SteemSwitch: A New Steem Firefox Plugin!

in software •  last year


So @dana-varahi and I are working on a Steem related FireFox plugin called SteemSwitch. Currently this will allow you to quickly switch from a page on,,, or to the equivalent page on one of the other four.

The current version does this by inserting a menu at the top of the page, however a future planned improvement involves moving the SteemSwitch menu to the FireFox toolbar.

Another future improvement we plan on adding involves adding hover menus to links to steem websites, allowing you to arrive at your prefered Steem blockchain website instead of the one linked to. For example, all links to on reddit would have a hover menu added with equivilent links to, etc. I have that feature kind of working, but it is too rough around the edges to release just yet, so you'll have to wait for that one.

The current version is very functional, and probably very useful for many steem users.

Try it out!

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@antonchanning if you intend to make this tool Open Source you can use for sharing it and get bigger rewards. rewards Open Source contributors via Steem and it is listed in the Steem ecosystem and backed by some of the biggest Steem whales.

On a side note, while I think this tool is somehow useful, I believe there are much more critical things that can be added on Steemit. For example an autocomplete feature when mentioning someone would be super useful. Writing usernames manually is a pain


I've checked it into github and written my first utopian report here:


I haven't hosted the software anywhere yet although it is technically on a GPL3 license. Will definitely look into!

I'm starting by building the tools that are within my capability to build. This was my first ever browser plugin. Auto complete does sound a great feature. Maybe with a little more practise I will learn how to implement that.


Let me check @antonchanning!

Oh wow this will be interesting. Going to check it out for sure. Cheer$;)



Be sure to provide feedback once you have. :)