welp... I was wrong! haha

I am so interested to see what our world looks like in ten years time... Insane!

Wow. This is crazy.
Soon that is all we are going to see on the skies, drones flying everywhere.

Thanks for sharing how these drones are used in a work place and the benefits of them.

good evening from Philippines dear @doitvoluntarily , here in our country drones are so in on the film making and news reporting

Good post
And beautiful scenery, thank you for sharing

Drones has helped to save time and resources sometimes human lives. In the military, silent drones are used to spy on the enemy airspace and take data of strategic gathering and weaponry. In the fight against terrorism, drone are often used to launch missiles into targeted spot.
Also in the Oil sectors, drones are used to monitor pipelines and also check for leakages and oil spillage. Monitor the areas and act swiftly. Soon, I expect to see self-driving drone cars


it's estimated that more than 90% of the ppl killed in drone strikes are innocent👎can you fight terrorism while fueling it at the same time? 😕


That's the disadvantage of the wrong use of drones

The best advantage with drones is the reduced deaths during any surveys, mine explosion or forest exploration. This really made these things very safer and easy to reach out.

Drone surveys from the air are great, and can actually provide more regular surveys that would be difficult for humans to do.

nice photo of a friend.

Hola como estas? buen post te felicito.

Great article. I’m about to buy a drone for dog training. Can’t wait to give my clients the eye from the sky. Thanks 🙏🏻

It really helps simplify the work let alone used for humanitarian volunteers in the world

It is a great project, but might be a nightmare for some people to not find jobs in the future. Everything in our future will change starting with schools and education. But it is a great help!

Great post @doitvoluntarily ! This is so cool and I have heard this , drones really are being used all over and in many very useful ways very helpful on construction sites for sure ! thanks for sharing upped and resteemed !
Still not on much , working long shifts right now with no internet and steemit is a real data hog !! Lol! 😂👍✌upped and resteemed !

Really it's nice photography, especially the colour of the water.

Drones will change the world a lot in the coming years I think. Deliveries of all kinds, to surveillance and surveying etc...

Amazing blog post (Doitvoluntarily) thanks

It is a very interesting information. Especially because the topic of drones has gained a lot of presence in recent years. Went from being tools that a limited number of people used to be something of mass consumption, I believe that not only the big businessmen use, but basically any. I've seen travel agencies, tourists, even my friends with them.
They are a great tool, but also a distraction could be said
By the way, if it's not too much trouble I wanted to invite you to read my posts. I would greatly appreciate if you take the time to read them, and in case you like them, I would appreciate it if you would give me a vote, a comment, or a resteem.
You have my vote, and I stay attentive to your next publications!

friend @ I agree that you have to use drones to minimize the risk in the height of especially in construction to minimize accidents at work

When I think of how just a few years ago, this technology was merely a fun kind of thing... it has gone from fun to high tech in such a short period of time.

And wow! Talk about crazy! They are everywhere, being used for everything. I didn't see that coming.