Please, help me keep her. A birthday to remember.

in #love5 years ago (edited)

I am aiming to get your attention and your sympathy, my wife's life is literally at stake. Her birthday is on March 22nd, less than a week away.


We live in a country where it is very hard to make a living (Trinidad & Tobago).

I seem to have a hard time setting up a #GoFundMe campaign, I don't know if it's because I feel bad asking for handouts or what. Steemit on the other hand, I have no problem opening up to a bunch of complete strangers, and asking you all for a little help. I feel like this is the better option for my crowdfunding endeavor since I don't actually have to ask for money, only your upvotes and resteems.

The reason I am here writing this post right now is because I would like to be able to pay our bills as well as cover our travel expenses to get to the hospitals in the USA. I want to be able to feed my wife healthy, organic, real food. Most importantly, I absolutely need to be able to afford her doctor's visits that she needs for her heart, because my beautiful wife was born as one of the unlucky infants who ended up with Tetralogy of Fallot.


Tetralogy of Fallot (teh-TRAL-uh-jee of fuh-LOW) is a rare condition caused by a combination of four heart defects that are present at birth (congenital).

These defects, which affect the structure of the heart, cause oxygen-poor blood to flow out of the heart and to the rest of the body. Infants and children with tetralogy of Fallot usually have blue-tinged skin because their blood doesn't carry enough oxygen.

Tetralogy of Fallot is often diagnosed during infancy or soon after. However, tetralogy of Fallot might not be detected until later in life in some adults, depending on the severity of the defects and symptoms

With early diagnosis followed by appropriate surgical treatment, most children and adults who have tetralogy of Fallot live relatively normal lives, though they'll need regular medical care throughout life and might have restrictions on exercise." -

We have not been able to afford to see her doctors for years and we desperately need to get her in for a check-up. It doesn't cost anything to upvote and resteem this post. I think that's why I am able to ask for your help. You have nothing to lose. But I do, and I will do whatever I have to do to protect the most precious love of my life.


Our names are Simone and Eddie. We are 26 and 33 years old. We met in a group on Facebook called Namasté, almost exactly 2 years ago. A very long story cut really really short, we immediately fell in love and I flew from the USA to Trinidad to be with the woman I am now proud to call my wife.


Simone is an artist and she can be found at @ascendedmonkey - She is amazing and I love her to pieces, she deserves all the best things in life but would humbly settle for much less. I am going to make sure she doesn't have to. With your help it would be a lot easier. I just need help from you, together we are powerful people, we could easily be on our way to getting my wife some much needed medical care. All I ask is for your upvotes and resteems, and if you're feeling altruistic, a donation.

We are both entrepreneurs, in today's economy you know how stressful that can be. I work full time and so does she. Even if we made 5 times what we make it still wouldn't cover the hospital costs, it's sickening that people have to resort to virtually begging for handouts online to get any kind of assistance. At the least, in countries without free medical. (I've heard Socialist healthcare isn't always that great)

Eventually having the funds to grow our own sustenance on a piece of land somewhere in Peru is our aim, it's been a bumpy road but we are fighters and we will succeed no matter what.


If you are in any way compelled to support us, here is a list of ways you can make our lives a little easier.


You can make donations in the form of STEEM or SBD directly to @ascendedmonkey or @crystalhuman

We have PayPal, our emails are [email protected] and [email protected], both emails are connected to the PayPal account.

Our Cryptocurrency wallets are as follows.

