Samurai manga Release!!

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Hello steemians!
I am RYO!

Finally completed!! the first episode!!

I want everyone to concentrate on manga, so I do not talk much about this post.

But I will write some hints for reading manga!

  • Read manga from the right
  • Red word are Japanese. The meaning is written under the picture

The manga title is written when the first episode ends!
So please enjoy the Samurai manga!!

※Sā-Sā(さぁさぁ)=Words to welcome and invite people
※bell cricket=beautiful sounds insect

※一兵衛=His name of Japanese notation

※Katana(刀)=Samurai sword

※Meitou(名刀)=Excellent, famous Katana

※Hou…(ほう…)=Responses Words to admiring or surprised

※Yabai(ヤバい)=Words to use in case of dangerous situation Also used for positive surprises
※Mushiya(虫屋)=A person who sells insects



This is the end of the first episode!
Have you enjoyed -Jingi-?

Next time is posting manga process! I will delve deeper into the meaning of the title and the outline of manga!

Thank you for reading!!

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Yes, I enjoyed it! I love your work!

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Thank you! I'm glad!🤗

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Wow! This is so awesome!

I had some difficulty reading from right to left but it's so worth it. Awesome art, cool story and I love the fact that I can learn some Japanese with it too. I am already looking forward to the continuation of the story.

Have a great weekend! :>)

Thank you!!

Yeah, This is Japanese style so many people think that it is difficult read…
but, since I am a Japanese, it was difficult to draw from the left😅

I am glad that you enjoyed it!
Thank you!!👍

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Hahaha, I totally get it :>)

Differences are awesome. They make things more interesting.

New things to read !!! looking forward for the next release!

Thank you! I will work to make it release soon!😉

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Awesome! I will wait for next chapters, and the making process too. I’m a fan :)
Btw I read the manga “Vagabond”, but it’s been a while since the mangaka sensei created new episode.....

Your manga will be on my reading list, while i’m waiting for new Vagabond episode. 😸

Thank you!
I'm all hand-drawing, so I want to convey that process!

I have not seen Vagabond but I know the name!
I will also be able to draw Japanese culture and samurai spirit deeply!

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Hi ryo-6414,

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Hey @ryo-6414, thank you for sharing your Manga comic, I was always very fascinated by those who could create an interesting story and in the case of comics to put them together into organized action pictures with little text, that is really amazing. The characters are very well presented, paid attention to mimic and costume. A lot of details, it is obvious you like what you do. My respect for such hard, creative work,

Cheers from art-supporting blog @art-venture

I thank you too!
Yes, I am delighted that I can express Japanese culture with my own manga!
I am still a practicing artist, but I will draw better manga from now on! Thank you!👍

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This is totally outstanding really, I mean "manga" seems strange to me, I'm guessing it's your Japanese based comic series created by you? I've not seen a lot of Japanese series such as this, but I was thrilled with the Katana sword really it's dazzling really
Above all, I love the beauty of the manga, so much work done with precision on this. It's creative

Thank you for reading!
Because I am Japanese, manga is also Japanese style!
Katana is really important for Samurai.
I'm glad you were interested in Katana!
Thank you! I'm keeping creative manga!

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Great manga Ryo!

BTW... In the next days I will post an article about your artwork of Steemitri ;-)

Thank you!🤗
Wow! really? I will see your that post!😉

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I just published the article about you ;-)

Yeah!! Thank you!!
Thank you for posting my crazy art!😆 But you are a wonderful person!👍

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Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

I love It!!! What a great work!!
I'm really curious about the story!
A "political" manga... you're a Genius!!!!!!🔝🔝🔝🤗🤗🤗👏👏👏💪💪💪✌️

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Thank you matebro!!
Yeah! because government is always bad!🤣
I always thank you for your support and love!!🤗🤗🤗

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You're more than welcome!!!
You're right!!💪🔝🤗✌️

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Whoohoo, you finally showed us what you have been working on so far, ryo-san. It is definitely a samurai manga, complete with some bad guy who thinks they're all that. I can't wait to see how the main hero will kick his ass and shows him who's boss XD.  
Congratulations on your curie vote. I hope it will motivate you to work even harder on your manga project ^_^.            

Thank you!!
It took quite a while but I'm glad you saw the manga!
Since more characters will appear in the future, I am putting my idea together😀

I do not know much about Curie, but it was good anyway😆
Thank you!!

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Hi @ryo-6414, I love manga especially Japan Manga. I love the story and the drawing. This was how your post attracted me. Your story was good and it goes well with your drawing. A manga can told a story without any story telling. Your drawing was good but I always need to remind myself to read from right to left :p but worth it. How long you took to complete this series? Will you going to release next series?

Thank you!!
I wanted to convey Japanese culture…
I greatly welcome manga-lovers!
It took me about a month to complete this episode.
Yes of course! I think the next will be release sooner!👍

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I will sit tied and wait for your next release.

Ahaha Before you get stiff I hope to release the next episode!😆👍

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I wonder how long it will take you to complete it all. Your time is ultimately not wasted and worthy of appreciation.

Probably I think it will take a very long time to complete…But I am convinced it will be a wonderful manga! …May be😆
Thank you!😉

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Thanks for sharing your manga! The facial expressions are so imaginative. What tools were you using for drawing?

Thank you!!😀
tools? I used Android in "synthesis-language", but I have hand-drawing everything else.
I will write in the next post for details😉

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Nice! Although some arrangement need fine tune (as you marked arrows, may be scan and finished in computer?) This is still interesting, keep it up and hope to see it have a print too~

Thank you!
I think that I can draw better manga from now on!
I do not have a personal computer, I use only smartphones🙂

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This is really awesome! I love your style. Your pages are so detailed and you're really good at drawing motion. Can't wait to see more :)

Thank you!!
Your also style is really cool and wonderful!
I love black and white art, so I am also looking forward to your comic!

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Wow is an excellent job .. My most sincere congratulations this manga has been great, both the drawing and the story. I draw and I know how complicated it is to draw and all the time it takes, what you have done is an arduous and impressive work.

I have already read manga previously so it was not a problem to read it from the right, you have a lot of talent for that, a big hug @ryo-6414 !

Thank you!!
I carefully thought about drawings and stories…I am still fighting them with a new episode😆
That's good! Many people may feel strange to read from the right…but I thought that I would like to draw a manga style!

I also saw your art!
fantastic Dragon ball tattoo!! Awesome!!🤗👍

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nice art. what happen next? samurai duel?

Heheh so cute @ryo-6414. Loved your manga! Do you get to publish a book with your manga? You should :) Thank you for sharing your drawings with us and for teaching us some Japanese words too :) How did you come up with the story?

Thank you!
Haha, I will not publish books. because I am amateur😅

How did I think about the story?
first…I wanted to convey the spirit of Japan correctly.
In addition, since erroneous history has been conveyed in Japan, I wanted to correct.
After that I got lots of tips from my favorite movies and manga😀

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Well yes, I enjoyed it.
I haven't read manga for a while, so it took me a while to catch the rhythm of the narrative, but as soon as I did I got hooked on the story.
Now we have to wait for you to introduce us to that enigmatic character ;) (I hope there's a fight!!)

Perhaps reading from the right is strange…But I wanted to convey Japanese style as it is.
I am glad that you are enjoy!
The story will develop greatly from now on. Of course also the fight!
Thank you!😉

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