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RE: First community on a Steem Blockchain. Mapalanet — society of independent travellers.

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This is exciting news for me as I have written quite a few travelogs, mostly about the Canadian Rockies so far and will do more as time goes by.

I can't help but wonder if it is possible to use one the articles I wrote on, post it in your site and still be rewarded for it?

This is a great project with what I see to be a magnificent future for you and all the ones cooperating and participating in this venture. Using the a decentralized blockchain technology will allow you to build up so much interactiveness, you won't know what to do with the success blooming out f it!

Thanks for sharing and opening yourself to the world. All for one and one for all! Namaste :)


Hi @eric-boucher!
Yeah you will get a reward from us for your stories but before you should check the policy of Steem. Probably it can be unlawful if you got rewards twice for your post within one blockchain system ( don't forget Golos and Steem the same network)

pic is stolen :D(I'm stealing it :) ), I mean I'm saving it in case it goes missing :D, btw I did hear that there is an ongoing translation initiative, to get posts from Steemit to Golos. I would argue getting payed in both is no problem if the token is different. Basically it's like publishing your book in another language, you should get a revenue even if the book is the same. The market is different.

Anyway those are my thoughts :) Have a good day :)

@j3dy haha 'restolen' then, cause I took it from google pics ;) Btw it's not a crime to use it in this way ;)
I'm agree with your opinion but only if it will be from the same autor.

ps: come to our telegram chat

I saw a shri yantra post the other day, and coupled with that image, this is what we get :D

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