Reversing the Damage Done By Facebook etc. - Using Steem To Spread Information Feels Like Being Released From Prison!

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I have been using social networks since their very beginning, way back with, which was a great space for meeting thinkers and sharing wisdom. Not long after that though, the control grid of corporate dominance shut down the free thinking and we were left with Fakebooc, Gurgle+ & Pootube. Today, Steem continues to be a breath of fresh air and I feel free.

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I feel this short observation says so much about what is going on here. When got bought out by Cisco systems around 2007, I could feel immediately that this was not done to build upon it's success. Sure enough, within weeks, the site was 'breaking' and it's single developer had less and less support. People were syphoned onto Facebook since they had little choice if they wanted to build a social network online using useful tools.

It took many a long time to realise that Facebook is not our friend, but I could see pretty quickly that I now had much less ability to create meaningful threads of conversation and I felt somehow more distant from people.


The reason, I now know, is that Facebook and G+ etc. are heavily filtered and controlled - plus designed to ensure a shallow level of interaction. Just like most of modern corporate culture is shallow and simply designed to exploit people for 'profit', Facebook is not about creating and stimulating growth - rather it is about channelling our energy into forms that can be harnessed by the site operators.

Steem & Blockchains: Reversing the Damage Done By Facebook

Steem and more specifically the blockchain technology that underlies Steem, truly does provide us a way to escape the tyranny of social network domination. When I first began using Steem I was upset that my first 100 posts made almost no money, but I was meeting great people and since I had been using social networks for a decade without making a single penny anyway, I stuck with it. Once I realised that success here requires us to literally give value and useful content to the other users AND to socially connect with others - I began to open up again to being how I was originally on Tribe.

I realised that after a few years of using Facebook, I had become more ANTI social - due to the total failure of Facebook to support real community and interaction. One of the main problems is that Facebook doesn't allow long threads to develop over time and for us to find them easily - the millions of groups makes finding threads almost impossible and even when searching in a known group it can still be hard. The old style of having forums where the lists can be sorted by number of posts, view counts and other metrics is a much better way of organising discussions.. Oh yeah, discussions - remember those? Instead of angry slanging matches? Well, we have them on Steem now, thankfully!

So just as with an abused animal, we have to be rehabilitated into Steem to open up again to being who we really are, instead of the limited versions of ourselves that the limited social networks have turned us into. No more worrying about whether your post is actually being seen by other people due to you possibly not conforming to the behaviour patterns of the system controllers who can limit your post reach as at will. Now your posts are seen by literally everyone, if they want to (and if you use a blockchain explorer other than - which is currently censoring posts to conform with legal requests etc.).

Recent Excitement

I will be making a few posts later today about some recent discoveries I have made about Steem that are really showing me it's potential and how amazingly liberating this system can be as compared to the old dinosaur social networks..
Stay Tuned..

Wishing you well,

Ura Soul

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Steem blockchain will surely destroy the anarchy of facebook. Good post @ura-soul

I agree with most of what you wrote here.
I hate FB more than you do, based on my personal experience with them and because I may be better at hating.
With all of the criticism about Youtube, part of which I agree upon, they are nowhere near as bad.
Remember demonetization is more of the advertisers' initiation, not much Youtube's.
Youtube care for their own income, which is legitimate.
I also have to thank Google for Gmail, which I use for years.
Yes, they mine my data, and at times I feel like they also mine some POW currencies, but overall Google is more good than bad.
Better than FB and better than Microsoft, although the latter one is debatable.
They are also better than Mozilla and AAPL if u ask me.
As bad as steemit is, fact is I use it so much, and as bad as Youtube is, fact is I use it so much.
Youtube has more relevant competitors than steemit has.
Chrome and its "derivatives" does not have relevant competition, Firefox is much worse, except for 2 precious plugins for video downloads.


I suggest watching 'Google and the World Brain' to learn insights into what has really been motivating Google all along.


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Almost in every country people are complaining about facebook. Starting from selling data to politicians as well as grouping people to ad maps. Me, 12 years on facebook get nothing but fake friends. Now even worse, facebook is becoming a fake news spread / hoak and a group of people spread misguided information without any limitations. Do we still want to stay on facebook?


