Welcome to the first 'LoveTheClouds' contest! Win 100% of SBD!

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Welcome to the first LoveTheClouds contest!

🌤 🌥 🌦 🌩 🌪 🌩 🌦 🌥 🌤

I am a dedicated cloud observer for as long as I can remember and know that there are so many others out there who share my same passion for the clouds!

I even have proof ;)




In the past I have made a series called LoveTheClouds! (formerly known as AppreciateTheClouds!) and I think many of you liked it.

So now I want to see what this community has to offer! And I think a lot, because I have already seen many people sharing their beautiful cloud pictures on steem!

The contest is simple: You can draw, take a picture or use any other kind of medium to portray clouds in any form or manner!


There are of course some usual rules for participating:

  1. Resteem and upvote the contest
  2. Make a comment with a link of your work below this post
  3. All of the submitted works must be original and made by you!
  4. Only 1 entry/post per person
  5. Use the #LoveTheClouds as your first tag

All entries must be submitted before this post closes (which is 18th of February)


So who will win?

In a followup post I will select three pictures and/or artworks in which you get to decide who should win by leaving a comment with your favorite picture. There will be two days for you to decide!

The winners will receive 100% of all of the SBD raised in this contest

First winner50% of SBD
Second winner30% of SBD
Third winner20% of SBD


😊Have fun and enjoy !!😊


Upvoted and resteemed! My entry : https://steemit.com/@dream-o/ioannina-lake-ioannina-greece Thank you and good luck to all!

great, dreamy picture! thanks for the entry @dream-o

Thank you for supporting the community and letting us participate in this lovely contest. I see lots of beautiful pics.
This is my entry: https://steemit.com/lovetheclouds/@chabolero/my-entry-for-lovetheclouds-contest

Upvoted and resteemed ;)

upvoted and Resteemed.
Here's my post regarding LoveTheClouds for the contest. Please check it out.

great entry and it is a reminder that you guys can post any kind of medium you like!

We too often get used to this view from the airplane, and some people even close the blinds, I always hate that... unless I want to sleep as well ;)

Hahahahaha...! Right, Me too never close the blinds unless it is night time and nothing is visible or I wanna sleep because Sleep is definitely above all.
Thank you so much @tobetada brother

I am seeing quite a few entries in the #LoveTheClouds, great!

But don't forget to leave a link of your post here as well, and don't forget to upvote and resteem! :))

Hey @theyasemin, thank you for the first entry! :))

Great shot, I love these kinds of sunsets (or sunrises) as well! A thousand different clouds, all with their own colors and shapes. Can I ask if this is an analog picture?

Thank you!
I could not sleep one night and I came out to the balcony to watch the sunrise. what I saw was very surprised and watched with admiration. I took this photo with my phone camera.

wow, what a way to wake up!

Thank you for inviting me to participate in this contest. I have followed your profile, upvoted and resteemed this post, and will link my submission here.

Thank you again. Good luck everyone!

thank you so much for you entry @astaroche! Fantastic picture! I'd just love to take a walk there...

thank you so much for your entry @pikto! Such graceful clouds... and so diverse! Fantastic!

Thanks a lot! Good luck with contest!

Upvoted and resteemed, Let's share some clouds! All the best to all the participants and thanks to @tobeda for hosting this contest.
Here is my entry:

Thank you so much, and again, what a picture! :D

Oh, this was a beautiful surprise!

I have just posted one of my favorite photos, which I hope you will like!



I wish Good Luck to everybody joining!

wow @katerinaramm!! what a picture and thank you for your entry :))

Thank You for your kind words! It means a lot as it is coming from a cloud appreciator :)

haha, yes. Why do I have the feeling that you have already become a member ;D

lool. No, not yet but thinking about it!

wow... you know I always wonder about the contrails... 40-50 years ago the sky would have been blue, but now we have gotten used to the trails! But great picture @migratorybird! :)

Thank you :) Contrails are not really clouds...but I hopefully you don´t mind ;)

Contrails disappear like car exhaust does in colder weather... chemtrails spread out. Also known as Geoengineering or weather modification. Still.... nice photo. When it is cold out this what geoengineering looks like where I'm at.

hey @sky777, where did you take this picture? :)

From the Crimea :) Alushta.

