New Study Suggests Magic Mushrooms 'Reset' the Depressed Mind

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Immediately following treatment with psilocybin, patients reported a decrease in depressive symptoms, such as improvements in mood and stress relief.

Magic mushrooms may effectively “reset” the activity of key brain circuits known to play a role in depression, the latest study to highlight the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics suggests.

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Only recently have scientists been able to study psilocybin in the laboratory as Magic Mushroom have been categorized by the US federal government as a Schedule 1 substance, also known as 'controlled substances'.

Schedule 1

The drug or other substance has a high potential for abuse.

The drug or other substance has no currently accepted medical treatment use in the U.S.

There is a lack of accepted safety for use of the drug or substance under medical supervision.

No prescriptions may be written for Schedule I substances, and they are not readily available for clinical use.

Drugs / Substances listed in DEA Schedule 1 include:

  • Heroin (diacetylmorphine)
  • LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide)
  • Marijuana (cannabis, THC)
  • Mescaline (Peyote)
  • MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine or “ecstasy”)
  • GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyric acid)
  • Ecstasy (MDMA or 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine)
  • Psilocybin
  • Methaqualone (Quaalude)
  • Khat (Cathinone)
  • Bath Salts (3,4-methylenedioxypyrovalerone or MDPV)


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Psychedelics have shown promising results in the treatment of depression and addictions in a number of clinical trials over the last decade. Imperial College London researchers used psilocybin – the psychoactive compound that occurs naturally in magic mushrooms – to treat a small number of patients with depression, monitoring their brain function, before and after.

The Guardian

In 2016, two landmark US studies involving advanced cancer patients and psilocybin treatments found that depression and anxiety were reduced with a single dosage of psilocybin for up to 8 moths.

Recently a new study published in the journal Scientific Report adds more weight to the notion that psilocybin could be an effective treatment for depression and anxiety with patients reporting they felt relief from their fears almost immediately.

Patient Reactions

The results from the small sample sized study are encouraging showing that:

“Several of our patients described feeling ‘reset’ after the treatment and often used computer analogies. For example, one said he felt like his brain had been ‘defragged’ like a computer hard drive, and another said he felt ‘rebooted’.

“Psilocybin may be giving these individuals the temporary ‘kick start’ they need to break out of their depressive states and these imaging results do tentatively support a ‘reset’ analogy. Similar brain effects to these have been seen with electroconvulsive therapy.”

Figure 1  Scientific Reports.png
Figure 1  Scientific Reports(1).png

Immediately following treatment with psilocybin, patients reported a decrease in depressive symptoms, such as improvements in mood and stress relief.

MRI imaging revealed reduced blood flow in areas of the brain, including the amygdala, a small, almond-shaped region of the brain known to be involved in processing emotional responses, stress and fear.

The authors believe the findings provide a new window into what happens in the brains of people after they have ‘come down’ from a psychedelic, with an initial disintegration of brain networks during the drug ‘trip’ followed by a re-integration afterwards.

See the full study here


This is more great news but it still is frustrating to see that the US government / DEA / FDA continue to classify natural plants and fungi as Schedule 1 substances that has prevented scientific examination of potential medical benefits of any substance. Instead, people are incarcerated for simply possessing marijuana while pharmaceutical companies make obscene profits from antidepressants and synthetic opiates.

The authors currently plan to test psilocybin against a leading antidepressant in a trial set to start early next year.

I'm going to go ahead an call it now. Imho, I truly believe that psilocybin will blow away any and all the antidepressants and psychotropic pharmaceuticals on the market in terms of lasting effectiveness and minimal side effects and harm.

Several years ago, psilocybin (as well as regular exercise) helped relieve my depression and anxiety. Though I exercised nearly everyday, I only ingested magic mushrooms once and the results were immediate. I was able to detach myself from my stress and fears and gained an entirely different perception of my situation. I truly believe that psilocybin has great medicinal potential and could be very effective in treating PTSD along with depression and anxiety.

[Warning: I'm not advocating that you run out and defrag your mind with magic mushrooms... but if I did I would encourage inexperienced users to start with small doses and to make sure to trip with someone that you love and respect.]

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I'm glad to learn you had good experience on psylocybin mushroom.

