15 steem giveaway for Bangladeshi steemians - To celebrate the return of beautiful ayasha

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Hey BD people, hope all are doing fine.

Today i am here to announce a giveaway of 15 steem to celebrate the return of our beautiful(read ugly), young(read old) girl(read lady) Ayasha. Those who are active on Bangladeshi communities like BDCommunity aka BDC or Steemitbd should know about her. She has done a lot of contribution for Bangladeshi steemians in many ways.

So why this giveaway?

If you are active on discord, u might know that, she was away from the community for a quite long time for some reason. She told me that, she will never come back, she just want to focus on her real life now. But without her, the community is alone. Some members who got a lot of hep from her, used to ask me always about her, when she will comeback or keep saying we don't get community feeling without her. I requested her multiple time to come back but she denied. But recently i was able to do some black magic on her(kidding) and made her agree to come back.

Yes, finally she returned, and i had committed to myself to giveaway 10 steem among BD Steemians. As she returned, i am filling my commitment.

What's about the rest 5 steem?

Here in Bangladeshi community we treat everyone like a family member. We are all like a family here. She got some brothers in this community like @mhossain , @sheikhsayem and may be me as well. We are so close and our relation never make us feel, we are stranger. So one of her loving brother @sheikhsayem contributed 5 steem to make the giveaway pool bigger. Well that doesn't mean only contribution of money means love, u can show it in your behavior work and.

How to participate in this giveaway and rules-

  • First of all you must be a Bangladeshi steemian. Sorry we can't offer others now, but all are invited to join in my steemmonsters card giveaway.

  • You have to be a member of either BDCommunity or Steemitbd.

  • Explain some of her good works. How she helped you in this platform. By money/suggestion or anything else? Or tell use why you love her(if u love). Or if she had done any mistake or you don't love her, explain it nicely.

  • Don't do any irrelevant or spam type of comment. It has to be meaningful.

  • Don't comment more than once. You can always edit your comment in need.

  • Don't hesitate to participate in this giveaway thinking I don't want to sell my love to her for steem. This giveaway is just a celebration.

  • Upvoting, following is not required. Resteeming as well but will be appreciated if you do.

  • Comment until the payout of this post will be accepted as a valid entry. I will post about the winners soon.

How steem will be given away?

As steem is all about proof of brain, I will use brain to select who is going to win. One can win at least one steem and highest 3 steem. I will decide who is going to get how much. If need, i will increase the giveaway pool.

Welcome Back Ayasha Apu


And the giveaway pool is now 20 steem as @mhossain is sponsoring 5 steem

@sourovafrin can I participate in the giveaway as well. I am not from Bangladesh but I do live near India-Bangladesh Border.

So does that count?😅

U can't bro. Even though i make u able, u don't know anything about her

That's true man I was just joining the Bandwagon as anybody who returns back to Steemit after a Break should always be felt special by the ones in the community. I even went to her Profile hoping for a new post but she hasn't posted yet.

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She is back on discord only. She is not going to write any post as there was some issue with her blog.
But your such thinking is really appreciated

Proper meaningful comment by me , in short .

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Ohh it is only for BD. NICE

hey @ayasha apu welcome back 😍 kintu kotha hoiche ki komu akhon? Beshi kichu koite gele to pulapain koibo steem ar jonno love utlaiya portache kintu ami jani r @sourovafrin and @minhaz007 bro jane ami apuk kotota miss korechi 😍

bara means ??? bro @hossainbd

bara mean brother 😍

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Bara means bro? Kobette

from now @sourovafrin rolling eyes emoticon

amare dhoira mairalan.

Dear, @sourovafrin

She is very awesome, helpful, rude, beautiful, angry...

But after that, she is done all for me to grow up in steemit.com. When i was a new born baby in this plateform, i got many help from him...

But i think she don't like me now...i don't know why?

her 😉

I just saw her yesterday, waved at her and no reply. :(
She is all time busy.
Good to see her coming back.

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Wellcome our @bdcommunity queen ...!!

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Every community or society need at least 1 person who can manage everything. I think Ayasha apu is that person.She can manage everything. that's why while some days ago she had left this platform because of depression everyone was missing him.
If you ask me how she help you,i can only remember that incident of spamming reactions 😅

If i say what I don't like about her,then i am not gonna get anything from this contest.🤐

She tries to help all new comers from bd in steemit.

Ar ki komu? 3 steem er jonno onek koiya felsi🙄🙄

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