PLEASE HELP - addicted to STEEM - I put my life savings into STEEM before making my first post ~ I only have 1 questionsteemCreated with Sketch.

in #introduceyourself6 years ago

I could not stop dreaming about STEEM so I put my life's savings into this community blockchain token. That was easy, because my next goal is to only do business with blockchains, which will be difficult to achieve.

STEEM is not a socialist free lunch, but a hard working meritocracy and the only digital currency that directly pays your business to mate with it.

I have a million and one questions simultaneously:

Can we have longer payout periods if the STEEM price stabilizes?
Can we have longer payout periods if the STEEM price stabilizes?
Can we have longer payout periods if the STEEM price stabilizes?
Can we have longer payout periods if the STEEM price stabilizes?

I put my net worth into STEEM because I only see STEEM miners bending the knee in honest competition for the honor of mining my currency. No other digital currency currently has such entertaining gladiatorial competition. The way to live on Steemit is to be cool to others and to be original for yourself as you strive to help others. Be the best example.

Did I just spend my life's savings on a magic beanstalk? OH YEAH !!

What is the world record for the most followers without a single blog post? I got 7 !!!


That's how it's done son (and that's why I put my first post in poetry too).

This is my first post, but if you have been paying attention to the STEEM Transfer Daily, then you know that I have powered up so hard lately, that people are making money here just by showing others exactly how hard I am powering up!

I made the IMP ART, but I didn't make the magic beanstalk:

And a very special thanks to my personal gif maker (veryrico):

So who can answer my question. If we can have longer payout periods, then more people will join our community:

Can we have longer payout periods when the STEEM price stabilizes?
Can we have longer payout periods when the STEEM price stabilizes?
Can we have longer payout periods when the STEEM price stabilizes?
Can we have longer payout periods when the STEEM price stabilizes?

Because we all know that if the payout peropd was longer, then less people would be walking away frustrated, because more people would be receiving some of the daily distribution.


Hmmmmmmm tracing down to the root
Boss @dimimp you've been a man with great intellect.....i followed up and I found something you've done with the whole of your heart which has brought you this far, the act of kindness, helping others, there's a saying that if you want to succeed then Follow the step of those who have succeeded, Thanks boss.... Love you

Wow, this is really great to learn about your start here on Steemit. You believed so much in the system right from tho beginning. Glad to have met you and your dreams.

In life, a man without the right information gets to stay in the dark. I wanted to know about the success story of Steemjet and I decided to carry out a research. Now I know how addictive you are to steem that's you created a community for the *Global Adoption of Steem.

Thanks for the privilege as a force member.
SF 7
Social Advisor Department


Word up....

Thank you..

Best of luck..

Most welcome sir..

Job well-done


wow...a great investment you made in steem. Men like you are the once keeping steem alive. i ll try and get an answer to the question of having longer payout period once the price of steem stabilizes.


Wow !! I'm new here great story you jumped right in!! I'm a minnow trying to become dolphin!!

Welcome to steemit; you have jumped in the ocean in a big way, as an instant dolphin!

On your question -- There is only so much steem available every day for payouts. If the devs change the payout cutoff from 30 days to never, then existing posts may make a little more over time but new posts may make a little less.

I think others probably do what I do -- if I come across a post I like which is older than 30 days, I check the person's blog and try to find a new post that I would like to up vote. So the person's account is still getting a reward from me that day. Further, I may Follow the person and up vote them on future posts. So older posts act as a sales funnel to get new followers/customers.

I followed you, and I hope your huge investment works out. I do feel that Steemit will work out for all of us!

Hey man, this is a good idea, wish a lot a Steemians saw this post.

great idea and contribution you are doing. I do the same and follow all who follow me amongst other things. Hell, this is about all of us as a community getting paid.

upvote,reply,resteem and follow @victorvazco

Thanks for this. I was wondering how to reward better :)

These are very valid points.
I still feel that having long term payout on posts is important as really good posts take a long time to write and edit. If a post doesn't do so well and doesn't make any more down the future then it becomes risky to invest the time in really comprehensive posts, especially without massive followings.
Also because the system is incentivised for immediacy older posts get little attention. There are LOTS of really good old posts but few people ever check out old posts. I feel some incentive for old posts would be great for the long term sustainability and for interaction of the community.

