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RE: Will The Whole Foods Deal Help Amazon To Gain More Traction In The Grocery Market?

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I'm a bit conflicted on what I think of this deal. Personally I always like Whole Foods and I've been a fan of Amazon for a long time, but I don't like when companies start getting so big that they influence the entire economy when they make decisions. This is really making me think of Walmart. Walmart now has expanded to the point that it owns entire shipping fleets, productions facilities, food production and manufacturing plants, honestly Walmart has it's hands in almost everything including money transfer and deals with tax services. The bigger companies get the more at risk of needing a bailout they will be if they ever collapse. I'll hope for the best, but I hope we don't end up with another Walmart situation of vastly underpaid workers with no insurance and no benefits.


we likes competition :)

i used to work for amazon in a warehouse, i wouldnt say i was underpaid and the insurance isnt bad, i work in manufacturing now and get paid significantly more but my insurance is almost useless. But theres a gap between amazon warehouse workers, software engineers, and customer service, along with the other varying fields. I think there is an overall dissatisfaction of employee treatment though, there has been countless articles written about it and i dont doubt what any of them say.
as far as walmart goes, im not real sure, but from what i hear they are trying to turn themselves around from that minimum wage, crap starter job image that they have. I know people in my town are getting paid decent wages and good benefits. I did read an article a while back about walmart getting huge tatx deductions simply for employing people at minimum wage, making them more profitable overall, at the expense of the employees.

I worked for Walmart like 12 years ago, so hopefully they have changed. I just don't want to see Amazon follow in their footsteps.

I too consider this to be a big concern. It's coming down to two behemoths---Amazon vs. Walmart. Both companies have very bad track records for how they treat employees. Amazon prefers robots to humans anyway. To compete with Amazon, Walmart would also have to get rid of a lot of those pesky human employees---they cost too much don't cha' know