How to register and format your first post on MAPALA.NET

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Registration is necessary for merger Steem and Golos accounts, tourist rating creation and future distribution of MapalaNet tokens between investors and active participants.

Click Signup button.
Go to website and click the “Registration” button. Choose a username (you can change it later in account settings) and password:

Click Signup button.

Add Posting Key

Mapala website works on Steem (English) and Golos (Russian) blockchains. In order to post on website you have to be a registered user of on one of these platforms.

You have to activate your POSTING key from Steemit or Golos acccounts. Steemit is for English speaking and Golos - for Russian users. You can switch accounts through the “Language” button:

As you can see above, you can directly insert the Posting key into frame up or put the data from Steemit below. The system will add you automatically. Let’s consider both options:

  1. Steemit private posting key:

    Go to your Steemit blog. Click the “Wallet” button, then “Permissions” button. Next click the button from the right of the first paragraph (next to the Posting key) “Show posting key”. Copy Private Posting key there and paste it into the field on Mapala website.

  2. How to get private posting key from password:

    You have to enter yor username and password from Steemit . The system will plug your account to Mapala website.

    If everything is correct you’ll see your Steemit username under the input field.

How to format a post on

On website press on the top right “Database” button and choose “Add post”, or go to the main page and press the red button “add post” from the right.

After clicking “Add post” you’ll be switched to the page where you can select one of the three main topics. Here you can share useful knowledge, tips, and lifehacks tell about interesting places you visited or share your story in a blog. In the “Community” you can inform about problems you faced, share your ideas and any useful information with other community participants.

After picking a topic, you can format your post.

There are 3 fields under the heading, that are factically hashtags, implemented in a role of information filter on the site. First is nature or people, second is country, third is city (island, area, etc).

Specify the location on the map

Before clicking “Send” you have to specify the location : on the map under the post chose a place (you can zoom by using your mouse wheel, or clicking on “+/-”) . Click on the point, until red pin appears.

Now your post is ready for publication! Check it again the errors, and click “Send” button.

Your post will appear both on Steemit and Mapala websites.

Dont edit tags!

Attention! After the publication dont change tags through If you need to edit the post, you can easily do it from any website. Please don't change tags, otherwise your post won't be visible on!


You can ask any questions in Mapala Telegram chat, or in the comments to the following post.


Mapala website is making it first steps. The project was launched in alpha version( attractive visual interface in progress, working on the backend development). We would appreciate all the authors who are ready to join the project, develop the website and fill the base of travellers. Authors of first 1000 posts will receive a special bonuses! Follow Mapala blog, stay informed on our news, keep in touch!


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I made a test post, from my Android, but it doesn't show up on

Hello! Thank you for contacting. We are solving your problem. Ask other questions, you can also to on-line consultant on

Hi Guys! I am having a trouble in signing up . It says: Sorry, this key not linked to any account. However I did all the steps required as in the image above.
Can someone assist me?

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