First community on a Steem Blockchain. Mapalanet — society of independent travellers.

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We are proud to announce the project, built on a 2 blockchain bases at the same time: Steem & Golos. We’ve been already successfully operated for 3 weeks with Golos blockchain. Our hashtag has reached a strong position at the top of the tag list, rarely moving down from Top-5. Finally, we decided to present our results to the Steemit world community.

Right now as well as its younger brother have diverce and unstructured stream of information. All the important features like blockchain information storage and rewards for generating new content haven’t found any practical implementation.

We believe that Steem blockchain mission is in a creation and projects growth which aimed in a solving real-world practical problems. We’ve decided to apply the mechanics provided by Steem in the tourist industry development. MapalaNet is an independent project. We’ve been working on it since 2015. Several months ago we’ve decided to move it completely to the Steem blockchain. First version. There are two Golos delegates in our team from the top 19 rank (@dark.sun, @lehard).

Why Steem?

We strongly believe that future perspectives are in decentralized services, that's why our project based on the idea of decentralization. Steem blockchain perfectly suits for our ideas realization.

We set up a goal to use Steem blockchain opportunities to fill the knowledge base and collect the best content for authors rewards. According to this, we are planning to attract thousands of users who will create the most complete and up to date travel database and got fair bonuses.

Nowadays TripAdvisor (founded in 2000) is the most powerful player in this market. It is still operating on the old principles, established 16 years ago. We believe that we can create more effective service for travelers worldwide using blockchain technology.

What is MapalaNet

Online service

Started with the knowledge base we are planning to expand the functionality of the platform. The aim is to have all the information for travellers needs in a one place. We created our own interface for interaction with Steem & Golos blockchains, so travellers could sort out the the content they need (location, personal travel blogs). In the future will be added the feature of finding travel companions in the cities you plan to visit. A special section will be dedicaded to society participants where you could easily find people with the same interests as you have . They could help you at somehow during your trip, like to show arround, meet in the airport, find a good guide or simply invite for a cup of coffee.


Combining the opportunity to earn money with an idea of mutual assistance, we are expecting to make travels available for everyone.

Community participants add their efforts into the project development by filling the database with a quality content and receive rewards. In this way it is possible to earn for travelling. The ideal way for us is when our authors can finance travelling while posting travel stories in our blog.

The idea of mutual aid is already implemented in a widespread communities as Couchsurfing and Indonesian Mapala brotherhood. More information in a next posts.


  • Alpha version release and announcement on Golos (early January);
  • Bug fixes from first users feedback;
  • Official announcement of Alpha version on (today);
  • Feedback gathering and new development offers;
  • Own content creation for curation trail of mapala tag;
  • Start of new engine development based on most recent technologies, work on new UI/UX;
  • Popular travel bloggers invitation to the platform;
  • Additional services development (fellows, travel constructor,rates, feedback etc.)


  • Post publication in @mapala travel blog;
  • Sponsorship funds from @dark.sun (Steem and Golos delegate) & @lehard (Golos delegate)

Future funding

  • % from the Escrow service
  • Future ICO

Our Team

@dark.sun — system architect (top 19 witness in Golos)
@lehard — Jedi (top 19 witness in Golos)
@anasya — soul of the project
@kilogramm82 — engineer
@uralresp — field commander
@xanoxt — English connection
@konti — freelance artist
@anasta — White swan

How to Help MapalaNet

  • Create posts and curate content on MapalaNet website;
  • Submit bugreports and suggetions on Github
  • Vote for @dark.sun delegate on Steemit.


  • @val — for helping with project adaptation to the Steem blockchain and for belief in us. :-)
  • @testz — this person acquainted us with Steem and then helped us to understand all the system features.
  • @primus — for development assistance.

Getting started

Navigate to, to register and start posting about your travels. A detailed instruction about how to register and submit your first post. If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments, or in our Telegram chat.


This is exciting news for me as I have written quite a few travelogs, mostly about the Canadian Rockies so far and will do more as time goes by.

I can't help but wonder if it is possible to use one the articles I wrote on, post it in your site and still be rewarded for it?

This is a great project with what I see to be a magnificent future for you and all the ones cooperating and participating in this venture. Using the a decentralized blockchain technology will allow you to build up so much interactiveness, you won't know what to do with the success blooming out f it!

Thanks for sharing and opening yourself to the world. All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Hi @eric-boucher!
Yeah you will get a reward from us for your stories but before you should check the policy of Steem. Probably it can be unlawful if you got rewards twice for your post within one blockchain system ( don't forget Golos and Steem the same network)

pic is stolen :D(I'm stealing it :) ), I mean I'm saving it in case it goes missing :D, btw I did hear that there is an ongoing translation initiative, to get posts from Steemit to Golos. I would argue getting payed in both is no problem if the token is different. Basically it's like publishing your book in another language, you should get a revenue even if the book is the same. The market is different.

Anyway those are my thoughts :) Have a good day :)

@j3dy haha 'restolen' then, cause I took it from google pics ;) Btw it's not a crime to use it in this way ;)
I'm agree with your opinion but only if it will be from the same autor.

ps: come to our telegram chat

I saw a shri yantra post the other day, and coupled with that image, this is what we get :D

Cool! You should add the tag "travel" to your post to achieve even more visibility in the relevant section :-)
Following for future articles

Thanks for the advice! ;)

What if you don't travel very often?

Hi @beneform ,
If you asking about rewards - you can just take a camera and tell us about place where you live. I'm sure everyone have something interesting to tell about his life ;)

You got me as Member! I'm Guest House owner here in Penang (Top 10 Asia Destination), if there is any job upcoming for an South East Asia Department you can count me in. This is sounds a Great Project, Support is here and I would like the opportunity to work more on this Concept

Hi @steemitguide!
We happy to hear it!
Join our telegram chat - we will talk about it for sure ;)

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Why golos ?

@transisto , because it is platform for Russian-speaking users as we are.

That sounds a cool project. Being a frequent traveler, I will keep en eye on it ^^

@lemouth , Cool=) Don't forget we have bounty for posting thru our platform. And your post still will be visible on Steem=)

I unfortunately post very little about my trips but I will think about it for the next time! I promise!

Cheers, Resteemed form a resteem :) worth the eyes i would say :)

hahah you already have a Jedi :D I propose a toast :D to the new beginnings and many merry travelers!!!

:), Toast accepted :D like bread and butter :D

Travel, share and get paid > How much better can it get?

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