2012-06-19 из Восход в Алушту (205).jpg

looks like a perfect place to spend some free time :)

Upvoted and re-steemed. I hope you like! Many other beautiful photos! https://steemit.com/lovetheclouds/@cee-zin5432883/clouds-creating-fire

wow, spectacular! thank you for the entry @cee-zin5432883!

I do love those clouds ;)

Thank you @tobetada, for this contest!
I followed you, upvoted 100% and resteemed!
My entry :



thank you so much for your entry @ir3k! So tender and beautiful :)

As a fellow cloud enthusiast, I'm really excited about this contest :D
Upvoted and resteemed! Good luck to everyone!

Here's my entry: https://steemit.com/lovetheclouds/@voyagesofcarla2/lovetheclouds-contest-an-australian-sunset

that's just amazing @voyagesofcarla2 :) Exceptional shot! I've always wanted to visit Australia.. maybe one day ;)

Thank you! It was mostly Mother Nature doing its job. Beautiful as always!

You should definitely visit Australia. I think you'll like it! :D

Hi friends)
This is my photo to contest organized by @tobetada.
Photo made in Kiev - Maidan Nezalejnosty, monument Beregunya.

2013-06-05 Киев (21).JPG


When I see your picture I think of freedom and adventure! Is this a park of some sort or just wild nature? Really appreciate your entry @panchocroquer :)

thank you for your words, this is a forest reserve, called Santos Luzardo National Park, located in Cinaruco-Capanaparo. It is an immense place, which is used to practice sport fishing, hunting and camping. It is very visited during the holiday season by many people from all over the country. You can do camps on the banks of the rivers or you can visit the different tourist camps, I have many more photos if you like to see, visit my blog and you will see some more photos.

wow, you got a great blog :)) Followed!

thanks, i follow you too.

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great combination of the sea and clouds! thank you @stepnoysuslik!

Upvoted and Resteemed :) Please see my beautiful picture... Florida Sunrise!

wonderful picture @naturald!

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P.S. If you know of any contests I've missed I'd love to hear about them. Thanks!

Hello !! this is my entry to the contest! #lovetheclouds
dusk clouds at city limits
awam senja di batas kota.jpg

Love the Clouds for sure ! Have too many photos of them. My entry:

Good luck to all!

really like this one :) thanks @giosou!

Nice pict..!! 😻😻.

I really hope to participate in the contest you have, May I follow it @tobetada 😳

Sure, just make a comment with a link to your post here :)

LoveTheClouds! Up voted and Resteemed. Here is the @aktinyhome entry: https://steemit.com/life/@aktinyhome/8-miles-north-of-valdez-alaska-lovetheclouds-contest
Thanks for another chance to share. Good luck yall!

https://steemit.com/lovetheclouds/@vegflower/lovetheclouds-winter-mood-natural-sunscreen Danke für die Möglichkeit , die du hier anbietest und viel Erfolg! upvote und resteeme

Danke @vegflower! Tolles Bild, ist wohl in letzter Zeit entstanden? Hier war es auch nur grau in grau... aber das kann ja trotzdem schön sein :)

Natürlich, besonders wenn man es aus der warmen Veranda betrachten kann.

Upvoted y resteemed esta es mi participación
Saludos desde Venezuela

thank you so much @lysa2018! Lovely Clouds :))

First of all thank you @tobetada... I upvoted and resteemed.
here is my entry : https://steemit.com/lovetheclouds/@kilathecla/love-the-clouds-my-personal-favourite.

Upvoted y resteemed! aquí esta mi entrada al concurso, espero que les guste y voten :)

Too bad I've already posted my best cloud pic like a week ago but I'll see what I can do. Btw lovely contest!

thank you @roadrunn3r, because of the great response of this contest I think I will be making another one so I'm looking forward to seeing your picture :)

You can check it here the one I was talking about: https://steemit.com/photography/@roadrunn3r/a-duck-and-a-horse

I'll try to get another one for the next contest.

