🍀 Velvet Green. Magical Moments. Color Challenge. Thursday Green.

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Flitting light.
Casts moving shadows.
Velvet green. Living rock.

Today's 'Color Challenge for Steemians' as presented by @kalemandra is Thursday Green.

In the recalling of these green 'Magical Moments' I experienced while bush walking in the Garigal National Park: One of the most pristine wilderness areas of Sydney's Middle Harbour: I'm also officially announcing the birth of 'Magical Moments:'


  • The dense dry bushland opened out to a huge rock platform.
  • Series of waterfalls and cascades. Ferny creek. Huge moss covered boulder.

forestville moss.jpg

Flitting light. Casts moving shadows. Velvet green. Living rock. ~Ally
Photograph: ©Alison Lee Cousland.
SONY Mark2 A7: ISO 250: 35 mm: f/4.5: 1/200 sec.

Ferny Bank Bridge MAGICAL MOMENT:

  • There are no sign posts for natural bridges.
  • Turning a bend. Colossal tree. Fallen across the creek. A natural 'bridge.'
  • Self seeded tree: Growing from the 'bridge.'

forestville tree moss.jpg

Gigantic tree. Ferny Bank Bridge. Bearing new life. ~Ally.
Photograph: ©Alison Lee Cousland.
SONY Mark2 A7: ISO 800: 35 mm: f/4: 1/30 sec.

My trek from Carroll Creek to Davidson Reserve.

  • Other photographs of the different terrains following the Carroll Creek track can be seen in my previous article: June 2017.


Magical Moments along the Carroll Creek Track.
Photograph: ©Alison Lee Cousland.
SONY Mark2 A7: ISO 400: 35 mm: f/4.5: 1/50 sec.

Magical Moments:

Sometimes we may be in a very special or unusual place: By the ocean, in a forest, upon open plains or desert wilds: By myself or with a companion: Where the potential to experience many 'Magical Moments' peaks.

Or sometimes we may be in a very special inner space: By the roadside, in a supermarket, upon the earth in my own backyard: Alone or with a friend: Where the possibility to experience untold 'Magical Moments' also exists.

My vision of 'Magical Moments.'

  • A curated gallery of your 'Magical Moment/s.'

Comprised of:

  • Articles sharing images and/or words that have the power to transport an audience to that special space you were in, when you experienced that 'Magical Moment.'

  • Sometimes there are simply no words that can adequately express the magic you may have felt. That being the case, let the magic be expressed mainly through your art and/or photography.

  • Not a contest or challenge. To begin with noteworthy articles will be upvoted and resteemed to 'Magical Moments'.

  • In time I hope to award ~ In some as yet unknown way ~ Not only excellence in content, but the willingness to engage and share our 'Magical Moments' with others.

To Begin:

  • I invite you to share any of your own 'Magical Moments' by using #magicalmoments as one of your five tags.

Magical Moments

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Green is the new black :D


I sincerely hope so @guyfawkes4-20. Imagine a city where buildings were crystal: Where plants, cascaded like waterfalls, purifying the air?

Where people clothed in tones and shades of green ~ With other colors to harmonize ~ Could just be themselves.

Have a magical day. And if you ever feel inclined to share any of your own 'Magical Moments' ~ New found freedoms ~ Would be wonderful.


That would be awesome :D


Sure would. So pleased you can resonate with the concept of 'Magical Moments' @guyfawkes4-20

Perhaps a 'Magical Moment' will be when you know with absolute certainty that you have THE best hand ~ And you'll share it with #magicalmoments?

Wishing you a day of many 'Magical Moments' now. 🐋🍀🐋


Yes. I love that moment. Such a good feeling. :D

The moss gives such a cool atmosphere to the shots. Love it!


Midnight here Brumest. Till tomorrow.


Oki, sleep well!


Thanks so much Brumest.

The tones of the Australian bushland tend to be quite subtle: Muted blue and grey greens ~ So that whenever you come across mossy areas, it's absolutely delightful for all the senses. Especially visually.

In some of the tropical rainforest areas, further north of Sydney or ferny areas south of Sydney, you will see lots of moss ~ But I wasn't expecting to see it in this area AND on such a large boulder.

Maybe you might be inspired to share one of your own 'Magical Moments' ~ A sunset that made you really aware of how wonderful it is just to be alive? Just use the tag #magicalmoments


Thanks, I will.

Green moments by the nature are potentially #magicalmoments indeed !
Thanks for this new beautiful tag my dear @allyinspirit


My pleasure Barbara. So happy you resonate with #magicalmoments.

I feel really excited about the potential that both our new 'Communities' will have.

Your BeautifulDay is so much in harmony with Magical Moments.

I know I always feel so much lighter of heart when immersed in nature. Seeing its beauty in the smallest of plants and creatures, as well as trees and rocks, rivers and sky. And this 'seeing' feeds the spirit. Beautiful cyclic energy.

I look forward to showing you more of the 'hidden treasures' of our bushland on both #BeautifulDay and #MagicalMoments. 🐋🐌🐋


The Australian bushland is so full of surprises Maya. You can walk for miles without seeing a soul, through dry but I find fascinating (what we call) scrub, and then come upon an oasis of beautiful green nature.

If you ever feel inspired to share one of your own 'Magical Moments' ~ A sunset that made your heart sing. Just use the tag #magicalmoments @pepe.maya 🐋☀️🐋

Your special visit to the mossy area must have been a real treat for you. The photos are wonderful, wishing you a magical day! Resteemed


It really was such a treat ~ A whole day having this beautiful creek area and track totally to myself. So many magical moments stored in my memory now. I hope your day and week are filled with magic too @sunscape. 🦋

thanks for invite , nice post ,,, you have good blog , Good luck. Comrade


Thank you Alireza. I hope your day will be filled with many magical moments.