Official Launch of The Creative Crypto Magazine [A Project by @sndbox]

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Welcome to The Creative Crypto Magazine

Welcome the official launch of The Creative Crypto, an online magazine dedicated to exploring the latest in art, design, resources, applications, and innovative people who are impacting the creative world through blockchain technology! Today, our team is thrilled to announce that phase 1 of our website is now live.

If you’re reading this announcement through or, we encourage you to make your way to to explore the new interface!

The Creative Crypto Magazine is a Steem-powered publication developed out of the @sndbox incubator. After nurturing creative and impact-centric work around the world for the past year, we’re looking to capture the rich and diverse stories emerging across the blockchain ecosystem.


A Magazine that Discovers + Rewards Creativity

We are a new kind of publication. Building a magazine on the Steem blockchain comes with some unique advantages. This is a blockchain that rewards all kinds of media, content and engagement. Most of all, these rewards are centered on the relationship between content creators and their readers. Every article we publish is ported from the Steem blockchain into website. Each article also has the ability to earn cryptocurrency through the "upvote" support of our subscribers. Not only that, but each reader also earns a percentage of the cumulative value that an article generates.

Our goal to distribute 100,000 USD worth of Steem to creatives.

As The Creative Crypto Magazine accumulates cryptocurrency in the form of Steem, the @creativecrypto account itself will be able to distribute significant rewards to other readers equipped with a Steem wallet. The Delegated Proof of Stake protocol allows Steem holders to then help others accrue rewards simply by voting on content. As part of the @creativecrypto mission to support impactful work across the blockchain space, we’ve set up a hybrid curation team (human + machine) that includes a “voting bot” dedicated to rewarding meaningful creative and community work. Thank you to our developer @emrebeyler for developing these new tools with us!

The Magazine will also utilize advertising services to provide greater visibility for strong creative content. This includes Twitter and Facebook promotion in addition to upvote advertising across Steem (@smartsteem, @booster, @buildawhale etc.)

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Let's Explore the Magazine!

Our team strives to present high quality content, accessible resources and engaging discourse. Landing on, you'll find a tiled presentation of running articles published chronologically. Adjacent to this, we have our Twitter feed. In the About section, you can explore the full team that contributes to the project and helps make the magazine possible. We’ve assembled an all-star group from all over the world and our roster of contributors will be likely to grow as we expand languages, subjects, and discussions in the coming months.


180515 tiles-framework.png

All Magazine illustrations are unique to each article and created by a collaborative team of global artists. The team includes lead illustrator @zsolt.vidak, @carrotcake, @rambai, @leesol and @leesongyi (of @kr-marketing) as well as @hansikhouse and @voronoi (of @sndbox). Here is a look at the rest of the Magazine team:

TCC - Team Thumbnails.png

Open Source - Powered through

The concept behind this website was to facilitate the development of more themed portals that use Steem as a backbone for tokenization and content sharing. Despite the integrated use of tags on applications like, it can be quite difficult to navigate the constant flow of material and present it to others not yet on the platform. Our custom “skin” for The Creative Crypto is a completely open-source front end, and we invite everyone to adapt it for their own purposes.

Thank you to our lead developer @jeffbernst for crafting such a powerful and open resource for the entire Steem community. Here is a link to the open source project via Github.

How to Support | Participate | Delegate

Are you interested in supporting The Creative Crypto Magazine? There are many ways to show your support. Our team is always excited to engage creative minds exploring the blockchain landscape. First off, be sure to follow our Twitter and Facebook handles as we advertise and publish a constant stream of material that might not be covered in articles. This is where you’ll find our livestreams, giveaways, and other activities we do around the magazine.

Delegate Steem Power to @creativecrypto

Delegate 500 SP | Delegate 1,000 SP | Delegate 5,000 SP

Delegation will be used to commission a team of illustrators, developers and project reporters as well as voting on under-appreciated creative content published across Steem-powered applications. Our team will curate a diverse mix of posts both manually and through our bot that utilize one or more of the following tags: art, creativity, drawing, design, photography, music, writing, poetry, painting, architecture, illustration, craftsmanship, film, animation, kr-art, archisteem, kr-art, webtoon, es-art, photofeed, kr-city, city, craft, sculpture, infographic, icon, cartoon. Learn more about delegation by exploring our profile on the Soliciting Power website.