Upvote and resteem is done and here is my entry 31995FCC-DD78-4375-924A-749D1B03BDB6.jpeg

hey @vee2180! thanks so much for your post! Could you send a link to it? :)

Thank you I’m on my phone and don’t know how to paste the link from my phone 📱 😕


I hope 🤞 it works

Hi, upvoted and resteemed. This is my entry for this lovely contest https://steemit.com/lovetheclouds/@jansanary12/lovetheclouds-and-mountains-too I really loved these particular clouds

thank you so much @jansanary12! lovely picture :)

Here is my entry for the LoveTheClouds contest

Unfortunately I had already posted this photo a bit earlier before I come across this contest. I edited my post to include the lovetheclouds tag as my first one but the system does not let me use it as such... Hope it's ok

just great @shimster! I especially like the fine details and the lower clouds that stand out against the smooth background :))

Thank you so much @tobetada!

Es ist mir Vergnügen, meine Wolkenfotos endlich anzubringen
upvotet und resteemed

super, danke dir @proanima :)) Tolles Foto!


wow! spectacular! thank you for your entry @pierocarozza!

You got a 29.94% upvote from @allaz courtesy of @tobetada!

I raised the SBD, thought you guys appreciate it :))

The contest about the clouds is so interesting, I hope I managed to compete. I supported you and followed, you might like my blog https://steemit.com/@lena1.

I like them fluffy clouds! :)

welcome, cloud lover ;)

thank you a lot! :-) I really do love them. They always are the difference in the same scenery. If you understand what I mean.

Here my entry! Super fun contests, Thanks!

click to go to orginal post!

lovely! thanks for this great picture @wanderingkells!

Thank you so much @leylar! lovely clouds :))

fantastic @emiii18, thank you so much :)

I posted this before hearing about your contest, so I'm not compliant with your rules, sorry about that. Still, it is a nice cloud: https://steemit.com/photography/@ocrdu/a-cloud-you-don-t-want-to-be-under

hey, thank you for this beautiful picture @ocrdu! The next contest will start in a couple of days :)

You just have to love those cirrostratus clouds :)

#Love the Clouds # Clouds over Young's Bay in Astoria, Oregon #Astoria
Nov2015 2321.jpg

hey @kimberlylane and thank you so much for your beautiful picture! Do you still have the link to your post? I'd like to see the picture a little bit better :)

Thanks! Brand new to steemit and trying to figure out all. What is the best way to share photos? I dragged this one in. Do I have to use a site like postimage.org or is there a better way?

This time tried the postimage, but perhaps that's not the best way? Thanks for your help.

Yeah, I think you can just drag it in or select it from a folder. This uploads it up to steem. Alternatively, you can upload it to a website (like postimage) and then copy the link and post it here :) I think you've figured it out though!


Hi @tobetada !
I have made a post about #lovetheclouds contest, I have fulfilled you invitation a few days ago :)


wow, what a picture @rafi04! Beautiful capture and you even got a nice ice halo :))

upvoted and resteemed :)

upvoted and Resteemed.
Here's my post regarding LoveTheClouds for the contest. Please check it out.


great picture, thank you for participating!

Thanks @tobetada !! I hope you can give some suggestion or criticism in my post. !!

I am vote 101 lol like 101 dalmatiers :-)

Great stuff my friend. Here is the link to a post I just made. Hope it helps spread the word :)


thank you so much @samstonehill! Your picture is out of this world...!

just an amazing capture @shengrubel! thank you for participating :))

Congrats @tobetada on this unique contest . No one is thinking about it. Upvote and resteem the post and also followed you . My entry https://steemit.com/lovetheclouds/@ayan2009/love-the-clouds

thank you @ayan2009! That must be really high up! Thanks for your entry :)

This is my entry for the contest :) Hope you'll like it :) Upvoted and Resteemed :)


wow, so unique @chiquikate! just magical :)

https://steemit.com/lovetheclouds/@dysangcocey/love-the-clouds-entry-cloudnine ilove clouds like when they form shapes and when it is the background of my pictures.

really awesome picture! I should go to the Philippines one day :)

so beautiful @kajolag! thank you :)

Its my pleasure participating and will be looking forward for the results as well as the upcoming challenges and contests 😊

wow, this is amazing! Where did you take the shot?

Thanks for your precious comment . I have taken this shot from the bank of Terbela dam . The largest dam made up of mud .

Hello sir 😊 this is my entry for your contest.
Resteem and done upvoting 😊 thanks


3rd try--LOVE of the clouds

Upvoted and resteemed! My picture
thank you and good luck..