I feel that the long term payouts could possibly be better for writers, but it's hard to tell without having two steemits each with exactly the same qualities but with just the payout parameter being 30 days or forever, and then collecting the data to tell which is better over time.

This won't happen of course. Maybe it would be better to think about your payout as a whole, rather than the payout on any individual post. Although you won't get pay for a post older than 30 days, you may get payout on newer posts if someone finds your older post.

Plus, since Steemit articles rank Very High in Google searches, you will still build your own brand by people finding your older excellent articles while searching for terms that relate to your article. This build name recognition and will ultimately benefit you.

So basically I take a wider approach to being here. It's more about the whole experience than any one post, to me. But it's great to hear all opinions here, stated with respect to those who differ. We're not drama free here, but I find less of it compared to other places online!

This made a lot of sense and helped me understand how steem works a little. Thanks man. As a guy who started a day ago I wasn't very sure of where to go next. But now I just might have a chance.

rains are beautiful but beware you become wet too.

I don't disagree with anything you put forth here~
I am fine with it as I love Steemit, I just personally would prefer if there was incentive for people to not only look through but also UPvote really good timeless content because it deserves it and also helps bring more exposure.
Thanks for your valuable input of which I feel many can benefit by!

Thank you for this comment @kenny-crane!

I like your explanation. It sounds reasonable. Good poster will get attention and reward one way or another.

Ahh, I see, but I'm afraid that mere mortals such as myself who only are inspired annually won't benefit, or give curators much reason to dig for gems. I refuse to dilute my eternal canvass.

I am sick, I wanna handover my keys to suitable person.
My stomach need to be @dimimp-free
Thanks memories

Can we have longer payout periods when the STEEM price stabilizes?

The dev team is looking into this as a possible enhancement, although there are some complexities to it. The main one is that any post that is part of the payout needs to be held in memory for the active block-chain. If all posts needed to be held in memory, it would make it so that the system was not scalable. The other problem is that there is a fixed reward pool. If time goes on and more and more old posts continue to receive payout, there will be less in the pool for new posts. They are looking into solutions, but it is probably not something that will get fixed soon.

[Edit] Welcome to Steemit by the way :)

Holy Molly. Your wallet history looks awesome. I would say: balls of steel.

8 followers! Thanks oldtimer. Do you have any thoughts on my question?

I think that we have great team of experts behind steemit. Regular users like me don't understand deep enough how the whole system work. Maybe with fixing one issue we bring out two new problems. The guys on top did put a lot of time and effort in steemit and we should trust them. I think that they are way ahead us and pushing hard for steemit success. Anyway, we can't do nothing about that.We are just observers. And investors, like me and you. Think positive.

Omg!!! You are the Legendary Dimp , Man you are Loaded - Upvotes and Follows 👍✅🆙🚀💯%

Me too I am loaded in my dream wallet 😜

I would like to see it work so after a vote is cast, the payout for it comes at 24 hours afterwards, no matter how long ago it was posted.

It is setup this way by design, to extend past 24 hours when the voting significantly changes. There are several reasons for this. The main one is to prevent gaming of the system. If it was a set 24 hours and a malicious whale wanted to upvote content that didn't deserve a payout without giving other whales a chance to downvote, they could do it right at the end of the timer. It also gives posts that get late attention from whales more opportunity to pick up more votes once it is discovered.

Looks like you need a shave in the picture.

We welcome you to steemit. dimimp.

Dude I dream of having a wallet like that. Followed to see what you will bring along with your power.

dimimp! We want to hear from you and see more of what you've got in store for us! This post is awesome and made me really motivated! What's going on, buddy? :)

I would estimate that from all current 30 day payout period 95% of total payout is made during 24 hours and 95% of those 95% is made during the first hour.
Why you expect some magical changes of this pattern to happen by extending payout period ?