If you know of topics, projects, events, and/or people you think we should report on, send us a message at hello [at] We’re open to new forms of content and any creative activity happening around the world.

Upcoming Features!

We'll be working to provide new features and updates constantly, all the while keeping this project collaborative and open-source. We are currently developing the Resource page into a one-stop shop for the crypto-curious and blockchain experts alike. Working closely with @kr-marketing and @keepit (Korean Blockchain Journal), we're thrilled to have both English and Korean resources available. The Resource page will also include:

  • Illustrated Encyclopedia of Blockchain Terms
  • Illustrated Cryptocurrency Flash Cards
  • Cryptocurrency Portfolio Manager (a fun and artful resource for users to keep tabs on their hodlings)

Article Submissions: Soon, we'll also have the option to submit an article directly to our editorial team! We are very excited for this feature and can't wait to share it with you.

Crypto Collage Surfer.jpg

Visit us @

For more information on The Creative Crypto and its mission, check out our earlier articles including Beginnings of The Creative Crypto and the State of Crypto Creativity. Join our weekly Mailing List by signing up here.

thumbnails by lead illustrator @zsolt.vidak

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Looks great! Definitely going to check this out.

Looks great! Definitely going to check this out.

The website looks incredible! Love how clean it is yet full of interesting content. Nice touch with the twitter feed by the side. (Did you try to get it to be a social media feed but drupal doesn't have that as an option yet? Just curious.)

I usually turn to steemit to find articles like I would in a publication. So I'm excited for this magazine built on the blockchain that's publishing content related to the domains I want to read about.

Here's wishing the team the best of luck with the magazine and congratulations!


Thanks for the support @manouche! For now, we just wanted to simply import Twitter but will experiment with other feeds/outlets in the near future. We're also excited to start crafting the content on Steemit into more of a tailored magazine form.

Congratulations, @creativecrypto ! 🎉🎊 🎈 As an author of 7 books of poetry and prose, blogging on Steemit for about 6 months, I’m very excited about the possibilities. 🤓

Here’s an introduction to my work: Wishing you much success and keen to contribute to your magazine ✌🏼


Outstanding work! The site looks great.

Looking forward to when you will accept submissions for posts.

I've subscribed. Certainly curious about your method for rewarding readers, as that should be a nice gateway into the Steem system.


We'll soon start doing community/reader giveaways and activities through our social media and Steemit posts. Stay tuned @tcpolymath!

This is amazing! Thank you for making this open source. I am definitely interested in adapting the magazine for my various communities. Great job!

It also looks beautiful. Great design work and UX. I love, love, love this!


Thank you @steemfunder!

Pardon my french, but fuck yes!!! I will be subscribing to and reading your magazine, awesome initiative!

This is SO Exciting !


Haha, we're excited too =]

One of the finest and very best projects I've seen lately on Steemit.

The interface is absolutely gorgeous!

If you happen to need an editor, business storyteller or writer someday... I'll be there right on the spot. :)


Congratulations! This is super exciting news. I am also stoked that you used

I can't wait for more.

Congrats on going liveee!! I would love to contribute to the mag musically... I have much content which expands on the creative nature of man. How could we collab?

This deserves to be seen by the whole community. Resteemed.

@eurogee of @euronation community


Thanks for the support as always @eurogee!!

I am so excited to read about this. I have patiently awaited further development of your publication, that I may contribute my artworks to, that in the near future more artists, photographers, and other visualists around the world can unite on a great platform as this one on Steemit. I'd love to invest some creative energy to the stream. I'm thinking of utilizing to self-sponsor original artworks I'll share on Steemit and abroad. (Saving up for a tablet and/or stylus mouse)

The future is bright! 😎

Thank you @creativecrypto for sharing this!

This is such great news, cant wait to get my short stories out there with you guys. Plus creativing one of my DyStopian novels here. Firat chapter soon to come.

Keep up the great work @sndbox team

This is a very exciting news. Thanks for great work.

Wow, excellent project sir.Really great creativity.Thanks for sharing, I will cheak it out.

very creative technology:)


Felicitaciones @creativecrypto , por tu gran iniciativa en este proyecto artístico, que va en pro del crecimiento de esta plataforma y de los que lo formamos en especial los artista,cuenta con mi apoyo ,saludos

Very beautiful magazine Interesting creativity and fine art We wish her a bright future

very interesting post mate

so exciting.

