A New Kind of Magazine that Discovers + Rewards Creative Content

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A Magazine that Discovers + Rewards Creative Content

Building a magazine on the Steem blockchain comes with some unique advantages. This is a blockchain that rewards all kinds of media, content and engagement. Most of all, these rewards are centered on the relationship between content creators and their readers. Every article we publish is ported from the Steem blockchain into thecreativecrypto.com website. Each article also has the ability to earn cryptocurrency through the "upvote" support of our subscribers. Not only that, but each reader also earns a percentage of the cumulative value that each post generates.

Our team (alongside many other crypto-centric companies and applications) rely on the Steem blockchain as a financial backbone. The Steem protocol makes every article eligible to accrue token rewards from a global community of readers and supporters.

And there's more...

As The Creative Crypto Magazine accumulates cryptocurrency in the form of Steem, the @creativecrypto account itself will be able to distribute significant rewards to other readers equipped with a Steem wallet. The Delegated Proof of Stake protocol allows Steem holders to then help others accrue rewards simply by voting on content. As part of the @creativecrypto mission to support impactful work across the blockchain space, we’ve set up a “voting bot” that scans the entire Steem blockchain ecosystem to discover and reward meaningful creative and community work.

The voting bot is just a first phase. As time goes on and our team matures, we'll be transitioning to a blend of bot voting and people who vote on great content manually. Our team will be monitoring the content that the bot discovers and rewards very closely, looking for ways to adapt and improve. We want to thank Emre (@emrebeyler) for developing this incredible resource with us and will work with him as the experiment unfolds.

What is each "upvote" worth?

Currently, each of our upvotes are worth $1.50 USD of Steem. Our bot votes on about 24 authors in 24 hours. So in total - @creativecrypto is directly distributing $36.00 USD worth of cryptocurrency each day. (That's about $13,000 USD per year at current market values.) Our preliminary goal is to distribute $100,000 USD worth of cryptocurrency to creatives over our first year. We believe that this is an achievable goal as the Magazine matures and will continue to share updates and milestones as the year progresses.

If you currently have a Steem account, you might be wondering how you can receive one of our upvotes! In order to be eligible for a vote, you’ll have to have the following -

That's all of the secret sauce we can divulge for now. Our team will be tweaking the parameters of voting (languages, reputation scores, length, timing, blacklisted tags, comments, etc.) as we test out the system in the coming weeks.

We're developing thecreativecrypto.com into much more than just a magazine. It will become an empowering resource that rewards readers and creative practitioners all over the world. Make sure to give us a follow @creativecrypto on Steem, and subscribe to our newsletter on thecreativecrypto.com. Our website will be launching soon!

The custom illustrations featured in this article were created by @zsolt.vidak

180308_CreativeCrypto-Icons-07.png 180308_CreativeCrypto-Icons-12.png 180308_CreativeCrypto-Icons-08.png


Hello everyone!
I'm kinda new here and i don't really know how all this works.
Any suggestions would be appreciated

Hello @creativecrypto

Hi @mindtrap! Thanks so much for reaching out. You can learn more about the @creativecrypto concept, here:


We're in the process of building out the website thecreativecrypto.com, and just launched our curation initiative to support under-rewarded creative content. There are about 15 tags we curate through and will continue to develop and mature our curation methods as the @creativecrypto team grows.

A big goal of ours is also to attract creative blockchain projects into the Steem ecosystem. We will use this account to get them better visibility (through upvotes and through interviews, spotlights etc.) Thank you so much for your interest! Be sure to follow along as the project develops :)

Thank you for your response.
I read the full article to be well informed.
A question though: I assume @crativecrypto @sndbox and @snd-alpha is one team?
and if so...are the tags you support something i can "handle" or something i couldn't support?

Thanks in advance for the understanding

Hi @mindtrap, good question! @creativecrypto is a magazine project developed by the @sndbox incubator. (As an incubator, there are many projects and communities that we support and work with.) Sndbox currently delegated to 25,000 SP to kickstart the project and has a team of about 7 people behind it working on illustration, web development and bot development.

(@sndbox-alpha is a separate curation initiative run by "Cohort 1" within the incubator.)

Rock on! This is exactly what I've always imagined Steemit to be: A jetpack for creatives. I'm rooting for the massive success of your initiative, in order to empower artists in the Creative Age we're entering.

Wow.. It's great to see more support for artists in the blockchain. :) Thanks for the support earlier. :D For the meantime, I followed you here and subscribed to the newsletter. ^^ Looking forward to your website launching. Once again, thanks for providing support especially to those with creative minds. <3 Have a great day! ^^

Seems like an amazing initiative! But you should also look for great content in curated creative tags such as #travelfeed and #photofeed. Since I am a curator for @travelfeed I might be a bit prejudiced here, but discovering great creative travel posts is much easier there than in spammy #travel ;)

Thank you so much for the feedback @jpphotography! Absolutely. We'll definitely be expanding to new tags like #travelfeed, #photofeed, #archisteem and more nuanced language tags like #kr-art. Tags are always changing and new communities are arriving everyday, so our curation methods will aim to reflect that.

If you have any others you would recommend, please let us know! :D

Seems like a fantastic initiative guys. I'm looking forward to seeing it in action! Will you be looking more for visual creativity, or things like music too?

Thanks so much for your support @anarcotech! Music, yes, absolutely! We have a bunch of categories like music that are being curated now, and more that will eventually be curated by a combination of manual and bot sorting. Over the next few weeks we'll we tweaking the formula and getting the website rolling :)

Good job!

@sndbox and @creativecrypto, this is yet another wonderful initiative powered by you guys to encourage steemians that post quality content that are art, photography and creativity related. I must say it is wonderful having a team like you guys on the blockchain. Just imagine the long way an upvote of $1.50 sbd will go in encouraging such steemian.

It's been one activity or the other from you guys geared at touching the lives and encouraging steemians, community support and development as well as promoting steemit. It's really great having a team like you guys on the blockchain. I wish @creativecrypto Magazine that discovers and rewards creative content success in their future endeavours of distributing $100,000 USD worth of cryptocurrency via upvote.

Oh this is so cool! Everyday I discover something new on Steemit. I wish you guys a lot of success and I'll be following closely to see what I can do to contribute. Keep it up!

Curation must be the theme this month! Looks like I'll need to put #homesteading aside and give #art a go. Thanks for always finding ways to challenge and motivate us into being better Steemians. ❤ love u guys ❤

Hey @bearone! We're very excited to build up both the content of the magazine and the curation methods behind it. The team here will continue to adjust the voting parameters and try to have a nice balance of manual curation + bot that can discover undervalued work :)

I am an inspirational writer but I got inspired to try out some drawing and I came up with the drawing below

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