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"The cutest spider in world"

As you know, I love to make macro photos of spiders, especially Jumping spiders (Salticidae). I love work with them, cuz they are so cute and funny. It's just fun, but you need a lot of patience, because they are all over the place.... Jumping, exploring, yes all over the.... jumping on the camera- lens... 🤪

So what you need to do is, take time and play with him for a while, so he will build up a "trust." After that, you will be his BFF. 😋 He will start following you around with his big eyes, and start watching your every move.
...You have to love them... 😍


  • Use fast shutter speed - The subject will be sharp and clear.
    The faster the shutter speed, the sharper are the photos! No more blurry photos!
  • Use low F-Stop (aperture) - If you use 2.8 to 7.1 f-stop the lens, will let more light in camera (sensor). The lower f-stop you use the brighter it will be the subject (photo)

"Just me" 🔎 For more detail ZOOM IN 🔍
Cam: Sony a6000
Lens: Sony 90mm macro G OSS 1:1
Set: F2.8 / shutter 1/160 / Iso 100
Light: Flash

I hope you enjoy the photo and are excited to see more amazing footage, so don't forget to follow me👍

Till next time...
Yours truly, @marjanko



Love your cute spider!! 😍🌈🦋🌴💛

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Wonderful macrophotography. I would try to take some picture like this.

Do that @my451r🤘 Maybe you will find a colorful jumping spider 😍 those are so beuteful 😍 I see you have a Canon... cool... Do you have shoot in .raw or .jgp ?

yes I use a Canon M100 camera and kit lens. right now, I'm still using jpg. because my computer doesn't support Raw files.

@my451r You don't need a good computer ( it must support photoshop...) you need photoshop or any other program, which supports .raw files. I will make a post and a tutorial, way you should use .raw.
It will open new doors into photography!

Nice to hear..wait for the awesome progress @marjanko

I find the jumping spiders scary and crazy at the same time. When I saw it for the first time I was genuinely scared :D Now, I got used to them but we kind tolerate each other without any deeper relationship :) I must say that it looks cute on your photo :) But that's different than seeing it live :D

@delishtreats Yes, I like to show you the best side of them, because they are really something different, from all other spiders. Last year, I had one "like a pet" :)
Everytime, I did go on the balcony, he was there on one plant.... this was going for like 2 months :) Just crazy jumps spider ....

Wow this is awesome photograph my friend...
Really great photograph...

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Где ти @marjanko налазиш тако фотогеничне моделе? ;)

Обично је кући на балкону или испред своје куће. Обично не морам да их тражим јер долазе у мој стан :)

Код мене долазе све неки мршави и изгладнели :(


Видим. Почните да користите Фласх 👌 Када користите блиц, слике су увијек оштре 👌

Флеш за Фуџи ће мало да сачека, @marjanko. Ал нема флеша који би могао да улепша овог несрећника. Изгледа као да је пао са Габор-дрва и притом закачио сваку грану ;)


Question for you, how do u manage those moving spiders 😁
Had lot of unsuccessful tries

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@pradeepdee6 😂Don’t get me started😂
🤘 Most of the time I put the camera away, and play with him.... :) after some time, I’m start focusing him on another intresting object...something bright.....when you know he will go exeplore, then you take your camera and start shooting ✌️

😁😁 I did it twice just capturing them on a leaf.
What I understood was these spiders are afraid to get in contact with human skin 😉
So didnt have a place other than leaf n it can't jump even 😊😊
It's so much fun learning,

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You need time... a lot of it .... Just look 🤗

Wooo... it's a different world 😍😍

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She looks beautifully nice, you have photographed her outstanding

@suntree Thank you. Happy, that you like my work ✌️

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