My original samurai manga -Jingi- chapter26

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Hello steemians!
I am RYO!

Chapter26 is completed!

The latest Chapter of -Jingi- can only be read on the steemit!

About hints to read manga before

  • Read manga from the right
  • Red word are Japanese. The meaning is written in (※)
  • If you do not understand how to read manga please read the sentences under the picture. It's written in the order of manga

Please enjoy -Jingi-!

incredible speed…and crash…!!

Chichiue! "Ganbatte!=※Words of support"

Sound of a "Bokutou?=※wooden katana"

Sure! It seems that Yasa-san is doing training…


If Mayor hears about Kumite, he may stop it! I'm sorry, but please make sure Mayor does not come here!

Kku…! I also want to see Kumite…!

If Yasaemon is training, we should not rest…
Let's get to work!


That’s incredible…



"Sasuga da…=※Words of praise"
He has still room to spare…
But I can't afford to lose easily…
To keep my promise with him…!
"Chichiue…!=※My father"

You're too off guard!

Itete…I am sorry Chichiue…

7-year-old ritual is approaching soon!
To that extent you can't be a samurai who will defend the village in the future!
Take a break once…
Be stronger…!


Process of -jingi-

Usually I'm so concentrated when drawing manga, so I can't take too many process photos😅
However, this time I was able to afford it, so I took some photos of the process

The paper(japanese traditional paper "Washi") I use is very delicate so I can't draft strongly

Then I draw a big effect(Wind and smoke etc)

At this point I erase the draft with the eraser

And completion.

I want to draw the best action scene possible.
Recent dragon ball movies are very "flashy",
I aim to draw an action that makes the reader feel such "speed" and "vibration"

In future chapters, I will aim to draw more advanced action scenes, so if you are interested please follow the -Jingi-!

Thank you for reading!
Arigatou gozaimashita!

Have not you seen the -Jingi-仁義 series yet?
My Original Samurai manga -Jingi-仁義 can be seen here!

Chapter 1-2-3

Chapter 4-5-6




















All my mangas drawn in "Washi(和紙)"
It is a traditional Japanese paper made from 1300 years ago.
This is my Washi of post↓

  • Main Characters name↓

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wow ... impressive drawing .., great work :) will be a pleasure to follow to see more art

Oh! Thank you for visited my post!
I do artwork but as you know i'm crazy on creatures😆
Thank you follow! I will see your latest post again😃

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Oh man I need to read this. Super cool drawings very flowy and tight.

Thank you!
I am aiming for "animated feeling" so I'm happy if you thought my manga like that!
Thank you for comment😊

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Oh, Thank you!
I want to know more about them!
Thank you for telling me!👍

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