Hi Steemians artists!

Let's go! The 7 DAYS MACRO-PHOTOGRAPHY CHALLENGE is open!!! I'm waiting for your entries =D!!! I can't wait!!!! 😄😄😄


The 5 rules are simple:

To be considered for the challenge, your photography must be:

➊ a macro-photography made by you and must be accompanied by an explanation of at least 50 words (in English, French or Spanish)

• Beware! Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Any stolen image will be detected and reported.

➋ Your entry must be published on your personal Steemit account with the title "My entry for the 7 DAYS STEEMIT MACRO-PHOTOGRAPHY CHALLENGE by @flamingirl"

➌ Each user has 1 entry per day that will be valid for the challenge.

• Your macro-photography blog must be posted before 0:00 of the day (time zone of Spain) to be valid. After midnight, it will be part of the next selections day.

➍ You must use the "#macrophoto-challenge" tag in your article. So I can find your entry easily otherwise it is lost among all the blogs posted on Steemit.


I'll upvote the top 10 entries of the day and select an absolute winner of each day. I will write a post the next day with the 10 entries selected and a special text for the winner of the day. He will be selected to participate in the final to win the 50 SBD.

• The winner of the contest will receive the award, directly from me in their wallet with a personal message =)

You can vote to support the participants. Your votes will help me to chose the winners! ;)

If you like macro-photography, feel free to participate, even if you are novice ^^. Just like @onealfa, @askari, @timspawls and I, you are many to love the macro-photography. So, let's do this!


I am the only judge, so no corruption is possible in this contest. Everyone has a chance!

Good Luck to everyone who enters and let's have some fun!!!!!!


If you liked reading this article, feel free to FOLLOW ME, UPVOTE and RESTEEM! It's always pleasant =D. Thank you all for your support and see you soon for a new flamingirl's adventures!

🎀 FlaminGirl 🎀 with love...



Las 5 reglas son simples.

Para ser considerado para el desafío, su fotografía debe ser:

➊ una macro-fotografía hecha por ti y acompañada de una explicación de al menos 50 palabras (en inglés, francés o español)

• ¡Tener cuidado! EL plagio no sera tolerado. Cualquier imagen robada será detectada e informada.

➋ Su participación debe publicarse en su cuenta Steemit personal con el título "My entry for the 7 DAYS STEEMIT MACRO-PHOTOGRAPHY CHALLENGE by @flamingirl".

➌ Cada usuario tiene 1 entrada por día que será válida para el desafío.

• Tienes que publicar tu entrada antes de las 0:00 del día (zona horaria de España) para que sea válido. Después de la medianoche, será parte del próximo día de selección.

➍ Tienes que usar la etiqueta (el tag) "#macrophoto-challenge" en su artículo. Así que puedo encontrar tu entrada fácilmente, de lo contrario, se pierde entre todos los blogs publicados en Steemit.


Votaré las 10 entradas principales del día y seleccionaré un ganador absoluto de cada día. Escribiré una publicación al día siguiente con las 10 entradas seleccionadas y un texto especial para el ganador del día. Será seleccionado para participar en la final para ganar el 50 SBD! =D

• El ganador del concurso recibirá el premio, directamente de mí en su wallet con un mensaje personal de mi parte =)

Puede votar por comentario para apoyar a los participantes. ¡Tus votos me ayudarán a elegir a los ganadores! ;)

Si le gusta la macro fotografía, siéntase libre de participar, incluso si es principiante ^^. Al igual que @onealfa, @askari, @timspawls y yo, son muchos los que les guste la macro-fotografía. Entonces, ¡Vamos!


Yo soy el único juez, por lo que no es posible la corrupción en este concurso. ¡Todos tienen una oportunidad!

Buena suerte a todos los que entran y divirtámonos !!!!!!


Si te gustó leer este artículo, siéntete libre de ¡SIGUE ME, VOTAR Y RESTEEM! Siempre es agradable =D. ¡Gracias a todos por su apoyo y nos vemos pronto para las nuevas aventuras de una flamenca!

🎀 FlaminGirl 🎀 con amor ...

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Hey @flamingirl, I just found out my name is in this post. Looks like this contest will be a great contest. I can not wait to enter your contest. Hopefully tomorrow I get a good macro photo to win the contest 😆. Once again a great contest idea...

Your contest us interesting , i accept your macro photography challenge .

Your post is always different i follow your blog every time , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @flamingirl

Keep good work of every time .

Here is my entry
Great challenge!

Challenge accepted!
Thank for the contest.

Hi @flamingirl I have made an entry, please see its hopefully in accordance with the rules ..


Hi @adson! Great! Everything it's ok except the rule number ➎ You must RESTEEM the first blog [CONTEST- 50 SBD] / 7 DAYS MACRO-PHOTOGRAPHY CHALLENGE! 😁. Thanks and see you soon for the Day 1 results 😉

Thanks for the opportunity, this is my first but you should expect my wonderful entry soon.

Really great challenge

Good luck to the participants, and thank you @flamingirl for the contest

Did post my first contest macro photo :)

Excelente iniciativa, muchas fotografias interesantes para ver

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It will be great 😍

It's a great challenge,I've tried to follow this contest,

de verdad que son unas maravillas de fotos,tienen vivos colores felicidades para los participante, te sigo

Nice, good to see this kind of photography contest. :-)


C'est ok pour les règles mais dis moi laquelle des 2 photos tu choisi pour le concours. C'est une entrée par jour 😊

Yeah.. I am interested in this and I will try to show my best

Hi @flamingirl Interesting post, I really like this challenge, before, I've made a post about macrophotograpy, it's an opportunity for myself, and generally for steemian. I will start this challenge today as well as a prime entry. Thank you very much.

Yes!i will win i love microphotography but i have not good enough knowledge to write english..Thank you


You can use google translate! 😊 50 words it's easy with the translator don't worries for that detail! I can't to see your entry my friend! 🤗

Hi @flamingirl, you can find my macro-photography-challenge by clicking on the blue link. All of the best to all the contestants, I am looking forward to look at all the entries!!

wow really awesome macrophotography. thanks for sharing

Hola :D esta es mi primera entrada al concurso, espero les guste :3


One question, what photo is considered macro photography?


Macro photography, is extreme close-up photography, usually of very small subjects and living organisms like insects, in which the size of the subject in the photograph is greater than life size.


Thanks @k-banti for the answer! I can't wait to see your job! 😊😊😊


You're welcome!.

I love this challenge! My entry
Click on the image to view my entry!

Beautiful contest and a hard one(I saw some photos of the participants and are impressive). It's a pleasure to participate, thanks @flamingirl for this wonderful initiative! My post: https://steemit.com/macrophoto-challenge/@bluemoon/my-entry-for-the-7-days-steemit-macro-photography-challenge-by-flamingirl-crown-of-thorns


I am in , I hope you’re like my cherry:)

This is awesome contest, I'll come tomorrow😊

Dear @flamingirl, I have just posted an entry for you this challenge but I couldn't resteem the link from the rule No 5?! I don't know why is it that but when I open it I don't have an option for resteeming?!

Is it OK that I resteem this post?


This is because the blog is over 7 days old now but you can keep this one instead: https://steemit.com/macrophoto-challenge/@flamingirl/contest-50-sbd-7-days-macro-photography-challenge-day-6-winner-announcement =) Thank you and good luck!


Done! So, my entry for the challenge is accepted?