I've done more than 5 heroic doses of magic mushroom in my life 5+ grams and many other lesser doses.

I've lost contact with the daily reality for more than 3 hours straight on more than 3 occasions. I must admit those moment where the most enlightening moments of my life. They were at the same time the most frightening and inexplicable.


I completely agree, in my youth I also did my fair share of different dosages and have had some of the most life changing and profound experiences of my entire life!

That's the vast majority of what people experience according to some previous study.

Although I have not done stuff like that, I find that I having really lucid dreams is also a great experience and can open your mind.

Specifically, if I want to have a really lucid crazy kind of dream I just eat a lot of spicy food before I go to bed. The chemical reactions in your stomach affect your brain and for most people if you eat something before you go to bed you will have more vivid and interesting dreams. I have found that when I do this I can actually control what happens in the dream(like I am aware it is a dream type thing). I read somewhere about the hot sauce and spicy factor that it makes it more intense.

The vast majority of the time I do this I remember the dreams after waking up and can still recall the dreams weeks and years later(almost like I actually experienced the dream in real life).

It is pretty neat and you should try it sometime!

One of the re-occurring dreams I have from doing this is that I am backwards in time working at a retail store(a previous job I had when I was younger). Only the problem is that I don't have any pants to wear to work for some reason, in this dreamworld you have to show up to work or you will get in HUGE trouble. So I have to go to work with no pants on. I help customers normally and it is quite busy. Some customers don't even notice I am not wearing pants too, and just interact with me likes its normal. I show them where products are and explain the products and do normal things. But then the dream gets crazier as time goes on.

It starts going to also not having a shirt on or no shoes. Then some customers get mad at me and call me lazy for not wearing clothes and stuff like that. I ask the boss if I can go home and they tell me something absurd like "you should have been more responsible and we are busy so you can't go home to get clothes." That particular dream usually ends with having too many customers to wait on and eventually I am almost naked(but not exposed in for those parts). I then cannot wait on all the customers and just quit the job in frustration, usually at that point I wake up and have to use the toilet in real life.


Spicy food tend to make me unable to sleep.

I had some lucid dreams but very few of them and for very short length.

Ahh I guess it is different for everyone. I love eating spicy food and have it almost daily :)

Psychonaut you. I find it a shame that our culture does not allow individuals a easy avenue to experience the 5g+ trip. With a day or needed in planing and trusted friends, and the source, its something so many of us have never done. I applaud you sir on your adventures!

It's not the substance that are banned but the states that those substances put us in so to speak and it's a shame as you said.

Well even the state mushrooms put you in. Taking small amounts like a micro dose is something that no one would ever notice you had taken, or even have a way to test it. Luckly all of these substances leave your body clean

heroic is a beautiful adjective

I too was fortunate enough to spend one summer taking multiple trips to psychedelic school with an infinite supply of 'Teacher' mushrooms.

Time spent surrounded by nature and good friends... the abundance of joy gave me tears of laughter many times.

DMT is not for the unsound mind, compacting a 3/4 hour mushroom journey into only a few minutes. Scared me a few times, amazed me on others!

TS you darkhorse! 😁👍🏾👌🏽

I did a small dose of ayahusca but I never smoked DMT.

Being outside of the states/canada, ayahusca isn't as accessible.

And these days, I prefer 2/3 beers. :)

My friend had a very similar experience. Which scared me from trying anything. lol

Life is scary. Did your friend kept a positive feeling toward their experience?

Oh wow.., that's freaky .....

This is crazy!! Talking about drugs is a kinda taboo in where I'm living, but if it's true I think more people should know about this!!

Indeed they should, but the powers that be and governments don't like the idea of people taking substances that might raise their consciousness. They prefer people to consume 'legal' drugs like alcohol that dumb people down, or anti-depressants that have less effect than mushrooms on depression and cause serious side effects.

Great point @jimbobbill :) Best wishes, - @splendorhub

I think that a lot of drugs are illegal without any scientific evidence, Marijuana is illegal because they threaten certain industries such as pharmaceuticals, alcohol, paper, textiles and more.

