IFC S1 R30 Tiebreaker Entry - The most important quality in a person is LOVE

Image by @yeszuzia

If I had to use one word to describe something that lies deep within all the people that I admire on Steemit, it would be the word LOVE.

Love for the community

When it comes to sharing their love for the community, it is hard to go past people such as @surpassinggoogle and @davemccoy who are selfless and put the interest of other before their own. And in this community that @apolymask has poured his passion and energy into, we share our love of the game with all the contestants, in particular @mr-bike @artgirl @jbreheny and @bashadow who are tied in this round.

Love for your significant other(s)

When it comes to sharing their love for another person, @lynncoyle1 and @briancourteau are always the first that comes to mind as well as many others on the Steemit Couples List. But there is also the love that @charisma777, @fabiyamda, @vermillionfox, @drawingly and @misslasvegas have for their children.

Love for what you do

When it comes to sharing their love for something that they are passionate about, there is the fabulous trio from @water-art (@jnart, @jungwatercolor and @marty-arts), @bengy and the people from @classical-music, @jefpatat and the team from @steemmakers, @thatsweeneyguy and the dreamteam from @thesteemhouse... I could go on for another three or four pages but you get the idea. And it doesn't only exist on the blockchain because I have received beautifully crafted leather items from @armadilloman, prints of artworks from @haedre, drawings of plushzilla from @yeszuzia and @drawingly, Steam keys from @bengy, and I have met with @aoart and @roscoeh in person.

So it seems like LOVE is a common thread that connects not only the people on Steemit, but it is also what connects the things that people do here to the value generated in this community. It is what makes groups like @asapers, @greetersguild, @newbiegames, @newbieresteemday, @friendsofgondor and @welcomewagon a place where you feel like you belong, and where you can find others who are also going on the same journey but in their own way.

And that's why I think it is the most important quality in a person.


How many tiebreakers are you in? Nice entry!

Just the two - that I know of :p

Nice music choice.

Absoiutely agree. Love and Compassion are at the top.

And I have followed @lynncoyle1 and @briancourteau. Such a beautiful and touching story of what true Love is all about :)

Thank you @robertandrew! That is so very kind of you ;)

Very nice entry, there is certainly a lot of love being shown for the game, for steemit for people in and out of steemit. Who knows one day we may be able to change the world, after all, all it needs is love.

There's something very important that you're missing in your post, Plushy. And that Is the love you spread around in IFC. You're an amazing human being and an amazing friend. You've cheered me up from being rock bottom and helped me stand up again when I thought I was going to fail in my journey called life.

I bet so many people love you! The love I have for my kids is my first, but then comes friends and family. And, you are a friend, AND family.

Thankyou! <3 Love is all you are!

Love ya' !

I'm a firm believer that love makes the world go round :)

Thank you for the shout-out @plushzilla!! I totally agree with your entire post; don't you feel that when you start a post like this, you could just go on and on and on with names and stories of people you've met here?! :)

Just tonight I saw a post from someone I know whose sister-in-law had a premature baby and needs financial help and so many are jumping on board to do just that! It's from another 'family' here called @steemitbloggers which I am a member of, and it's another perfect example of

a place where you feel like you belong, and where you can find others who are also going on the same journey but in their own way.

Love Love Love this post! Hope you are well my friend :) Thanks for making me smile ;)

Thank you for the kind comments. One reason I avoid writing posts is because they are so many people who do so many incredible things and I feel like I need to spend more time doing as well :) It was nice to hear from Brian again on Discord and see that he is still holding up well, and you are always full of love and energy as usual!

aww thank you @plushzilla, such kind words from you as usual! Brian is doing pretty good and we still manage to get out for a little bit most days, so that's always a good sign!

Thank you my friend and sorry for not being here much this week. I love it here but the energy in me is quite low right now.......Thank you so much my friend

As much as I wanted to vote for everyone else, especially mr-bike cause I wanna see him in the top 16. Out of all the entries.. Semi intelligence - Trustworthiness - Courage - Flexibility.. I think Love is the most important. Not selfish love either, but "true" love. Cause if you have true love I thin you're all of those things in the right ways. If you really love.. You're trustworthy, courageous, semi intelligent or more and flexible in the right kinds of ways!

Also similarly or put another way.. What would any of those other qualities be without love? Someone semi intelligent, flexible, couragous or trustworthy but not loving, to me.. Isn't really someone I'd want to be around.. I'd like to be around people who are truly loving.

This was one of the more difficult rounds to judge, the other entries were all so great and important and critical.. Yet I just think.. Love is the answer that sticks out the most to me. I'm voting for this one. Thanks for the excellent entry!

Have you tried the 5 languages of love quiz? http://www.5lovelanguages.com/

I am not normally a fan of these things, except this one really helped me to understand why people can have love for each other but still be unhappy because they are not showing and receiving love in the way that fulfils their needs.

Thanks for your vote and I hope we can show that it is love and not Steem that makes Steemit work!