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I feel annoyed. Annoyed and mad.
My internet connection is a source of irritation and stress..It takes 5-10 minutes to load a post and if I want to post my content....

It happened again!
Day 25 of #marchmadness is posted twice by #partiko, although it is still there as if it is not posted. So I need to delete the sheet and change one of my posts as well.
To be honest I do not understand why it isn't possible to delete a post.

At this moment I am at the library again.
It was not planned, but I want to fix this. It is damned cold in my car. I really am a pathetic person 😭.
And I have more things to do since it's one of my kids birthday. We won't have a wild party, also no cake. I will see where I can stick a birtday candle to make a wish (or more).

Wild was the latest prompt of the daily 5 minute freewrite. If you like to join see @mariannewest (for the freewrite), @freewritehouse (for some March Madness writing) or @jayna (if #microfiction) is a piece of cake for you.
If I would have had a better internet connection I would have posted a great article about wildlife, for example the way animals in the wild do smell. Pity since my time is up now and I have more things to do (writing the last 5,000 words for example).

Do you have less as 500 sp and want to be a big fish too?

Join the Redfish Power UP League!
You can if you leave a comment at @paulag her post and let her know you want in.
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I use partiko

How about giving it a try yourself?
With my lousy, unstable connection it is the only app that still works most of the times.
Simply give it a try. There is nothing to lose

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Dear @wakeupkitty

I can hardly imagine how frustrating it must be to have such an awful internet connection. Sucks big time.

To be honest I do not understand why it isn't possible to delete a post.

From my understanding, nothing that is already on blockchain can be deleted. We "in theory" can delete comments, but those comments are never removed from STEEM blockchain. It's just Steemit (as a front-end) is not displaying those comments which were marked as 'deleted'.

Steemit Inc could introduce similar solution allowing to "delete" posts. So noone would ever be able to see it. It's one of those huge "inperfections" of Steemit platform.

ps. how come your internet is so slow? cannot you find place with fast wi-fi?



I think the providers do not invest. Our distance to the sender is miles away and many live in between me and that sender. I also live on the countryside so only mobile routers are used. I tried all providers by now.
It is not only the internet, but also the phone connection is frequently down.In case of emergency you are not able to call.

Since frequently the internet is also down in the nearest city (12 km drive over there), at the library, supermarket, bank and internet cafe I think these providers slow us down and give us just 2 or 3 days a month kind of 'fast' internet. If its really worse I cannot even send a whatsapp message.

Now I am in the internet cafe BTW... kid happy since there is internet at the moment.

Aha, thanks for your explanation about steem(it) I thought it was some speciality of the blockchain not able to delete..


My situation is similar to yours. A small town two miles from us has fiber-optic cables across the road from us and they "can't" send a cable over the road to connect us, so we are stuck with Century Link, the only provider that goes out to our acreage. Fast internet is the stuff of my dreams. Mine is agonizingly slow. (Kinda like the misfiring circuitry of my brain's neural synapses.)

Internet problems are so frustrating! Ugh! I’m sorry you have to deal with that. It sounds like you have ways of dealing with it, at least! Maybe you will become a regular patron of the library!

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It is too far driving to do it daily. During winter to cold, during summer I could picnic outside. They already recognize me 😥

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Ohhh, I feel your pain. Not just the slow internet (I thought mine was the slowest on earth), but the techno glitches. This week at Iowa Cold Cases, I thought I'd accidentally posted twice, so opted to "hide from the timeline" the duplicate post. It cannot be un-hidden, it seems. Two readers had posted comments. I will not speak of all my efforts to undo this gaffe. I hate being incompetent. I'm allergic to computers. Yet here I am. And because of it, I've connectedwith you, a kindred spirit halfway across the globe. I'm glad you're here!


I guess we have to do it with what we have.
It has nothing to do with being incompetence if it comes to computers, but the way steemit is built we cannot delete a post or it shows up twice or more times.
I am glad I met you too and we are doing better as most people with great connection.❤

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