People should be free to discuss these things, especially when science is on our side ;)

I think (from memory) it was Henry T Ford that designed and built a car that both ran and had many components made from hemp. At the time this was considered a huge threat by the extremely powerful oil industry, as such they were hugely instrumental in it's prohibition.

Also Hearst bought forests to supply pulp for his papers, and didn't want the competition so used his paper to push propaganda on The People.

Really sad that some people think they can control other people. They can't; but, they'll continue to try.

You are correct, Ford had a hemp vehicle design ready for mass manufacture. However, William Hearst and co (folks heavily invested in the success of the cotton and timber industries) saw to it that marijuana was slandered as dangerous, unholy, etc. So they created mainstream PR campaigns (Hearst owned MSM) saying that it was Devil's smoke and only inferior individuals smoke it and they also influenced the government to make marijuana (and hemp) illegal.

Great info @libertyteeth & @maven360 It's amazing the subversion techniques that have been brought against the population in order to keep the power within the clammy hands of the few. I think it was also a viable crop in terms of using it as engine oil, it leaves no residue and pretty much zero emissions. It also grows really quickly and in the right conditions hemp will grow four times a year, which made it a serious competitor. So they went for the dirty polluting oil instead of the clean hemp oil (which is also very kind on car engines) and then later on attached the guilt of the pollution onto the general public and now tax us vast sums of money for the privilege. What a different world this could be eh?

Aggreed!! I love what you Terrence and every other speaker and sharer of the truth is doing!!

Im here to upvote, spreading the love and word about this as well. More people need to know we need civic change on these subjects.

Reguardless if you are for or against the drug or topic it is always good to be properly informed. Not everything that is as the masses make them seen. Thinking like an indiviual is the best thing you can do for yourself.

" Psychedelic substances have been used for thousands of years for religious and therapeutic purposes." Its amazing how much they really unlock parts of our mind that we had no idea of.

Great post and particularly interesting to me at the moment. I posted a couple of days ago about finding some magic mushrooms while walking on Dartmoor.
I've not tried them before and have been wanting to for a while. There was a comment left about how consuming 10 mushrooms a day had some real beneficial effects (such as described in your post).

It's a shame it's illegal to pick the mushrooms in the UK or I might have tried a small dose of them tonight for the first time ;-).

Can Magic Mushrooms unlock depression? The answer is no. It's not the mushroom that unlocks depression, it's the patient. The mushroom just shows them the key.

I have probably done them once in the last 10 years... and the one time was magical. The thing about mushrooms is I do not find them to be addicting. The change in your thinking patterns and perception of yourself and the world are very beneficial. I think every adult should try it at least once under the right conditions. It can really change your life.

This is picking season isn't it? :)

mushrooms are the type of drug that will make you want to quit all drugs

I might have to agree with you!

The change in your thinking patterns and perception of yourself and the world are very beneficial.

That is exactly why I want to try them. I tried a control dose based on information from Erowid about a year ago to make sure I wasn't alergic or anything (I might be too sensible in my old age) and I am definately going to do some soon.

It is indeed picking season now. I was walking around for about an hour with a friend and we weren't looking particularly hard and we could easily have picked 100-150 schrooms in that time if it wasn't for my respect for the law ;-)

Think of it as scientific research ;)

Also, I have to make a correction I had a mushroom shake in Thailand about 2 years ago... that was wild but in a strange country it can be quite uncomfortable. I much prefer taking them in familiar surroundings... but obviously I'm open to randomness.

100-150!! Thats a good party for group of people. I really think they should be shared!! Even on low dosages its amazing what it does to the body. Please pick them if you can. Coming from some one who was looking for 4 years before he found any. They are rare and worth the tast!!

Is it the same as with LSD and Nbome? I mean perception changing

No, each different strand of mushroom will bring its own personality as well.

There is way better things to consider. What to do if you don't have money to buy mushrooms ? Do nothing, sleep well, try think more positively, do something small, find someone who is in the same situation that you have, pretend to be happy - smile, jumping etc

Its been a few years since i tried any mushrooms. It does give you a different perspective on life. Ive always been interested in DMT. Never got to try it tho. Mushrooms are long an intense. DMT is a natural chemical found in tbe brain and when its taken it only last 15-20 minutes.