I think that having a payout period extended would greatly increase chances for an occasional ‘whale vote’ AND a possibility for readers/followers to upvote really old posts of the authors they just discovered. I, for my part, am discovering many excellent posts on Steemit that are older than one month old. I would love to upvote them, but as it is, my vote won't make much of a difference to those posts or their authors.

A different point of view. Thanks

I personally am still just trying to figure this out, someone I trust mentioned this site and I decided to check it out. I am thankful for posts like this to help me do just that.

I fucking love that gif!!! hahahaha, great post as well! I found you when you upvoted one of my posts, so Thank you!

please upvote,reply,resteem and follow @victorvazco ,thank you, you're awesome!

You're a dude and I wish you luck. You keep upvoting my posts so I decided to follow you. Thanks!

Because of your investment in this community I love and contribute to much, I am following you now too!
Looking forward to your contributions to the success of this community!

Your life savings? Phew... Hope you make a big splash and good luck!

Hey, man! Big fan of yours. Ever since you wrote this post I've been going back to your profile hoping to find something new. Looking at your wallet, it seems you've invested even more! I'm very happy for you, man. Eagerly awaiting new posts! And I wish you the best on your journey, dimimp.


You are brave.... So so brave to put a lot of money in this.
But, no matter what I think that you did a GOOD thing. I also believe in Steemit and I would do the same if I did not meed the money! Lol.
To answer your question, not that I have enough knowledge btw. I think that if you make the time longer it will not always be a good thing. The short time period of 24 hours also makes people create posts. It just takes time to gather enough followers to really make money I think.

I have no idea how I found this funny post . Oh well, coincidences can happen. I hope you got all of your answers . Nice meeting you !

Im really happy to see the price went up and you are making your investment back!

Can we have longer payout periods if the STEEM price stabilizes?
Can we have longer payout periods if the STEEM price stabilizes?
Can we have longer payout periods if the STEEM price stabilizes?
Can we have longer payout periods if the STEEM price stabilizes?

I guess wishes do come true if you want it really badly.

Welcome to steemit.!!
Glad you are here, so happy @dimimp

good job friend.....!

welcome to steemit,You really have the talent of friends, welcome to join .....

Hope your investment pays off :)
i "think" i would have done the same if i had any .

I would too, if I have the money... *boohoo

thank you for your blog now that you mention i guess we are a lot having multiple questions that we wish to get an answer anyway , :)

I get it, you drink and you know things.

Nice article man ! followed u too

Thanks. I have considered to put my life savings into steem. But I have painfully learnt to not be foolish.

You have... omegaly big balls

Saw your upvote, and read this. Glad I'm not the only one dreaming of steeming. I guess your beanstock has grown if this post was from 8 months ago! Congrats!!

Just found this post.. lol. It looks like your gamble paid off!! :)

Impressive commitment, congratulations!

Wishing you the best of luck with your investment. I agree with you when you wrote, "I only see STEEM miners bending the knee in honest competition for the honor of mining my currency." So true. May your magic bean stalk grow to infinity!

I hope you make a fortune, you are braver than me :)

The dramatic title had me giggling. Good luck, friend!

Thanks for upvoting one of my stories :-)

Your post is funny.....and you are brave or quite mad. Either way, I like it!

Welcome to Steemit! Anybody who has the guts to put their life savings into Steemit attracts my attention. I hope you will not regret that decision; yes, the Steem price is low right now so it's a good time to buy, but there's no guarantee we are at the bottom yet. I believe it will rise in the long-term, but you might have gotten more bang for your buck by cost-averaging in slowly over a month or two.

Regarding your question, others have already provided a lot of good information on this. I would only add that I wish posts could continue paying out indefinitely, with payout periods maybe once a week or so. I'm not very knowledgeable on the technical aspects of how the Steem blockchain is implemented, so I can't guess about the feasibility of this idea, but I think the devs are aware of the community's desire so we might see something done about it in the future.