Potcoin - PUiuZvJjpbD8vUdfMsaUWUXBh3ACCUfMtG
Dogecoin - D99to2EaUtPoywhAY7q1MiL3YCUoQyhFEo
Bitcoin - 13Nvj6pEoThHzqnicMsQidqfE6yqarvHAP
Bitcoin Cash - qqdpt4detlxt09v4nlh50xaz050uznk8h5808qrnk3
Ether - 0x1337E9789e4c5237B5063669CFA8E9fCd8F5E349
Litecoin - LPmY5x7UBqizqVGMgbGZpf1knSyex4Foxb
Zcash - t1aPDUn8Ft2K3rVsvLR6qMp9LoSppAiejaG
Vertcoin - VmHzbtpML8wrZvmvKDGzGKrmfiYtUcBj7s
Peercoin - PLdPHM92zJYQuzxBB3zQMTTs3hmHuQM3q1
Feathercoin - 6hWMqwAacmwVXUJQiHziK4Yf3PVc9k6MWV
Reddcoin - RvUKfYV3taQdFxq1WDTSGBVXVSxum6FHSX
Ripple - Tag 1004916261 - address rPVMhWBsfF9iMXYj3aAzJVkPDTFNSyWdKy
Monero - Base Address
Payment ID 299b47418fbc4f9a908f6b59dc6159ccf4b0b20b392b47aab9984cc166282358

Thanks for your support, we are both looking forward to many more years of steeming with you all.


Thank you very much

God bless him

it's really great sir :)
If you are free, plz visit my blog once sir @r2cornell. ☺

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what is wrong with you!!

Thank you all for the support we really appreciate it. Since he wrote this without telling me he didn't have all the specific details surrounding my case. I had surgery when i was 2.5yrs old and while it was considered a complete repair I began having difficulties when I entered university.
I was fortunate to have the surgery covered by the Gift Of Life Foundation when I was a child, however at age 18 when I began having serious palpitations and random fainting spells I was over the age limit to qualify for any further aid. They did however offer some assistance in attempting to find me help elsewhere, but without the means to pay for the tests we are back to square one.
I have spent years going to the local hospitals and clinics, in addition to paying for innumerable tests that have not been able to discern the actual cause of my black outs. They do however suspect that it is an electrical issue.
I wrote this reply really for everyone who reads this post and think its a scam. My husband went out on a limb to put our story out there and since we truly have nothing to hide I am supplementing his post with the medical documentation required to verify its authenticity. thank you all again for your kind words and well wishes. Peace! :)

last word.png

Don't donate any money to @crystalhuman he will scam you. He's playing on love and passion card talking how his wife is sick etc. , but he's completely liar and a fraud.

Do not trust him and downvote his posts.

Maybe someone neutral could call, that hospital, or in some other way verify that @crystalhuman & @ascendedmonkey's case is real, just to stop this trolling, I resteem some of these personal charity posts and upvote.

But many times I am still in doubt, are the papers real? People take pictures in a hospital with a big bandage, (in the back of my head I can hear some doubt, maybe it's a fake bandage, I want to see under the bandage, etc)... I would personally gladly send some SBD's and more actively push this campaign if I was a bit more convinced, but that might just be me I guess I also have some trust issues I guess...

Not that i think you're a hater. Just trying to rectify, and considering it is REAL I'm a bit touchy about it. There's obviously a reason why @steempromos has a rep of 1, while @crystalhuman is currently a 46. Just saying

Im not a "hater"?
Just think that it could be of value to figure out a way for you and your husband to prove that the condition was real to us and also verify that the money collected would go towards medical treatment. Exact amount and clearly stated goal. We would also like to see the receipt afterwards and maybe even pictures of the scars if there is an operation. I know it sounds frustrating, but credibility leads to bigger investments and engagement.

Show you her scars? receipts? For all of the $67 they made on their posts?
And what did you do to contribute? Click keys on the keyboard? Let me ask you? Did it hurt?
Seriously, go away, you’re an idiot!

Thank you for your input @crystalandbones.

This is certainly a better cause than 99% of the crap I see making it to the trending page.
Obviously, it’s real! Get the fuck out of here with this worthless comment!

