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Good morning citizens of the planet Steem😁😁😁
Trust your weekend was great?

Today I will be crushing on a quality that only strong men possess and this is GENEROSITY.

That was supposed to be how my post would have started but after carrying out some research on my crush, I realized that crushing on just one quality about him will never be enough. My crush is a super human!!! He possesses so much great qualities that I can't put it all in a post. And I couldn't just ignore the other qualities.

My #mancrushmonday goes to a great man @Dimimp


My Crush is Super Generous.

Generosity is the act of sharing freely with people what you have. This could be time, resources, money, experience etc.

I wish there were a better word than this to describe him. How do you better describe a man that has touched the lives of people far and near? He broke the boundaries of distance and has put smiles on the faces of people.

His passion for humanity is overwhelmingly exuding. Forgive my grammar. His passion is contagious. It is so great that his kindness is rubbing off on everyone that comes close to him. He has the kindness gene. He has the abundance gene.

Kindness is a baton- Pass it on to everyone you meet.


These are not just things I love about my crush but they are facts that I now know about him.


He spent his life savings on Steem. These were his exact words.

Did I just spend my life's savings on a magic beanstalk? OH YEAH !!

Only a very little percent of people will do what he did. It took a lot of courage to believe in something that had little proofs yet. Only the risk takers will reap the entire good that comes from a good risk.


Here is a line from his introductory post,

The way to live on Steemit is to be cool to others and to be original for yourself as you strive to help others. Be the best example.

If you have been following him, you will see that this is so true about him. He is kind to everyone that comes his way irrespective of who they and how much they possess.


He is one of those that gets the highest mentions on steemit yet he takes his time to reply majority of them. Only a man who is hardworking and dedicated will be able to do this.


He has been able to bring out the good in even the most mean of people. He looks deeper than how they appear or the evil they have done to others. Instead he goes ahead to show them kindness. Hence he passes the baton of kindness to them and they in return show it to the people around them.

5. He appreciates even the tinniest details

This is an important gene that great people possess. They celebrate their little achievements and this propels them to do better.
He started little and was grateful for his little blessings. Now he is way up.

These were his first followers on Steemit.

What is the world record for the most followers without a single blog post? I got 7 !!!



You have really inspired in ways you can't imagine. Your rewards will come in ways beyond your imaginations. Thanks for being a blessing to so many people here. I appreciate you.

.... From your crushee @gee1.

Here is my #mancrushmonday post, I will like to see yours😘😘😘

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THIS IS NOT A CONTEST everyone is a winner. I lost a complete list of people that participated last week. Here is the list I can find. Kindly let me know if I omitted your name.


Let's Get the full package on steemit... Let's have some healthy fun💃💃💃💃 Tell us your story.

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Everyday of my life, I yearn to make people happy. I want to be the reason someone in another continent smiles. I want to be the reason someone in another country, village, city is able to pay their tuition or that of their child/children.

I hope soon enough the worth of my upvote on people's post will be enough for them to buy a meal. I hope that someday, the worth of my upvote will be enough to fund projects.

I want to make people feel so much love. I am already doing that, I hope that soon enough I will be able to reach more people.

Thank you for reading and participating.

I am @gee1, I am the Steemit Evangelist.


sir @dimimp is a true and great personality to be crush on, his selflessness and love for humanity is none to be compare. And I pray to be like him in time to come. To leave a legacy that his already leaving behind.

Truly @dimimp is a very generous person, sometimes I wonder if he is human or angel sent to us...nice post Weldon

@Dimimp is an angel in human form.

Thank you for stopping by.

You're damn right fam

Well done @gee1
Indeed @dimimp is a generous guy

My #mancrushmonday post is ready

Hahahahaha the steemjet man. The man has a golden heart and i really admire him. You have a wonderful pick i must say.

Mine just dropped, here darling.

Appreciation never goes out of style. Well done.

@dimimp really?! -- Great

Yes he is great

Dear friend, you do not appear to be following @wafrica. Follow @wafrica to get a valuable upvote on your quality post!

We do this every monday💃💃

Yeahhhhhhhhh 💃

Hmmmm..... @dmimp is really worthy of a standing ovation.. 👏👏👏

Meanwhile, i know today is tuesday o... But here is my own ManCrushMonday...
Its better late than never... Lol

Lol.... Better late than never.

@dimimp is an angel, I must say and I also know about @teamsteem, these guyz are so cute and fun to be with.

Just 3 persons did last week? Wow
Let me get prepared for next time ;)

They were more than 3 but I lost the details.

Most people don't realize this fact:

I realized that crushing on just one quality about him will never be enough.

You really can't base it all on one quality.
Thanks for sharing!

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I don't really know @dimimp, but for him to be on @gee1 crush list..
He must certainly posses all the qualities @gee1 mentioned.
Nice one..

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