Man crush Monday... Better late than never..

in #mancrushmonday2 years ago

Drumroll pleeeeaasseee as i unveil.....
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Although today is Tuesday,
but its better late than never for me to crush on this amazing personality. In fact, he should be my MCE(Man Crush Everyday). Yeeesss

He is someone who over time has proven to be an embodiment of kindness...
The amazing @humanearl
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If you aren't following him, you are wrong... Hehehee. On a serious note though, i run short of words to describe this amazing person...
For a whole month, he freely have out his sp.. Leaving almost nothing for himself...
I mean... A whole month... Its just mind blowing...
No much story, just check him out @humanearl

Asides that, he is really handsome too. No kidding..

Anyways, i really cannot thank him @humanearl enough for the kind gesture...
All u can say is, thank you for being you @humanearl, a lovable, kind, down to earth person...
Once again i celebrate you......

Wanna show off your man crush? Check out @gee1 here:


Second time.... Make him MCE ;)
@humanearl is truly amazing.


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