I'm sick of Sweet Dreams: 10 Marilyn Manson ballads way better than the covers

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Don't get me wrong. I'm a HUGE Marilyn Manson fan; BUT I am sick of his version of Eurythmics' Sweet Dreams. Truth be told, I have always hated it and I think the original is way better.

If I'm infringing some sort of mansonite commandment, there's no turning point: I'm guilty (also, not a big fan of Personal Jeus or Tainted love nor Cry Little Sister, so there you have it). Sorry not sorry.

Source: Grammy

Everytime he gets invited to TV shows or to some sort of "mainstream" event, he can't help but sing Sweet Dreams... now there's even an acoustic version of the damn song. I can't get my head around it: Why he keeps singing that very same song if he's got great ballads, even better than Sweet Dreams.

Bonus for the fanbase: Would be great to hear a Manson original ballad style song. Worth watching on TV, right? And HE DOES have ballads, so prepare your hearing and heart.

I'm not a Marilyn Manson expert but I will prove my point leaving 10 ballads songs, original from the band that he could totally rock much better than Sweet Dreams... or any other cover whatsoever.

Give me a break of Sweet Dreams, please.

Source: Frann Di Marzo @ Youtube

1- "Day 3" from The Pale Emperor (2015)

Ok, this one's too easy not to mention, because it's an acoustic version of his own song, featured in the same album, "Third Day of a Seven Day Binge".

This song's about getting over an ex, so... perfect ballad! The method: being wasted for three days in a row to start realizing he's overcoming the relationship. "Rather be your victim, than be with you". Do you need musical hope? This is it!

Source: Frann Di Marzo @ Youtube

2- "Fated, Faithful, Fatal" from The Pale Emperor (2015)

I know, I know... these ones are acoustic versions featured in the deluxe edition... It did't need much research or deliberation. But to be honest, they're damn good. "Fated, Faithful, Fatal" it's the much softer version of "The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles".

This song's about someone that has lost his self confidence... but then, remembers he's effing Marilyn Manson to bring the world down... so, after some thoughts, he's okey and ready to keep spreading amok.

I feel sole and alone like a heretic
I'm ready to meet my maker
Lazarus has got no dirt on me
And I'll rise every danger
I'm the Mephistopheles of Los Angeles

You can do it too, kids!

Source: Frann Di Marzo @ Youtube

3- "Fall of the House of Death" from The Pale Emperor (2015)

Not only it's a great album (as you can see I love it), but I do think these songs would be great acoustic-live because of the very unique Manson five tone voice. I mean, he does a really good singing when he's stilly sitting down and not lacking of air... like when he had his leg broken and continued his tour on a wheelchair.

This song is another acoustic version of his own theme "Odds of Even". Need to feel even more miserable when you're sad? (I do it too), listen to this then...

Stood in the face of grim death, screaming "Monsters, bring me to deafness!"
My dagger and swagger are useless in the face of the mirror when the mirror is made of my face.
This is the House of Death. Even angels die in the arms of Demons.
Hide your heart in your gut, but for what?
When they're waiting to pull you apart like a scarecrow on death row so now all of your secrets are shown.
No one is exempt from the odds of even.

Let's all creep and crawl in tears over the greatness of this song.

Source: robinboy91 @ Youtube

4 - "Leave a Scar" from The High End Of Low (2009)

Another acoustic version of the original same-titled song. Hey, you snowflake, need a song to warn the world how evil you're to get a boyfriend? I got a song for you to relate.

I'm just a painting that's still wet.
If you touch me Ill be smeared, you'll be stained,
Stained for the rest of your life.
So turn around and walk away
Before we confuse the way, we abuse each other.
If your not afraid of getting hurt
Then I am not afraid of how much I hurt you
I'm well aware I'm a danger to myself.
Are you aware I'm a danger to others?
There's a crack in my soul, you thought was a smile.

I can understand Manson's warning us about his influence; so what's your excuse?