It's about 2 minutes if you smoke it, and oh my bejesus, don't nothing come close to the things you see!

Yes, I'm also curious about DMT and Ayahuasca! Those 15-20 minutes must be beyond anything I can imagine, probably not even comparable to shrooms.

Mushies X 100! Incredible minding boggling experience, that has to be seen to be believed!

My cousin had a little bit about 3 years ago. I was 20 at the time and was a little scared to try it. Looking back i regret it. At the time i wasnt really informed well on it. Now that i know alot about it I'm gonna give it a try next time it comes around. The only thing is that might be a few years before i get another opportunity.

I want to try it now, too. My friend recently typed a post about how official laws and propaganda put lies and misinformation on such substances and he got success, 30 bucks from start for the post)
So you better trust yourself, man, have a nice day!

Ayahuasca Has DMT its active ingredient from a root. when combined with another leaf you get a nasty tasting tea you drink then throw up...but the onset is as easy more slow ride that last hours and allows more thinking than the fast smoked or injected DMT.
I have not tried it but really look forward to it one day!!

time is the last thing you'll be worried about. When you die your brain releases DMT. So when u take DMT it is the closest experience to death you will come to. You will literally face every problem you have ever gone through.

Any compound that can reset imprinting and allow us to think through our blocks can be helpful. The most powerful way to use these helpers is to increase consciousness while using them and learn to work more with the mind and self as the shifts in perception occur - in other words, to use them as a tuning fork rather than a crutch.
There's a reason why the mushrooms are often bright red on the forest floor.. It's to draw our attention them and to invite our curiosity into take a nice journey.. in the 'for-rest' that's.. for rest ;)

Awesome analogy with a "tuning fork", and i agree that there are many ways to reach a higher state of mind than simply ingesting magic mushrooms. I think they should be considered a tool for those who are unable to break out of their mental box.

Imprinting is also an interesting way to look at this. I read a book on brain placticity a few years ago about how people create certain pathways in the brain. The book explored ways to disrupt old (negative) pathways and build new ones. It might be similar to what you've mentioned here.

Thanks for commenting :)

Yes, a tool for those who need them in the moment. A decent approach might be to take them once a year in a sacred way and to intend to evolve to a state that simply doesn't gain any benefit from them any more.

Imprinting is a topic I am still exploring, but the essence is that our electromagnetic self can become shaped and disrupted by certain experiences and decisions, such that we become 'stuck' in those limited and un-natural patterns until we understand how to clear them and go ahead to do that. Clearing imprints requires a combination of emotional expression and changes of thinking.

You are welcome! This area is really my main field of interest. -:)

It is because the paychadelics desolve the ego. As you enter a place where no expectations can be matched. The unknown can show us how there is more to life than we think.

You know what, I took psilocybin in 1997 in college.... it changed my way of thinking overnight. The following week it made me look at the world in a different way. I quit college and my job the following weeks.

It was weird and it changed my life. Till this day, I am totally Free.

Yeah man, shrooms are definitely transformational and we're never quite the same anymore after the experience, certainly in a positive way ;)

Wow...really?! This is such a dramatic change. And hopefully for the best! Best wishes @stackin!

I really think if we are legally able to more openly use natural remedies, like mushrooms, we would be able to heal patients much quicker. Even if natural things have side effects, they are better to deal with compared to all of the arti

I had a interesting experience in the sense that I felt as though my senses has wires going to my brain, and that one was unplugged from where it normally goes, and plugged into a new slot temporarily.

I had my sight plugged into my ears and my ears plugged into my sight. Seeing sounds, hearing vision, and feeling smells. Just an absolute confusion of senses. While this may seem meaningless, I had come to the understanding that what I had felt, was not fake, but rather a different way of perceiving the same thing. After the experience, a true sense of enlightenment, perspective, and stillness. If taken responsibly, can be a effective treatment to find meaning and purpose within yourself.

The term for that is synesthesia:

I like how you described it in terms of plugs.

Oh wow that is so cool! Thank

LOL, now that is a crazy trip... but i can relate to having felt some sort of epiphany or enlightenment that is difficult to express in words.