A light at the end of a long dark tunnel, a quality well thought out and interesting publication. Beautiful in its simplicity, yet intriguing. Illustrations are very pleasing to the eyes! Love it, look forward to reading more.

The magazine is beautiful I am so happy the way cryptography is going thanks for sharing with us.

a geatest project friend...i will join the me..

This site looks amazing. I can't wait to see more content in her issues that i may not stumble upon on Steemit. Keep up the terrific work!


Thanks @jennifer78!


No problem!

I hope it will be very helpful for everyone,
thank you.. be continuous sir.....

This is a great initiative! I am curious where this will head, but everything looks very cool in this post! I am a creative artist myself, so I will follow for sure! Good luck with the magazine!


Thanks for the support! =)

Wow amazing. Congratulations! I will definitely submit some of my works in the future. Can old posts be submitted or just new ones?


Hi @artgirl! We'll be announcing our content sharing mechanism soon which will likely support both old and new content but favor more recently published articles.


Ah I see. Alright then, thanks!

This is awesome, and much appreciated. Especially the original content. There is so much of the same news that circulates around all the crypto news media outlets. When can we catch the bourbon and blockchain show? And where?


Hi @rosebudds, you can catch us live every week on our Facebook page - Be sure to bring a glass!

Another good project for steem blockchain and community! I hoping this will be a hit because the concept is very good for me. is a great project and I hope this one is the same or even better.

good for you! i've been looking forward to this... i'll check it out. thank you

Wonderful project! Congrats!

i'm definitely going to subscribe to this magazine! Amazing work for the developer! Congrats! :)


Thanks for the support @aimkuyaj!

Congratulations @creativecrypto!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following category:

  • Pending payout - Ranked 8 with $ 350,59

You da best @arcange.

Fantastic post friend


It's awesome to see the @creativecrypto magazine launched and to learn, in-depth, what it is all about. It is very interesting to see how you are merging various different social media outlets, your online magazine and steemit into one seamless entity. This seems like an essential step to shine a light on the fantastic creative work that is coming out of steemit to the mainstream.

Article Submissions: Soon, we'll also have the option to submit an article directly to our editorial team! We are very excited for this feature and can't wait to share it with you.

As an author on steemit, as well as having had work published elsewhere, I am extremely excited, to be able to submit to the magazine but also to see how this evolves the steemit ecosystem.

I was just wondering if there are any plans for an offline paper magazine in the future?

P.s. I have resteemed to help spread the news and the website looks amazing by the way.

Digital money is a good way to preserve the privacy of people online. Remember that it is the market that tells us what is currency and what is not. And the market has spoken. Crypto have value because the market says they have value.

And another journey begins!

I agree with your sentence, have to appreciate every job here. this magazine is unusually peeling and checking crypto, the success :)))

Building a magazine in blockchain Steem comes with some unique advantages. This is a blockchain that rewards all types of media, content, and engagement. Most importantly, this award centers on the relationship between the creator and the reader. Every article we publish is ported from blockchain Steem to website. Each article also has the ability to obtain cryptocurrency through "upvote" support from our customers. Not only that, but each reader also gets a percentage of the cumulative value generated by the article.

Excellent a magazine that works in the Blockchain, is a great idea, it will be interesting to see how it evolves and all the improvements that can be implemented.

Are you looking for any authors or how do you choose your articles? Would be interested in contributing and sorry if I missed this information above in the article.

Hello sir ?

Wow one of the best post I've seen in the day, really packed with good information!

This is really exciting for the artists community. It's a beautiful design all its way around. We have been historically relegated, so I appreciate how quickly you have made of the blockchain technology an application for us, and in such a creative way. Thanks for this. 🙋🏻

If you need at some point, any help or contribution into social media marketing environment, strategy to reach an audience, or any topics from that kind, please contact me. I'll be very happy to hear from this project. 🙏🏽 or Telegram:

this is a very inspiring creation! i am very impressed. very professional, organized and aligned with possibilities of the future brought into the present. love it! we would love to write articles for your magazine on homesteading/offgrid living/gardening.

VERY cool idea! Have bookmarked the website :-)

Nice, was looking for
good stuff like this.

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