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Profound Fight Framework with Discretionary Auto Mode
Utilizing the abilities of every one of your Stage Young ladies actually in fight will make them tingle to get once again into the battle. In any case, to unwind, put fights in auto mode so you can make a big difference for the energy!

Large number of Character Development Viewpoints Will Make You Want more
With various ways of raising your characters and one of a kind stories for every that open as you power them up, you'll be returning to invest energy with your top choices over and over to get to realize them considerably more.
Shocking Visuals and Music
Fights are delivered with lovely 3D designs and each Stage Young lady's extraordinary abilities are similarly all around as sensational and dazzling as you would expect with exceptional movements for each. Stories are likewise rejuvenated with great Live2D, and various tunes from the anime show up with tons favoring the way in ongoing updates!


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