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@ned @guiltyparties @anyx @cheetah @patrice Cheetah just left another link that has nothing to do with my post again. This is a third time in a row. Most of the community groups I join do not accept any post that Cheetah commented. Cheetah’s comment has prevented me from submitting my post to Curie or C-Squared and lucky that my @teamvn always checks before deciding whether the author is at fault. Why do I have to be punished because of Cheetah’s incompetence?

TakosDiary Tako's Diary Cheetah !cheetah bad robot Steemit Anyx CheetahBadRobot #CheetahBadRobot

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Hey guys, will any of you agree with me here?

I simply think that doesn't really need investors more than it needs to start its own advertising service. Allow people to advertise their amazon businesses or any kinds of businesses on the steemit platform. There is billions dollars worth to make out of simply advertising. Why not? Once steemit does this, bam! All problems solved.