I am sorry you feel this way @crystalandbones.
I was only trying to give some helpful hints on how to obtain more money fundraising, many people here have both health and financial issues, what makes people want to contribute to a certain cause is credibility and a clearly stated goal/goals and also some promise of a follow up. I also did contribute a little to @crystalhuman & @ascendedmonkey's case... I would really appreciate if you could leave me alone with insults and such, you are barking up the wrong tree here, only trying to help.

I wish more people would upvote this comment and help push it to the top, it's clearly more important than the current top comment.

Namasté my dear fighters <3
I am very touched by your story and I wish I could do so much more for you! It's so wonderful how much love you feel for each other! And I would also do anything for my loved husband, so it's so touching to see how you fight for your wife <3
Unfortunately I only have 4 SBD at the moment :(
But they will be sent to you right after commenting! And of course you get a resteem and an upvote!
I wish you the very, very best and so much love, light, peace and health! Sending you lots of good vibes! <3

Together we can reach so much Steemians, let's help!!! <3

You are too kind, and I deeply appreciate it. Namaste beautiful soul. <3

If you look, you can see the scar on my chest in the picture above as well.


Upvoted. Best of luck!

You just planted 0.25 tree(s)!

Thanks to @crystalhuman

We have planted already 3523.36 trees
out of 1,000,000

Let's save and restore Abongphen Highland Forest
in Cameroonian village Kedjom-Keku!
Plant trees with @treeplanter and get paid for it!
My Steem Power = 20754.80
Thanks a lot!
@martin.mikes coordinator of @kedjom-keku

Good luck bro. I hope you guys can gather the funds to get your wife the help she needs. I couldn't imagine dealing with this if it happened to my wife.

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God be with you and your wife.

Upvote and resteemed... This is the best way I can help...
Your post really touched my heart... I wish I could do more..

Thank you very much, it means a lot to us. Much love.

Indeed, thank you very much! I had no idea he was planning to do this and admittedly I'm a little shy even a tad bit embarrassed. But we do greatly appreciate the support. Thank you again :)

Very affectionate couple. May God bless you long and satisfied life... and your love remains constant forever. Thanks for sharing

Thank you for your kind words. It has been a difficult journey and its still ongoing but we will persevere and overcome. :)

I sincerely wish every happiness and good thing for you both. I wish I could provide all that you require! Travel the road safely and be well!

To those who question whether these kids are telling the truth, I understand your cynicism but wouldn't you rather show some faith in human nature occasionally?

These kids have made every effort to show good faith. I see some people wanting to see "receipts" and "scars from the required surgery when it is done".

These kids seem to be offering a lot in good faith to prove their bonafides. It might be nice if they could be afforded a little privacy and dignity in return.

Thank you so very much for this comment, you have no idea how comforting it is. Since the day with all the 'scam' talk got thrown around I havent been on this thread because it was just too painful.
People have been really nasty about the whole thing and im a very shy person. Which should be obvious considering I've never set up a gofundme of my own. Having to undress for your husband to take pictures of you and share it on the internet isnt fun, infact its humiliating for us both.
Thank you for believing in me and for defending my honor when it was much easier to simply call us liars without doing proper research.
The people who simply chose to assume and openly call us scammers not only marred my character but also actively hinder the possibility of me getting help from those who can and would otherwise be willing.

I really wish there was more that I could do!

I have passed this on to others and I do hope that, if nothing else, you get positive attention and encouragement from them also.

Do not let the naysayers get you down! The internet makes bullies of many who simply need to bolster their own inadequate egos.

Yes there are people who run scams on the internet; There are bad people everywhere.

It is a sign of great weakness in people that they assume that everything is, therefore, a scam. We should feel sorry for them as such unfounded suspicion and negativity about everything must make their lives a pretty ugly place.

You have no reason to be ashamed and every reason to proud of your approach to this.

Be strong and know that you are in the hearts and minds of so many people who wish you only good things!

Thank you so very much. And you're right, from that point of view their lives must be pretty dark if they assume everyone is out to get them. I didn't even consider that before. :/
Your kind words and perspective shift have done much to ease my feelings of unrest. It has been a challenging road but people like yourself have made it a much gentler ride; you have my sincerest gratitude.
Namaste beautiful soul. :)

:O Thanks so much Max!!!