I read about this actually and I'm not surprised. I'm a big advocate for the govt to get its head out of its ass and make it easier for doctors and scientists to study what other positive uses possible with naturally occuring "drugs" such as shrooms and marijuana. Is anyone surprised they don't want this to cut into the profits of the prescription pill companies. I'm glad you put a warning at the bottom of the post haha I'm too old now but I used to trip balls off of magic mushrooms in my teens :)

All of nature's medicine (plants and things that grow in nature as opposed to manufactured drugs/pharmaceuticals) should be de-criminalized. Thanks for sharing your post...

I think pharmaceuticals can have the place as be helpful, just not totally replace all other forms of medicine, if it was working more along side all other forms of treatment it would only be a matter of time before they are straight up obsolete. Which is in fact what is happening now. Looking at gene editing technology we are only a few years away from being able to actively change our genes on the fly and staying healthy and alive for as long as the body is not destroyed.

It has been about 30 years maybe i need a reset. LOL!

I prefer meditation to reset the mind. I found that drugs are better than nothing though, especially when someone is stuck in their "monkey mind" and can't get out of it..

Ill never forget hearing Terrence Mckenna in a video "you never see a monks knees trembling before meditation" The "drugs" Which I do not consider weed, mushroom, dmt to be drugs...Those substances are not everyone in every situation, but they are there, and will force you to see...
It does not take mushrooms to trip out and astral project ect
But when you give some one these substances, you are the one along for the ride. Its really great for the nonbelievers. For the people who think its nothing and are so stuck in reality they have never gone inward or had original idea.

yes meditation is a nice solution,you are right friend..good observation..

I read about this recently as well. It is fascinating what mother nature is capable of.

I try to do mushrooms or psilocin at least once a month sometimes everyweekend maybe some lsd too.... i have never been depressed in many years. Life has been great for me

That's awesome, I'm not surprised you've never been depressed!

Fantastic to spend positive time with your article @v4vapid! It's been decades since I often indulged in psychotrophics, but I always felt that the mushrooms were my friend, my guide, my partner in phenomenal experiences. Depression itself was not consciously on my mind, or motivation for the journeys, but the human experience and betterment of my soul prevails to this day. I can still recall in detail the senses of dramatic colorful peace the shrooms brought me. It is a shame they have been so taboo in our legal systems when they can do so much to heal.

great comment, I couldn't agree more. I have never consciously sought to cure myself either but I have certainly benefited greatly from the experience on a psychological and spiritual level.

I didn't drink or try weed until i was 20. I ate shrooms when I was 23, it was one of the greatest experiences I've ever had. Afterward your ego is destroyed. I understood why hippies were all about peace and love now.

Super interesting, some of my friends here in Venezuela will try everithing to get out of they medical condition, but its dificult here to find those shrooms, keep up whit the research the fact that you are interested in this kind of treatment will help a lot of people, total suport!

Great post! The mushrooms have also been shown to bring huge benefits to people that suffer from cluster headaches and migraines. The benefits far outstripping anything currently offered by the pharmaceutical industry. Equally to ingest just a few has been scientifically shown to improve eyesight, which opens up some interesting questions. It's interesting that DMT has been mentioned in the comments section because at a molecular level the two are almost excatly the same. It's just that the DMT is destroyed by the stomach, well unless you take it within Ayahuasca which contains an MAOI inhibitor and as such allows a slow release of the drug. Throughout the world entire communities join together for a "reset" once or twice a year. From the young to the very old, they all ingest pschedelic mushrooms. From memory there is even an entire city that shuts down for one weekend a year in order that everyone can trip together! Thanks for sharing this information.

im telling you its the psychedelic Renaissance 50 years after the Summer of Love. Keep spreading the knowledge brother!

I agree the experience is great. I wrote down all I could recall of my trips afterwards, and I believe they helped to unlock my creativity as a writer. Interestingly, after several sessions with a few dried mushrooms I have never wanted to do it again, so they seem not to be addictive.

It is interesting the desire to not try them till you feel ready again. Its a built in tolerance/ lesson learning package.

Medicines like this, marijuana and Ayahuasca are so blatantly meant for us, but apparently petroleum based medicines are so much better for us than the shit that just naturally grows in the Earth. We shouldn't fuck with that...

