💚 528 Hz - Feel The Frequency of Love

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Dr. Leonard Horowitz defines 528 Hertz frequency as the LOVE frequency. It connects both, your heart and spiritual essence.

528 Hertz has been used by ancient healers/priests to manifest miracles and produce effective blessings.

If you add 5+2+8 you will get 15 then adding 1+5 you will get 6 which is the symbol of physical manifestation.

Let the frequency of LOVE stay inside you!

Text sourcehttps://attunedvibrations.com/528hz

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I have never heard of this. Maybe I need something played at 528 hertz in my house more often.

Try it :))) Will definitely help :) More LOOOVEE <3

Any recommendations from @dsound ?

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This is amazing how do i get to get upvotes from minnowhelper????

Listened to it just for 10 minutes and already felt completely relaxed. Thanks for sharing! I am probably going to listen to this more often :)

Thanks for stopping by Rob :) Glad it helped. I guess you feel more in tune with yourself when you are relaxed and everything becomes possible. Have a great day!

Yes! Wish you the same!

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Great video feeling much better now itself...thnks for the advice

Glad you are, Anas ;)

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Great video :) keep it up

So much love in here :D

Ouu yeas :)))

Dr. Leonard Horowitz defines 528 Hertz frequency as the LOVE frequency. It connects both, your heart and spiritual essence.

Need more love then i have now.

Awesome! I have a question, how much beneficial is it to use upvote bots like you have used here??
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Thanks for stopping by! It's more about getting in the hot section so more people can notice your post :)

Oh, that's nice to know and I will add it to my entries in my blog http://lichtwelt.wordpress.com
This video is really heartwarming and uplifting and healing all at the same. I am so glad to know that you are open for these themes, too.