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Hey Sunshines,

With losing a large sum of now over 30kgs+ in the last 1 - 2 years, in the last year losing a whopping 20kgs in the span of 6 months I've had people come up to me in the street noticing the quick weight loss which they then were curious how it happened so they could lose some weight also.

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What I noticed when telling people what I did, they were like oh no I couldn't do that...
The funny thing is neither did I, as we are human and lack self discipline at times with too many choices that get fluttered in our faces majority of the time via social media, tv, radio, billboards and good old society, basically temptation to fall off the wagon is everywhere or to self dealt, then comes the depression of cheating the diet which then normally leads to a full blown back to doing what we were doing before.

Seriously It's Not Your Fault!!!

Who doesn't like the idea of being slim and fit

being slim and/or fit, one can still be unhealthy or sick on the inside if slim or over weight.
Trying to loss weight in it's self is frustrating alone, basically focus on listening to what your body is telling you, than comparing yourself to others as we don't know what they have going on.

What Can Affect Weight Loss

Injury's new/old
Depression/ Self dealt/ Comparison
Inflammation/Itchy scalp/Bloating/Thrush/Smelly Blowoffs(gas, air, farting - whatever you like to call it)

Basically everything and anything can affect your weight loss, it also can high light hidden health problems/issuses so why even bother starting you may ask... For you!
What do you want out of life that you are unable to do because you may not be to a healthy standard you want to be, like playing with your kids or grand kids, being able to watch your kids grow up, travel, enjoy life again.
Tuning into body and listening to it, what affects or upsets it in the way of what you consume, environment, what you put on your body makes you more aware of ones health and lifestyle, which can put it into prospective at times is what do you want out of your time with what you have left here on this earth.

How Did I Loss Weight

This took years to get to this point of trail and error, but six full months plus of study on the internet of course reading different websites, reviews, and a lot of praying for guidance, comes down to these main things.

Cutting out - Gluten which mean's flour, bread, cakes etc made from wheat, barley, rye
Meat - This is still one of the hardest ones that I sometimes try, but eat fish like salmon, tuna etc.
Processed foods - Limiting as I still eat canned food at times, I try to find BPA free
Processed sugars
Added more green vegetables, vegetables, herbs, brown rice, fruit, nuts, seeds
Balancing and rotating what I eat, so it's not the same all the time
Started drinking Green vegetable juices - like celery, cabbage, cucumber - all separately, by themselves
Started drinking tea - Like hemp, peppermint etc
Started taking hemp oil, hemp seeds
Started taking Supplements
Started adding ginger, turmeric, nutmeg, cinnamon to meals and sometimes juices
Limited exercise to approx minimum 4 mins to 20 minutes maximum 5-6 days a week.
Trying to not eat after 6.30pm or after dark
Sleep 8-9 hours a night. Going to bed no later than 9pm helps, that doesn't always happen.
Eating meals when they are freshly prepared
Fasting - I did the water one for about 3 days then fully fell off the wagon, slowly start even if it's a juice one
Trying not to stress or be around stress, and negativity
Try new things or do things on your bucket list - feel alive

What I did is not for everyone, finding what fits you and your body may take sometime, if you have any questions please feel free to ask, I'm not a doctor so please research and ask a trained professional that you are comfortable with for advice.

What is the most difficult thing about weight loss for you?

Thank you for stopping by really appreciate it, have a fabulous Day/Evening!


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That is very cool and huge congratulations on your awesome and healthy weight loss.
Thank you also for sharing your struggles and your weight loss plan. I bet you feel so amazing now.


Thank you @joalvarez for the support.

It's not an easy road you get there, I feel great Thank you so much.
Also Happy Woman's Day to you:)

do you talk with ""?
she has/is also on a dieting/weight loss kick as well, you may be able to help each other.


Hope your going well!
I'm just getting back into it for the year, but I haven't spoken to @karenb54 before, Will see how she is going also.
It's lovely to see you pop in as always Len:)


Ta, she is a good girl, for a pom.