My Post for the Love It/Shove It Challenge!

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While making my comment rounds today, I came across a fun post about the Love It/Shove It Challenge, which was started by @snowpea.

I love the idea of it, as it will help my fellow Steemians learn more about me. I am always up for connections, and anything that will help facilitate new ones.


Love It/Shove It Challenge Rules

So the challenge is really simple. Here's all you have to do:

  • List five things that you love
  • List five things that you really dislike
  • Use the tag loveitshoveit
  • Tag five people to participate, but anyone can join in

Alright, here are my answers for the challenge!

love it.png

1. MY BOYS! I couldn't start any list without thinking of them first.
2. PUMPKIN SPICE! Seriously, I get so excited around September every year, since it's when all the pumpkin spice flavored foods are available. I also LOVE the smell of pumpkin spice candles in the fall.


3. LEGGINGS! It took me a while to get on that bandwagon, but I love how comfortable they are now. I wear them out all the time.
4. TRAVELING! I love getting to see more of the world. I just wish I had the time (and money) to see more of what the world has to offer!
5. THE SMELL OF FRESHLY CUT GRASS! It's one of the first smells of warmer weather. As I am getting tired of the cold winter temperatures, it's a very welcomed scent.


shove it.png

1. PEANUT BUTTER! It's totally a texture thing. I cannot stand it sticking to the roof of my mouth. I like peanut butter M&Ms though. :)
2. BAD DRIVERS! You know the kind...Those that cut you off, don't know how to use their turn signal, turn out into your lane just to drive 0.2 miles.


3. SHARED FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS! People need to trust their S/O enough to have their own accounts. And if I don't know which person I am talking to, I just won't add you as a friend.
4. COFFEE! I can't handle the strong taste. The aroma isn't that good either.
5. HUSBAND'S (@randomlyjames) TASTE IN MUSIC! I took him to a Tool tribute concert for his birthday this weekend, and the people in the crowd were just insane! Jumping around and leaning on strangers. Not my kind of party!


Come on, @solomonsel @hopehuggs @musicman99 @redheadpei @randomlyjames!

Let's see your answers!


keciah.png keciah2.png


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I'm playing even though no one tagged me (that I know of!). BTW, @keciah, I tagged you in a truth and lies contest if you want to play!

Oh yes, I definitely want to do that one too!

What an amazing job you did on this post!! You even made your own graphics for it, impressive! 😃 This one puts the original post to shame 😂 😂😂 Pumpkin spice is really nice 😉 I love it too, and I totally know what you mean about bad drivers. When someone is going really slow in front of me is excruciatingly irritating. Thank you so much for letting us know more about yourself!! ❤

Thank you for stopping by, @snowpea - and for putting this challenge out there. It was one of the most fun posts I have created on Steemit! :)

Interesting list you've got here @keciah! We've got some contrasts on the shove list but i agree with the bad drivers and shared fb accounts. 😉

I was totally prepared for contrasts. I know many people that LOVE their peanut butter and coffee, but I just can't. :)

True. The coffee is the main one for me. hehe

I've just put up my own list too. :D And hey, I joined the steemmama's discord as well. <3

Awesome! I will be over to check it out. And thanks for joining our community!!

You put together a great post @keciah. I will have to get my noggin working and cut my ‘shove it ‘ list down. 😃 😈🙀

Haha, yes that list was easier to make for me too!

Awesome job on the challenge, although your husband and I apparently like the same music! Nothing better than going to a concert. :-D

I do like concerts, but that one was too crazy for me!

Preach! Numbers 2 and 3 on your shove it list! Also, you are an awesome wife for going to a Tool concert. I love rock and all its genres but I don't know if I could do Tool.

It was something else, for sure! The band wasn't half was just the fans in the crowd that were too much for me. It's like the where the only ones there, dancing around, flailing their arms and expecting too much personal space!

That would be more than enough for me. Ten years ago, sure. Now, no thanks.

Yep, music was good, but he happened to be around some fairly drunk wild dancers lol. Once even leaning on me for support at one point. Another failing his hands around with his eyes closed.

pumpkin spice is very good in egg nog, hehe

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