Thanks so much Max! That's very kind of you. We really appreciate your support.

Happy Birthday, i'm sure you'll find a way to keep her, let's upvote this post to give you some funds, that's the very least we can do i guess. Being someone with a lot of disabilities i can relate to her situation.

Nice post.....
we will pray to god tht ur wife comes out from the danger.....Thnxxxx sir..😃😃😃

Thank you, we appreciate it.

Lifting you and @ascendedmonkey in prayer, and I will also resteem this post. I have no doubt that you will receive exactly what you ask for! 🙏🏿

Thank you very much @mrscwin

Resteemed Sure do wish my SP was higher. I will follow along and vote when I can.

Very much appreciated! Stay heady my friend.

My upvote isn't worth much but its yours. Happy Birthday to your wife and best of luck.

All the best with your fundraising mission. Wish I had a wallet full of Steem so I could help out, but it's not happening at the moment.
I hope all goes well for you both

I wish I could do more. My heart goes out to you guys, I really hope you can hit your goal.

Thank you so much!!

Thank you so much dude, it means the world to us. And I have to say your artwork is stellar! o.o

upvoted and transferred some crypto to your btc... get well soon and good luck...

Thank you so much! We are more than thankful :) It's not there yet but it probably just takes time. I will let you know once it arrives. Much love!

I think maybe you made a mistake :( Still nothing and it should at least be pending. Hope you didn't lose any money. Take care. Thanks for the thought.


I feel an attachment to you and @ascendedmonkey. I really hope you find all the support you need.
I wish my vote could do more for you. . . .

But I have faith in the steemit community. Keep us updated on how much progress you are making with the @ascendedmonkey 's surgery, travel and needs.

Try to ignore the hate speech, (this world will always have people who aren't willing to trust you) so @ascendedmonkey (don't get too frustrated). . . chill, some of us will love you even if we later found it was a scum [I personally really believe you guys and sympathize with your situation]. Love is a choice each person has to make; trust can be earned but it is still a choice to determine when you think someone has earned your trust. [some people just haven't learnt to give trust; because really I don't get it!!! if you are lied to and you upvote someone YOU REALLY DON'T LOSS ANYTHING monitory. All you loss is some personal pride and a sense of having been dump enough to believe it. Consider the opportunity cost; is your feeling of being scummed really worth the loss of someone's love of his life?) guys. . . .really? (let's be human and just upvote)

@crystalhuman @ascendedmonkey
Do well to enjoy the love and time you have; don't put off your good moments because of difficult times. All in all it is the cherished moments and memories that make our human lives worth living. AND I TRULY SEE SOMETHING GREAT COMING YOUR WAY. . . . .a steemit miracle

Thank you. This is an extremely appreciated effort.

Thank you so much, it has been a difficult life thus far but I am hopeful for the future. Ive spent years trying to cope with the possibility that I would never be healthy enough to have kids or get to travel the world, so I am admittedly very sensitive about it.
Just aiming for a fighting chance to make a real difference in this world before I have to leave it. And thanks to people like yourself my chance just got way better. So thank you, thank you, thank you!

Touching story. Hope everything turns out ok for you! My mother's birthday is also tomorrow (March 22). I will donate a SBD to you. Happy birthday @ascendedmonkey

Happy belated birthday mom from another brother! I hope she had a great day :)

Thank you for sharing. Lovely couple. May god bless you and wife. Stay strong and keep faith.

Sometimes things like this happen to the lovliest people. I'll include you in my prayers and hope for your recovery. Best of wishes.

Wish you both quick recovery. Cheers!!

Awesome couple, May god keep you both united forever.

You appear to be a beautiful couple and I wish you all the best and hope that you achieve the level of care required without too much of a struggle.