It's nice to read a positive article regarding the effects of psychedelics.
I have heard it postulated before that they can help with depression but you don't often see the related data. I've never personally had a bad experience with shrooms if fact quite the opposite. Experimenting in my youth both at home and overseas was quite liberating and got me thinking literally outside the box and in recent years have looked into the links to our ancient past and the use of these naturally occurring drugs. It appears than many in the ancient world used them as a gateway to other world's, what these worlds were I couldn't say but anyone who has has a 'good trip' in a controlled environment will surely know what it may entail. Makes you wonder what will be revealed in the future if proper study is undertaken with the goal to unlocking our minds potential is the aim.
Thanks for sharing you personal insights buddy.

Mushrooms are by far my favorite mind altering substance. Back in my youthful years I consumed shrooms on more than 1 occasion. Each experience was different than the previous but no less epic.

I found the one of the biggest factors for me was the people I was with. Depending on their mood and energy level, that would greatly impact my experience. To this day I have never had a bad experience with them.

Everyone's body reacts differently, but this is one experience I think everyone should have. Just make sure you do them with people you are very comfortable around. Interesting article

Ive always loved mushroom trips, the journeys the take me on are fore ever remembered and such great times I had with friends. I know I'm in a great place when I close my eyes and see a kaleidoscope in my mind. Such beautiful colors and formations created by my own brain, it's marvelous lol

I exercise 3-4 days a week through cycling and jogging. Other days that I do not count are with the light weights. I do this to reduce the depressive effects and it helps, but I along with some people need a little more. (Without taking pharmaceutical pills) Too bad we are unable to acquire the specific schroom in the US, maybe further studies will generate a similar organic edible item...

Not to mention you can find them in fields and forests too if you read up on how to identify them.

Lol spoors a legal, you can get everything you need to make them for 100 and have them in 3-6. That's if you have a closet and patients! Growing will def teach you a lot.

'Magic Mushrooms' are illegal in the US, you are unable to purchase them in any store. I have never known anyone who has grown them

Me either. Thats not stopping you from doing a simple google search, also the spores for the magic mushrooms are legal. You can buy them at smoke shops and online and have them shipped to you. Same with Ayahuasca Its legal too.

Growing them is illegal, do what you feel necessary to protect your self, its easy, quick and very enriching process.

Hi there, nice article, although I feel that any article that discusses the contemporary use of psilocybin for therapeutic uses really isn't complete without an explicit mention of the micro-dosing technique. This is something I have used myself and it lifted the fuzzy fog of a mild winter depression with great success. This is essentially taking tiny doses every few days, it is not enough that it would give you any sort of psychotropic effect, but it stimulates parts of the brain that lift mood and creativity. As such it is a very accessible technique especially for people who might be scared or put-off by the prospect of a full-blown trip. I actually have a friend writing up an article on this right now and I'm encouraging her to post it on Steemit rather than another website. I'll resteem either way. It's exciting times for the sacred and therapeutic use of psychotropic substances.

Good post :D

Thanks for the post. Wouldn't it be amazing to have a world where doctors could prescribe mushrooms to their patients for Depression?

if is anything close to this might be worth the try lol
- @splendorhub

Hey @v4vapid your posts covers almost all the aspects of it's title, buddy you know better what we need thank you for your time and efforts.
Keep it up
Thanks again.

2 likes- 40$. Someone is really powerful here

yes man this person has high ranking and good steem power..

Mahh man! Only tried mushrooms once, like 10 years ago. Was at a party in a middle of the woods...Location - unknown, lolz... Anyway, the funny thing is I was already wasted and had no idea I took shrooms + some LSD. So the next 48 hours were like playing a video game, if I had to pick one... Super Mario... Was all over the place:) It was fun but I remember the feeling when I got back to normal... Was like I had the most amazing trip/flash or whatever...

Anyway, stay awesome. I just found you so see me around more from now on:))

Tip! @tipu :)

Good post! Very interesting! I've never try muchroom yet. I'm a little bit afraid of the force of the trip. Maybe too strong for me...

Very interesting, I didn't know this. It's about time we start to make use of these natural medicine that are available for mankind.