Enjoy your time here, and hope you will be a responsible dolphin!

Yeah, I obviously should have waited because I could have received twice as much STEEM!

Oh well, look on the bright side: now it's twice as easy to buy even more Steem! Anyway, I expect it will pay off in the long run, and with so much Steem Power you ought to be able to earn some nice curation rewards.

very entertaining :) makes me want to give you my life savings!

I hope your question gets answered. I think that's a huge factor for actual bloggers, especially when creating long-form content.

Good luck imp) follow you, sure

Keep On Steemin On!! Goodluck buddy!

Welcome on Steemit @dimimp!

You mean shorter payout periods? It was 1 day previously. I'm sure your investment will pay off. There is a lot more room for new money to pour into crypto!

Just realized the age of this post. Sorry if I'm off topic here.

Hi @dimimp I'm so new I didn't have a chance to vote for your post when it would have "counted" or to respond to your question.

Personally, I agree with you. In fact, from my perspective as long as content is posted, there should be a possibility to reward it. To me it seems that might cause people to take a longer term view and create content that will stand the test of time.

In any case, I follow you and hope you start posting again. @roused

I have been watching yours posts and comments @dimimp. I would like to work with you on this project I am offering you an invitation of free ongoing access.

You have been invited to STEEM (SBD) Trading Bot Growth Hack Project,

Hey U need to come back to steemit!

You invested money 8 months you have $112,000 USD! wow! did u even know!!?!!!

Great story!! Thanks for the upvote on my post, I hope your dedication to the blockchain will pay off!

A great post ... thanks for bringing out your suggestion!

you are a brave guy.

The information is pleasant. The picture is great. I hope someday will be a good friend @dimimp for all steem friends.

Hello, welcome to Steemit .. I do hope that you have a wonderful time on this platform. Looking forward to your future posts!
Thanks for joining this beautiful community. I followed you. Wish you much luck! Have a great time.!

its a good post and i very like it
can you help my post ;( @dimimp
i followed you

welcome to steemit, don't worry you will earn a lot from steemit, just be active, upvote, comment and post often good post.


There are many things to learn from you @dimimp. And I see many witnesses of steemit in this thread.

I was just curious you see. I wanted to know more, read more about you @dimimp and that lead me here. No photo yet and nothing even more on your personal life. Maybe I get one interview with you?

These are The Memories @mydivathings Sir @dimimp Is great We Love Him

We've all been here, we don't know his identity but we know he is a man with a good hear... A man who believes so much in this community, a man that has empowered people who would have left the community by now. Even if we don't know his identity knowing that he cares about the community is good enough.

You really are curious @mydivathings.

Good Sir; I know that as a rule, what I am about to do is a bit of a faux pas, but give your headline, I just could not resist: Enjoy!

Man you have balls for putting your life savings in! I think the longer payouts will eventually come. The team are aware of the issues from what I understand.

Wow so i guess the journey of steemjet has gotten this far because of this action taken 2 years ago. Interesting that @joshuaedoja drew my attention to this post.

I had to trace to the root where it all started so as to see clearly where we r heading to. And the future is so bright i need sun shade.

I think it would be great to have one additional payout period, on top of the two current ones (first one being 24–48 hours and the second one being 30 days). I think that adding a third one, up to 3 or 6 months would have beneficial effects on the community – and especially its new members – that you speak about in your post.

Followed you! you should Follow me! Wish you well my friend :)

Woah! Now here's one man I can learn loyalty from. Your positive vibes are second to none @dimimp, Such firm believe before you were even sure what to believe... I never thought of the point you raised here... Longer payout periods if steem price stabilizes... I think @ned should see this, there's been too much competition and hate speeches against Steem lately, so for those of us who are still firm believers, we can make it home.. After all, we don't follow Steem to the moon, we take steem to the moon!! But I must say, @kenny-crane has made a rather interesting point.

all will be excellently!!!!

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