I wish you both the best of luck. Namaste.

Very much appreciated @anarcotech.

I wish you well and good luck with your lives.

Thank you! :) :)

Asking a help for personal interest in public is sometime needed. hope God bless you both and good luck

Wow! Beautiful couple in the world. God bless you both of us

Your love and sincerety for your wife really shines through. I'm so sorry that you are going through this. May you find a cure soon and only health. (upvoted the post)

My brother had this condition, had the blue tinged skin and fingernail beds. He died 7 years ago from complications of his morphine addiction the doctors got him hooked on.

She is a lovely person and I wish you both the best. PS, you may want to speak with someone who actually lives in a country with socialized medicine. I have a lot of friends in Europe and Canada (I'm a recording artist and work with a lot of people in other countries). People with life threatening conditions get the care they need.

That sounds like something I would definitely look into! I am so sorry to hear about your brother.
I can only imagine how difficult it must have been. Hopefully you are doing well, healing, and prospering.

romantic couple nice!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday to you..... #singing
How old are you Now

She'll be 26 :)

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Wishing you two all the best and sending you lots of positive thoughts that will hopefully turn into luck and finally make everything possible that you are hoping for and need to do!

So very sweet. I've resteemed.
May she get the help she needs to be strong and well!

Beautiful couple. Best of luck. Upvote and Resteem done.

i am sorry that you have such heart defect,
i resteemed this post
i wish you both to live long life enjoying your kids
Resteemed many posts from your blog to my 950 followers
thank you+

repeat the words every day every time
All is well All is well.
love and hugs to you both. stay strong.

Down-vote this guy fast, as he is scamming people for his wife's health to get free money from you.

Karma will punish you @crystalhuman for scamming that you do, and then you're spending all money people send you for self promotion of your other posts. How is that saving for your wife morron.


I spent the money on promotion to hopefully make this venture worth the time, idiot. Do you think 5SBD is going to pay her doctor's visits? uh, no. Get lost, fucktard. Go troll someone else.


thats the passport from when I went to Stoney Brook Teaching Hospital in Long Island NY. The head Doctor who worked on me was a man named Dr. Ambrose Vallone. The Trinidadian doctor that diagnosed me is a Dr. Balbirsingh who is still currently located in the town of my birth Tunapuna. Look him up and call him. PLEASE. I DARE YOU

I understand that yes persons scam people on the internet all the time, but I have ALL the documentation because it IS me and it IS true. So you could feel free to rectify your statements before someone else DOES go and research it further. Because all they are going to find out is that the only person scamming is YOU, trying to get away with what little we do actually have thanks to other steemians. Have fun enjoying the shit storm that's coming your way homie. Truth doesn't need to defend itself, but I can put all my medical reports up here if you'd like.
Doubt you'd be able to read it though, because being a doctor is obviously NOT your forte. Feel free to return to talking about shit you actually know about like how to steal people's money. Cheers PUS!

The fact that you asked for help shows that you're really strong, and that's something to appreciate.
It's wonderful how steemit members care for eachother!

Thank you very much for your support. We are both incredibly thankful and humbled by all of this attention and love. Your donation meeans a lot to us. Highly appreciated.

god bless u and long last to your relationship

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Thank You !

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Wow.You are pretty.

Upvoted and reestemed. God bless you two lovely couple.

Thank you very much. :)

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Wow ...very nice [email protected] wish I could do more..

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beautiful couple♥

Hola .. de corazón espero por acá logres encontrar la ayuda para tu esposa .. te deseo toda la suerte .. Dios los Bendiga

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Thoughts and prayers.

Thanks :)

nice ..hi friend follback and vote me thanks for u

Are you serious dude.. Get lost

flag him and his comment will be invisible ☺

Don't donate any money to @crystalhuman he will scam you. He's playing on love and passion card talking how his wife is sick etc. , but he's completely liar and a fraud.

Do not trust him and downvote his posts.

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