SteemMagick update: My magickal subscriptions

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Current state of SteemMagick

Dana and I focused elsewhere for now

With @dana-varahi and I focusing more on technical projects right now, such as our SteemSwitch Firefox Plugin, we haven't had as much time to contribute to the SteemMagick community.

Dana has posted roughly one DKMU egregore video each week, and I have included the odd magick themed music video in my 30 Day Music Challenge, but overall I've neglected the site somewhat magically. I admit it.

Now I happen to know that some of the techy projects I am working on will help facilitate a better magical community in the long term, once they are complete, but what about now?

Subscribing to magicians posting quality content

One way of encouraging the SteemMagick community to grow, is to subscribe to the creators of quality magical content using a service like Streemian. I have noticed that despite subscribing to quite a few magicians, that I still have plenty of voting power left over.

Since I don't have time to read everything and watch every video, I have decided to reward those I feel have consistently created quality content by subscribing to them, encouraging them to create more. I will monitor for quality regularly, and change voting percentages accordingly. Since my upvotes aren't worth a great deal, I encourage all SteemMagick users to try something similar. This is much more efficient that curating by reading every post.

My current subscription list

The magicians lucky enough to be on my current list include:

Those on the list will, until further notice, get upvotes from me any time they use the #magick tag. Abuse of this tag to get upvotes on non-magical content will result in removal from the list. The percentage of upvote will go up and down as I review quality.

If I find my voting power gets overly depleted doing this, I will review the percentages I give out and or the number of people I subscribe to. If I find I still have excess voting power, or I see new magick posters making positive contributions to the platform, I will subscribe to more of you.

I encourage you all to do the same. Don't let your voting power go to waste...

Engage with me to get noticed. If I don't know you exist, how can I subscribe to you?


Image modified by me from Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike originals:

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why thank you @antonchanning! I have felt sad to miss our conversations - it seems for a few months now... I was not sure what had happened - but I fail to perpetuate the momentum that seems to be needed with people to keep the conversation flowing - but I am still doing Sigil Magick Art - and Intuitive Drawings > Paintings and readings - and my studies into the occult. I ... thanks for putting me on the "list"!! I don't really understand streemian - I am just not that tech-savvy... Blessings to your endeavors! I only found out about this article by seeing that you mentioned me on Steemistry - which is working on mobile but not on desktop at the moment.


We all contribute in our own ways. Happy to have you on my list. I've been a bit preoccupied with family terminal illness (among other life stresses), but I won't forget you did a sigil to help with that, and look forward to when we can resume our online friendship in a fuller fashion.


I am so sorry to hear that - I will keep you in my prayers, and look forward to that time again.

I'm honored to be among the list of magicians on Steemit that you feel are contributing valuable content! I've gone ahead and followed everyone on the list that I wasn't already following. Thanks for your support! The esoteric community here on Steemit will only continue to grow when we have people like yourself who bring us all together.


Yeah, well don't get to excited, my votes are pennies per post at the moment. But yeah. I guess it all helps... ;)

A lot of good info here, thank you. I really need to check out streemian, I have been doing this the long way.

I will only do the rare magick post from time to time, and would like to be around more but I am working on a lot of stuff behind the scenes to tie my music concept together. I hope to be around more soon because a lot of great work comes out of steemMagick server.

Awesome image too.


Streemian's useful when you trust those you vote for to create good content. You can always unvote if you find something undeserving as well. More of an opt-out rather than opt-in for voting on certain users.

Glad you like the image!

Thanks for that list man! some more coolness to follow!


Looking forward to more of your Assault on Reality in Israel antics! ;)