It is great to see that mainstream science is finally open to talk about the benefits health of magic mushrooms. Although I can't ignore the timing. Just a couple of months ago a were finally able to synthesize the psylacybin molecule in a lab:
Seems like synthethic psylacybin pills are the next move ;)

I wonder about the affects of LSD on brain. In my opinion, it should not be prohibited but should be used carefully and as restrained.

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Is magic mind.... Now I know ..... thanks for information.... Bless for you.....

really is it true?thanks for the information sir..

Wonderful, that a great discovery, magicmushroom. There are indeed quite a lot to know in this life.

Makes sense. If depression is a result of lower brain activity, then stimulants increasing it could help and hopefully bump the brain back on the right path.
Tried mushrooms 4 times in my teens. Last time was actually rather depressing trip. Overall, I enjoyed LSD much more.

It's amazing that truth about such things is being revealed after so many years of propaganda and ignorance!

Ive had nothing but very connected experiences while being on Magic Mushrooms. The best way to ingest them so that its not so hard on your stomach is making a tea out of it and slowly sipping on it. After my first mushroom trip i felt very sad that i wasnt going to feel that way again without using it again, but something in me did change and I became more awakened to my capabilities as a being on this earth and wanting to seek that high without the use of the mushroom. Ive come close but i definitely have a way different outlook on the world around me since taking them.

Psychedelics hold a lot of therapeutical potential! We have to keep on fighting this retarded policies preventing people from getting cures for addiction, anxiety, depression, etc... There are drugs that do not benefit big pharma, those are the ones that actually cure people (Not just only treat the symptoms).

I will eat allot of Magic mushrooms

Upvoted and resteemed. Keep up the good work of informing steemers.

Bring it on, everything legal, get out of the stone ages!!

"Psychedelics are nutrients for consciousness and society is malnourished." - Timothy Leary

I'd like to try one, but I don't know if it's legal here in the Philippines...

unique and funny

There are alot of folk that need this magic mushroom.

Another reason to try mushrooms. Now it is also science. I have created a post with 10 most weird looking mushrooms. I am sure you will be amazed how weird they are.


Good one this will help people who are returning from armed forces, child abuse, in rehabilitation centers etc.

Gotta love mushees! There's much more to these things than we know! they're incredible with everything they can do. I'm all for it

Your post is very nice. I have never seen anything like this

Same substances, in therapeutic and small dose, work as a life saving medicines while in large and abusive dose are considered as poison. The substance you you have mentioned here, psilocybin , is like money other drugs which have similar side effects of development of dependency followed by addiction. This new study is definitely a good news for a huge number of patients who are suffering from psychological illness but strict follow up and monitoring are required.

My friend eats pot browniez and shrooms all day. He says it kinda "turns down"the crazy and makes him happy. By his words,it works.

all day? What kind of dosages are we talking here?

I don't think shrooms are a pancea, but i think they can be very useful for a wide range of people.

Hiiii @v4vapid, thanks for sharing a great news, if it real about magic mushrooms, due to which release depression and mind refresh, then that a really magi update.. thanks a lot

Very interesting .. I had always thought That these mushrooms were not good !!

Psychedelics are one of the most undervalued treatments out there.

Countless substances thought of as "recreational drugs" actually have real potential benefits. For example they've recently discovered that Ketamine can be fantastic for depression, especially in the elderly. It's madness that we don't do enough research into them because they are consider forbidden.

i know a girl that got fir the first time in her life a micro dose of mushrooms and she was writing to me while tripping and telling me that is the best day of her life. and this girl, man, she was so depressed. nor visible, cause you can always pretend you are happy. but inside, she hated and blamed herself so much. and since then, i see her life changed. she started to work in a flower shop, doing natural cosmetics, putting happy photos on facebook. it is a wonderful tool and no wonder we have it on earth today. if used wisely, it is the best medicine. the thing with plant medicine like marijuana or others is that people tend to abuse it. like social media as well, or technology. but it is not the substance that makes it bad or good. is the purpose and usage of the persons if it is good or bad. lots of love. hope you reached some neutral minded people that maybe see in a different perspective.

thank you for sharing this information i also add that For those with cattle, Majestic Mushrooms can also supply free mushroom stalks as an alternate food source. The stalks have the same great nutritional value as mushrooms, are chemical free and we have an endless supply though all seasons, including times of drought. Enquire with Ian on 0408437704.

