Make Steem Eight Again! :)

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Some of my favorite entries from the "Make Steem Eight Again".  Its a fun engagement campaign with a positive spin.  We've seen how quickly we can get to $8, so don't lose sight of that! 

Here are some fun entries!

Make Steem Eight Again, Campaign!  Here 

@Elgeko - threw this beauty out!

@stellabelle, threw in some bananas.  Which made me LOL!  Nice, combination of engagement projects.

Fun with @battleaxe

@pyemoney had a couple of good entries.  ^ this one is great

Love this one too!  He ate it afterwards.

There are many others on the original post

Once again the response was over-whelming and anyone who can't see how the quality level of end users we have is going up, just isn't paying attention!  The engagement and fun level during a rough price patch is overwhelming.

I have not awarded prizes yet so get in the game!  

You guys knocked my voting power down to 52% while I tried to upvote all those who engaged!  I still am working through it.

Really glad I made that little post, because it lightened my mood and was very reassuring that we are still here, working, communicating and hanging in here through the rough price patch!

I feel a little sappy about it, but I am not good at sappy, so insert some really sweet words here!


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WHATSUP: Awww. You guys melt my heart! I've been feeling a little bummed about the low price of STEEM. I know this can be a great place, and I totally envision it, and am glad to see you do too! It's amazing that despite the down time, you don't let it get you down! You're all so creative and wonderful. I'm glad to be affiliated with you all

EVERYONE ELSE: Oh, @whatsup, you don't need to say all that. We know we're gr8. You're gr8 too! It'll be 8 again in no time flat. We're just hanging around until that happens! In the meantime, it's been loads of fun and we're all just happy to be involved.


Haha! Perfect, that was it in a nut shell! :)


:D I thought so.

giphy (16).gif

Herro there! Hey everybody, everything is gr8 and is gonna be awesome



Just doing my part to make Steem 8 again.

I hope i aint too l8te.. i was hoping to make the gr8test image i could come up with in order to make everyone gr8 each other happy! Did i just make sense? 😂


This comment was made from

You guys knocked my voting power down to 52% while I tried to upvote all those who engaged! I still am working through it.

And your other post now makes much more sense XD

Really impressed with the response too! Kudos to you for sparking some fun :D

I love the official news one

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I liked the t-shirt one 😉


hi :) aren't you're from india?


I have seen a bunch of these flowing around on steemit and I thought what the hell was going on. Love the vibes of this little funny movement!

Keep it real guys, cheers!


Oh, I'll check it out!

We're going to sell Steem for $ 100 and Facebook will pay for it.

hi @whatsup

We wish STEEM will become to $8.
2018-09-01 13.44.47.jpg

Some really sweet words. :)
Been a long time @whatsup, hope all is well on your side.

These were all my favorites too! Gr8 minds think alike I suppose.

Image result for gr8


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Good morning dear @whatsup we are here supporting each other as a community and i hope your great idea works, we should use this tag more n our posts tags not just for a day, but until it will be 8 $ again. Thanks for your great job. P. S don't upvote my post i'm here to support not to pick money😊

Someone wanna make that hat a real thing? I'll buy it. Throw one at trump and get him to wear it too.

Even though am totally useless, it has my full support and am keeping up my engagement levels

wow awesome entries and im so intimidated i wouldnt dare enter but this is off the hook awesome!!!

When steem was $8, it absolutely was the richest time of my life. i'm slightly better off than early last year currently, but nowhere close to that moment!

Keep moving forward...

Love it. Some good ones. Thanks for sharing @whatsup. And we can go to $100 eventually :)

i think the bananers win....

Why settle for 8. Just use another type of dollar and get much more...

I never knew Bananas could be use this way too :P