Win SBD - The Weekly Environmental Photo Competition + last weeks winners.

The #lsphotocompetition

Starting/ending every Thursday I will be running a weekly photo competition that raises awareness of environmental issues and how to live sustainably. With growing concerns increasing daily, the more we do, the better.

Trying to build a strong pro-environmental group within the @Steemit community, we are starting small.


Winners from last weeks competition.

The 3 winners will be receiving 0.3 SBD each. They are:

@sustainablyyours for A Homemade planting Pot Made From 100% Recycled Newspaper. Read here
@pumpkinsandcats for Saying No To Plastic With Lush! Read here
@bthebest7 for Sustainability photo competition. Read here

Suitable content could capture anything that reflects our environment such as- the shock of poor waste management, free range livestock or the success of home grown vegetables.

Image from: @sustainablyyours

Image from: @pumpkinsandcats

Image from: @bthebest7

Images can be submitted anytime- however, if you miss the current weeks competition, your entry will be included in the following weeks.

How to Enter

  • Follow @livesustainably
  • Upvote this post
  • Create a post with your entry using the #lsphotocompetition tag (our dedicated tag for this competition- and of course you may add 4 of your own tags)
  • Write about 50-100 words explaining your photo, it is always fascinating to hear the stories behind the photos
  • Leave a link in the comments below (I will be searching both comments below and the #lsphotocompetition tag for entries)

The Rules

  • Make sure you have completed all the steps of how to enter, or you will not be eligible to win
  • Don't try to pass off work of other's, as your own


  • The top 3 winners will receive at least 0.3 SBD each. Prizes will increase with the more upvotes we get.
  • The winners will appear in the following weeks Competition Post and be tagged (username and URL).
  • The winners will be announced every Thursday and funds transferred the same day.

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Awesome! Thank you for the chance to participate!! I enjoyed the other articles, as well.

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