The samurai manga "-Jingi-仁義" Chapter4

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Hello steemians!
I am RYO!

My slow pace manga finally reached Chapter 4!😅😆

Synopsis of the story so far↓

New Meiji government that runaway for new reform…
The government was hitting the villagers to suppress the traitors…
And mysterious samurai appeared there and entered the government to stop the runaway…
The samurai had overwhelmed the government, But next samurai and the government leader will start battle…Government leaders had a "fate" with samurai.
What will their battles be like? And what is "fate"…?

This is a hint to read my manga!

  • Read manga from the right
  • Red word are Japanese. The meaning is written in (※)

So please enjoy the Chapter4!

Please wait for Chapter 5!

Arigatou gozaiwashita(ありがとうございました)!

Have not you seen the -Jingi-仁義 series yet?
My Samurai manga -Jingi-仁義 can be seen here!

First Chapter



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Ohhh what an exciting fight! And I like it that they bantered first before they went all in on the action. Nicely done, ryo-san ^_^.

Thank you! Good action requires the worst Villain😆
Thank you for always comment!!👍

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Congratulation Ryo! You are mailing a great job and all' artist project take a look to your account.
Go on this way...this is the right one!

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Thank you!
I will draw even better manga and aim for an excellent artist!
Thank you😀

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I really like this @ryo-6414 ! The set up is very nicely done and the action scenes are good ! The guy certainly didn't know he was going up against someone out of his league ! Great manga :D

Thank you!
I think that I will further deepen the story from now on! And the action will also evolve more!
Thank you for reading!😀

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Wonderful manga! Your artwork is quite amazing. The story is very entertaining!

Thank you so much!
I'm glad your comment! Thank you😊

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Oh man so this style from Ueshiba's is kind of like aikidou? Cool!

Yeah! Ueshiba is a real person!
His fight is in the video!😉