Yes, at least people have had enough now!

The era of traditional social networks likes Facebook, Google plus and Twitter is coming to an end, as more and more people now realized that their personal information's are not safe on these sites like Facebook and Google plus because they work in hands with the government . People now realized that decentralized social networks are the way for the future because they not only create valuable contents for their followers nut there also earn from their daily engagement and content created on the network. Steemit is the savour and answers for future social interaction and engagements @ura-soul

I could never understand FB, people are conditioned by them and become addicted to meaningless and useless ways of spending their time. Steemit not only rewards authors we also have many great projects and initiatives here that really help people. Thank you for sharing this message.


You are welcome. FB does a lot to limit the spread of information, often limiting the spread of information about Steemit. I have video of my comments literally being deleted from facebook in real time when they contained steemit links. We need more exposure for Steem, which is why the work of @promo-steem is so important.

For me, Steemit is the best social network out there. It's always a relief to be compensated for the good contents one create. Instead of striving for likes on Facebook, steemit users strive to be better content creators . Steemit is more financially advanced than Facebook. The whole world needs to be on steem.

When i discover steemit i forget all about facebook or other socials network.
It's the best platform for me.

Hi @ura-soul i wanna tell you that Ned invited you on SMTs Telegram :)


Thanks, I actually already joined very recently ;)

Thank you for the value you just add to steemit like you always do.

The only regret I have and will still be having about steemit is that I know about it so late, after wasting away my precious time using facebook and some other social platforms.. But I'm glad have to later find my steemit. Smile

Please, I will like to make use of the picture you used above where facebook is eating up all the money if you can grant the permission sir?

I'm waiting anxiously to read about all the new discoveries, I'm sure it will help in meeting one need or the other..

Stay blessed


Sure, that image isn't mine - it's just one that I found somewhere on facebook a while ago. :)


Alright, thanks sir

I dumped facebook long time ago, never use it, but when ever I see a good post I press the icon on the post to share there, but never go there to chat or so.

Thanks for your information , facebook addiction spoils the life . Keep good work .

I resteem your post on my blog .

Your post is always different i follow your blog and upvote everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @ura-soul

Hello Sir, I have also been set free as it seems. I cherish a world that hears me rather than the one that doesn't. Additionally, I even get cool cash in the end. So what are we talking here? Who doesn't need spare cash while having some fun too? Steemit is just the best social media platform I have ever used..

Rightly said Facebook is nothing more than using your energy and creativity for their own benefits. Beside giving user a single penny they also failed to keep your privacy. On the other hand steem give you sense of ownership. It respect your creativity and even pay handsome for those who have good creative sense. Although there are few issues of steemit like abusing of reward pool, spamming comments, self upvote but still steem and block chain technology is far better than FB or twitter which only waste your time and skills. Waiting for the new discoveries about steemit you mentioned in your post keep sharing @ura-soul

I was a member of Bublues the first site that payed people for their content. All they did to put them out of business was stop paying them for the adds. The same condition still exist and so they can still put anyone out of business in exactly the same manor.

This is why people need to wake up, because Steemit can be put out of business too. To me that begs the question. Why isn't steemit out of business?


I have never heard of that one before. Steem is reliant on investment, but it doesn't need to come from any corporate entities - anyone can buy steem, so it is much more resistant to assault.

facebook addiction spoils the life

great post sir @ura-soul.. its a better network in the society,.. I always inspire of your post on my steem work.. your post is so helpful for us.,thnak for sharing this post and I wait for your next post

If there is a better network in the society, then it is a lot of steamit ....!!

In almost all countries people are complaining about Facebook. As well as starting to sell data with politicians, it is possible to group people into ad maps. Now even worse, Facebook is becoming a fake news outbreak, and any group spreads misguided information without any restrictions. We'll still be on Facebook.All of us have come to believe that Facebook has the potential to fall

I definitely think Steemit has the potential to reverse the isolating nature of Facebook and transform social media into more of a community.