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pexels-photo-712830.jpeg"Rent as a lover"
The business is brand new. The job is very simple, fun and profitable.
Theoretia itself. Just days before a long time, only Janine Girlfriend, who had grown up, said in the last message, "You are a man, many girls will want to be your girlfriend". I did not throw the word. Believe me If there is something great with the scars, the spots are not just good, extra good.
After two hours of breastfeeding, I posted on Facebook a satinyay "Rent as a boyfriend / boyfriend." In exchange, lunch will be given by the lunch and go to the next.
In the absence of a good, ideal lover in the country, the hearts of women have become desert, and if they did not post the post, then it would not have been known. We have a lot of topics in Facebook here. I got the response to the thump. My demand increased. I started to deal with new clients. I started eating stomachs, going for rent, gift items, new clothes, etc. It is a time to start thinking that the business will bring a position. At night, I started to dream of new dreams. A huge office will be mine. Young men from the office "all go to love the rent." I'll be their boss. I started to research by dreaming in a dream. How to make this business even better. Researches in the form of points:

  1. How to make a girl happy by floating in a little time and happy.
  2. Whether the money can be introduced by the clients, bonus money can be introduced. How do you do?
  3. Hi, I am so and so Are you so Can not save time by starting a straight love when talking to angele without such silly talk?
  4. Whether the acceptance can be accepted. (Then there was an account of money)
  5. It is a time to start the process of love with three or four girls.
  6. Whether the office can be rented Where are some tips for presenting a new baby boy, who can be employed in the work. (In that case, the income will increase significantly)
    The mind mood is quite good nowadays. Father was unemployed, so many people were unleashed before. But today I have been standing on my feet with so many love. Hopefully we can write the names of successful entrepreneurs after a few days if everything is fine. Then call for various motivational speeches to colleges and universities. I'll mobilize the room with the microphone hands, room doors windows, fans, ACs and interested people. Give them new ideas about this new business. Everyone will give up. Talia will give it. Thinking is going to shudder.
    Breaking news on TV will be the result of the love bumper production in such a district. The People's Republic of Government has called upon all to love many.
    The business is running very well.
    I think I will write a book about this matter. The name of the book will be
    "A love will be sin
    Taxes in excess love ".
    I am very happy and financially well now. Sadiya, Faria, Afiya, Razia, Rizia, Fatima, Tuntuni, Fultusi have all the names in the name of all the clients and I have clients.

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