Wow, so magic mushrooms do exist!!! I have never consumed magic mushrooms, but I do remember getting sick once and explaining my problems in computer terms to the Doctor. Like I said, "My OS is sending commands, but my hardware is not reacting"!!! Doctor really got pissed off!! 😌

Their antidepressants nearly made me kill myself, coming off them made me bat shit crazy, mushrooms gave me back my mind and my life.

I've always known mushroom to be very medicinal and essential for good health

Quite interesting! Could we be seeing, in the future, decriminalization like we saw with marijuana?

Several years ago, psilocybin (as well as regular exercise) helped relieve my depression and anxiety. [...] I was able to detach myself from my stress and fears and gained an entirely different perception of my situation.

This is what, as a philosopher, bothers me sometimes. It seems to suggest that our pain and fears etc. are not objective, and are all "just in our heads". This is the fear most people express (regarding antidepressants) as "I'm worried it will change my personality, who I am", which doctors say is a groundless fear, but still it's interesting, cos it would seem to imply that our sufferings are illusions. Would be interested in hearing your thoughts about this since you have first-hand experience.

That's very interesting! I recently did a 10 day Vipassana retreat which is essentially 10 hours a day in silent meditation as taught by the Buddha for 10 days straight. No talking!

I learned to reach some deep states of meditation that it made me wonder what it would be like to experience this level of deep focus while under the influence of various substances. I'm not sure if the Buddha would approve! I do get the feeling that this is what the Shamans are essentially doing when they go in to deep 'trance states' while under the influence of various plants.

I feel that we are going to eventually learn that with a disciplined mind, these substances will allow us to enter states of consciousness that would take years to experience with meditation alone. At it's core, reality is the truth. What we experience is never a lie, just a shift in perception of an experiential truth.

Excellent article. Lots of cool information here.

Personally, the last (and admittedly only) time I tripped on mushrooms it was the most genuinely spiritual experience of my life, and that's coming from the son of a Dawkins-level athiest mother.

At the end of it, I just felt more content with my place in the universe. The feeling eventually faded, but the idea that a treatment for depression could be effective for months on a single dose (or permanently) is definitely worth investigating. Certainly better than SSRIs that have to be taken daily for weeks before seeing results, and ultimately result in uncomfortable withdrawals if you stop. The western world needs to sort itself out with regard to legal and illegal drugs, thats for sure.

Thanks for sharing!!

Yes its called activate your brain instead of being in a boring routine. Happyness is having options. Depression is lack of options and feeling stuck. Another way out of depression is to scare yourself once a day. :)

I always say this to people that don’t take depression as something to be embarrassed about. Stress is often not that bad in people eye but people fear talking about depression. But, that should never be the way. We got to be brave and don’t hide it. If we are open then only we will come to solution. I am no master, but I still like to share about these 15 natural supplements that you can read here, it’s highly helpful.

This is a very interesting study and may will be effective in resetting the depressed minds.

It all makes sense now.

haha, right!

It's there for a while. Very few people has the courage to taste it and same to me.

Very, very interesting. I've never tried them but it may be worth a shot.

looking awesome. i am spelling less. thanks for your awesome sharing.

It's crazy how many states still have not legalization marijuana... even though there is proof that it relieves pain and helps reduce stress in some patients.... with zero side effects. Pharmaceutical companies are just greedy to make money off of hardcore narcotics that can lead to addiction and more.

Interesting to learn about the medical benefits of magical mushrooms. I never knew that!

Great post defiantly the future but big pharma cant patient it. Is disgusting self medication is the way forward :)

My dad is currently suffering from depression. I live in a very traditional family so I don't know how to be like 'yeah you should try psilocybin'. I've had about 5+ experiences with it. They're 'magical' to say the least. Much better than acid that is just really heavy on your brain and body, very difficult to control. I have also smoked dmt. I had about a 25 minute trip. Biggest moment of my life. I don't fear death and feel very in tune with natural vibrations.

I might have missed it, although I did go back and take a second look but did you mention where we can get these magical mushrooms? Asking for a friend ;-)

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