Shaidon’s Five Buckas, No Wuckas Challenge!

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Hi there! Welcome to my first post of 2020!

I hope that the new year is sitting right with you, if not, just wriggle your shoulders a little and get comfortable until it does. You’re going to be in it for a while.

There were a few things that threatened to ruin the first week of the year but they were soon dealt with and now I can go into this year with a laser-like focus and brimming with infectious enthusiasm!
I hope you’ll join me on this journey too.

Before I go on, I’ll explain a little Australian slang so that you understand the humour in the title above. As a general rule, Australians have a relaxed attitude to most things, to the point where we’ll say things like “No worries!”, etc. We’ll sometimes even include a soft, friendly, version of the F word to add a little colour. (It’s a cultural thing, trust me.) Then if you put in a little clever censorship and you’ll get a phrase like “No wucking forries!”. Wucking forries is contracted to “Wuckas”. Buckas is just me rhyming the word “buck” / as in dollars in a silly way.

I hope this explains what I am about to say next.

A few years ago someone had shared a meme on Facebook with a $5 dollar challenge. There are different versions of the challenge, but the basic idea is that when you get a $5 note in your change, you put it in an envelope and at the end of the year, you see how much money you’ve saved.

The initial challenge says not to count the money throughout the year, but I found it to be unworkable for me.

You can adapt this your own currency and what best suits you.

I tried this a few years ago and managed to save just over $830. It was so much money it eventually didn’t fit into the envelope and it had to sit as a stack of cash on the counter. I found it had a disrupting effect on my view of FIAT notes and money in general, which I found to be a positive experience.

These days with electronic payments it’s going to be a bit more difficult, but it’s good to have money set aside for emergencies, pay off a debt or to invest in Steem while it’s low. I know that’s what I am going to be doing.

So far I have two $5 notes set aside in the envelope (the photo above was taken a while back) and I am telling you this as a form of accountability.

If you want to do the challenge as well, leave a comment down below and we’ll compare amounts. Let’s have some fun!

The real challenge is to not spend the money when things get tough.

It’s mind over money.

See you next year!

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I'd just end up spending it mate, so will have to pass on this one - be interesting to see what you end up with....I think I read somewhere only 6% of the money produced in AUS now is in the form of printed cash...and that will drop to 2% in next few years - its crazy.

Well, that’s part of the challenge, not spending it. For me, it will go towards Steem I think.
I do know that I am going to start buying Steem while it’s still ridiculously cheap.
I don’t know if there are any real benefits to being dolphin outside of a $0.05 upvote, but it’s certainly a goal and I know that paying people for their content puts me ahead of all other social media right now.

This year will be an interesting one I think.

wow this seems like a cool idea actually never heard of this i normally try to do this with coins as here in the UK we have so many coins and hardly any notes but i just end up spending them anyway. i saw this post in pypt :)

It's actually quite difficult at first because you have money sitting there and there is a temptation to spend it on trivial things. But the goal is one of self discipline and also to have a better attitude towards money and where it all goes and what we waste it on.

What's "pypt"?

I keep cash around so good to see this. Was shared on PYPT

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I don't remember the last time I even had cash in my wallet. My wife does the shopping.
If I need to put petrol in the car I just swipe the card. I really don't like buying stuff, to be honest.

I have to do my own shopping so I can't really avoid it.

I do wish two things:

  1. Steem was worth far more than what it is, even if it was on par with the $US (like SBD was supposed to be) I'd be happy because I could start to do stuff with it in a meaningful way.

  2. Steem could be used to purchase goods and services either on my phone or my Ipad wherever there was a paywave function (somehow linked to Keychain for security).
    It makes an excellent use case.

So, I go to a Steem meet up, have a few drinks and decide to buy a burger with Steem. I take a few photos, write a quality post or make a video about it, it gets upvoted and things start paying for themselves.

This is more about me needing to be a bit more disciplined with my finances, and this includes Steem too.


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Happy new year! I was here checking out to see if you had a new Splinterlands post! Make sure when you do one to put it in the sm-post-promo channel for a chance to get a Steem Monsters upvote!

I most certainly will when I do. :). Thanks for checking in.

Happy New Year to you too!

I did this last year but then spent it half way through the year haha!

Same. But this year hopefully, I will keep it going for as long as I can. I hope by posting this here I will have some sort of accountability and some bragging rights at the end of the year.

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