Source: Poppleganger @ Youtube

5- "Running to the Edge of the World" from The High End of Low (2009)

How about a story of two lovers againts the whole world? As a Romeo and Juliet like metaphore, suicidal and all... Who said Manson couldn't be romantic... in his own way of course.

Remember when I took you
Up to the top of the hill?
We had our knives drawn.
They were as sharp
As we were in love

This is a really sad album, I guess the grown brows has something to do with it.

Source: robinboy91 @ Youtube

6- "Into the Fire" from The High End of Low (2009)

Shout out to the great alternate version of "Into the fire", gladlly it's not only acoustic but he did lower the pitch for this one. On the anecdotic side of the music, the bluesy High End of Low was really hard for the musician to bear because this was the chapter around a very noticiable psycothic breakdown.

Remember all the promotional pics of a messy room with the walls severly scratched with no so pleasent words? That was in fact Manson's bedroom at the time.

Bat sh*t crazy.

Source: masterblue00 @ Youtube

7- "Putting Holes in Happiness" from Eat Me, Drink Me (2007)

This is the ultimate love song... if you dig for creepy dark metaphores of graveyards and shooting infants... which I can't really disclose; but I gotta admit if I have to choose one single Manson song to listen to forever, this one would be it. AND has a gorgeous acosutic version featured over here.

Eat Me, Drink Me it's the most difficult album to revise for Manson because it's his most personal work so far. He was going through Dita Von Teese's divorce and was cutting cross a really strange affair with his misstress Evan Rachel Wood... that aparentlly didn't end well, at all.

I'd kill for someone to write a complex love song like this one to me... because I'm weird like that. It's almost obvious it was made for Wood; that brieve lucky pimp.

We'll paint the future black if it needs a color
Death sentence is now a story we'll be digging when you finally let me die
Romance of our assassination
If you're Bonnie, I'll be your Clyde
But the grass is greener here, and I can see all of your snakes
You wear your ruins well; please, run away with me to hell

How lovely.

Source: Wicked Lester @ Youtube

8- "In the Shadow of the Valley of Death" from Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death) (2000)

Ha! You thought this album was all about Columbine! Well, think again because this song is all about THE FEELS. Check it out:

Sometimes I feel so worthless
Sometimes I feel discarded
I wish that I was good enough
Then I'd know that I am not alone

Feel related? Don't worry mate, I'm your friend.

Cute little song that gives balance to Holy Wood, my favorite Manson album EVER, maybe because it was the one I grew up into; just before MTV (Music Television) stopped broadcasting music videos because the world is pointless, apparently.

Source: Marilyn Manson @ Youtube

9- "Coma White" from Mechanical Animals (1998)

This one's pretty obvious... so I don't understand why he hasn't released an acoustic version of it... In fact, I don't even think he has singing it live for a while.

Going through a medicated blue phase on a Prozac Nation level? This is your theme, gurl!

A pill to make you numb
A pill to make you dumb
A pill to make you anybody else
But all the drugs in this world
Won't save her from herself

Is this about Rose McGowan? Will we ever know?

Source: shinji3224 @ Youtube

10- "The Last Day on Earth" from Mechanical Animals (1998)**

I don't know about you but if I ever found the ONE to figth along in the zombie apocalypse while we ride on our Harleys to the sunset, this would be the soundtrack of that moment.

I know it's the last day on earth
We'll be together while the planet dies
I know it's the last day on earth
We'll never say goodbye

The world is ending, and your bae is next to you... diying... with you... how romantic.

This is it! Is someone a Manson's pal maybe you could handle this list? Maybe? Thanks.

I realize I just cut short because there are still a few that could be played live as ballad just as fine like Dissasociative, The Speed of Pain, or Man That You Fear.

What do you think? Are you sick of Sweet Dreams as I am?

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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

wich I can't really disclose; but I gotta admit if I have to choose one single Manson song to listen to forever, this one would be it.
It should be which instead of wich.


I'm a HUGE Marilyn Manson fan too.