High end of low? The nervous breakdown and lovelust of Marilyn Manson

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I might be a little sentimentalist right here but; guys: I'm worried. I'm worried about Marilyn Manson.

Now, hold on, don't look at me like that. I am not concerned about how a rock singer could affect nowadays post-terrorism youth; or how a 49 year old man with make-up could affect the modern aesthetics steriotypes of middle-America.

No, we're over that. It's getting old, actually.

Manson for the cover of Metal Hammer

Maybe somehow it's a bit late to be writing about this, but the truht it's been hunting me since it happened. As you might have read or, worse yet, seen: Marilyn Manson had a mental and emotional breakdown on stage. Now hear me out cuz I'm writing this past my bed time after two cups of green tea. I'm living on the edge!

A day after last Valentine's day, the Antichrist Superstar was giving a concert at the Paramount in Huntington, NY where he just cut his show short after demanding more and more "displays of love from the crowd". A shamefull fan video is circulatin the webs. On it we can see a very confused Manson asking the fans for applause in order to continue with the concert.

My desk, meaning my bed... and notes

I love MM, but even I know this is pittiful... or at the very least, very worringly. This was so unlike him. Our rockstar has been accused of many despictfull things -some aquited, some not so much- but never of having such a terrible episode while performing before.

It was also reported an even more confused band and crew who, in dread, could only play a jazz-like tune while Manson mumbled undecifrable words to the mic... The musicians obviously didn't had a clue what the singer was doing.

This Ashtonishing Panorama of the End Times lasted for 15 minutes before Manson refused to finish the show after only performing 7 songs. Angrily, the fans shouted "Refund!" -tears running down my face right now... of sadness and shame. Moral tears.

Source: Daily News NY

I can't say that gazing my eyes through that tortuous moment didn't give me anguish. Witnessing The Fall of Adam: that artist you have long admire, follow, sing to, cry to it's devastating. I know what y'all thinking; maybe I don't know the man, but I own his albums, sleep wearing t-shirts with his face, and had huge posters in my bedroom walls from ceiling to floor back in the days. So, have some emphaty, people! You all have Justing Bieber tattoos and I'm not here judging... loudly.

Is this the beggining of the end for Marilyn Manson? With all my black heart I'd like to say it's not, but such scene reminds me of Amy Winehouse's last years when she refused to perform because she was too drunk to sing. An after a few years, we know the story, Amy was found dead. Her addictions were too severe, she just couldn't handle it any longer. Tragic.


Can we size up this two characters? I'm not even gonna say it... Even so, I don't believe Manson's problem surpass drinking issues.

Instead I think of three devastating scenarios that could have lead The Reverend to that disgracefull night in New York. First of all, let's recall a previous incident, also on stage, equally laughable, where Manson's leg was crushed by a stage prop (there are also a couple of ignominious videos of that very moment). The injury send our musician to a surgery that owned him a few screws in his leg an anckle. Ouch.

After all of this story telling: Manson recognized he was in a lot of pain so we can assume he was under painkillers. And let's be honest, americans are crazy about feeling numb so I strongly doubt doctors would've just given him ibuprofene. And that's how maybe his very publicly breakdown was a result of a heavy medicated elder man. Or can't you see a resemblance to our drunken grandpas at Christmas parties? Am I right or am I right? That's scenario one.

Source: Los Angeles Daily News

Another possibility, and the most frightening, it's that he was so loaded on drugs that, for the first time in his career, was completely out of himself (remember Amy's example back there?) and was disabled from singing. Spooky... and sad. We all know, from the very same serpent's tongue, he has experienced with drugs, specially acid. But what we do not know is if he's currently under some other influence... appart from his own ego who appears to be a whole different person that gives very bad advices.

Lastly and furthermore intesresting: This happened a day after Valentine's, wich means this occurrence could've been a product of a broken heart... to put things more realistic: The fear of a human being of getting old alone, I mean... older, in his case. And this is a sentiment we can all relate to. This idea struck me particularly because of the insistent demand of love and applause. It was a cry for help, you guys!

I don't know about you but I would definetly feel my love life is over after divorcing a gal such as Dita Von Teese (couldn't care less about Rachel or Lindsay). Just saying.


The leader of the Spooky Kids is made from flesh and blood like us... just with a make up ability higher than most. At the end of a fourth decade of living shifting the mainstream Marilyn Manson could be in the middle of a crisis, questioning his place on earth, death (he lost both of his parents last year), about his carreer, his music and himself... and kids, maybe? Aging must be a very difficult stage to accept, specially when you don't fell as wasted as you look; and it's impossible to deny Manson's physical decay.

How mundane: The Antichrist of music appears not to be much different than us down here in the gutter after all. I do hope I get to be as rich as him by the time I'm 49, tho. In the bottom line I'm just a simple woman shouting to the dark: "Don't you dare die on me, man! We have already lost Dolores O'Riordan earlier this year!" Couldn't take it.

What you think, have an "scenario 4" in your head? Tell me all about it. It's late kiddos, I'm out.

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Oh man . . . That's so sad! My first time hearing this news.

I do respect MM's work, and I think he's been pretty influential with his artistic endeavours. But I also get that he's human after all. And losing both of his parents? that's enough for for everyone to have a mental breakdown.

This whole article was neatly done! You helped a lot! by giving context to this whole situation, so that we (people form outside the scope) could understand better!

Could you recommend something for Marilyn Mansons' newcomers to listen to? Which album to listen first? I think it's a pretty overwhelming genre of music to start into, so any tips on what to listen could be great!

YOU ALSO BUY CDs??!?!?!? Like, whaaaaa.
I know things are hard in this country, and being able to buy CDs now is a luxury. I feel so passionate about buying CDs and owning the physical copies of any given album I might like. I think I have like 20 something CDs, all of artists and singers I love. And bought them as cheap as Bs. 25. back in the day. I think the last record I bought was Kings of Leon's Come Around Sundown (Which has a BEAUTIFUL cover) or Foster the People's Torches. I mean it, owning a record is pure bliss for me.

Something else I wanted to say!

Holy Bananas! This post exploded! So many upvotes! Congrats for that!
Thats because your goddam amazing writing skills! All the effort put into this, and the sentiment! the intention behing this post!


p.s. hay un camino xD

¡Qué ojo, qué ojo! Sí, hermano: Hay un camino (Decir esto es como estar en una hermandad secreta que los de otros países no entenderán ¡MUAJAJAJAJA!).
Gracias por tus palabras, de verdad me alegraron el día. Me encanta cuando me leen y les gusta lo que hago... es la mejor sensación.
Creo que pertenecemos a la "nueva generación vintage" por comprar CDs, ja, ja, ja. De verdad están carísimos; pero trato de obtener uno de vez en cuando.
¡Una vez más, gracias!

Interesting news on Marilyn Mason (M&M, yummy candy haha). Ironically, that is my mother's birth name was Marilyn Morehead. She was an M&M too. Thanks for talking about this. Upvoted.

Well, thank you for commenting.

Love your blue lips. How are you?

Well, thank U, mate.
Chillin', how about ya?

I am good. I am Oatmeal because I eat oatmeal with honey hehe.