Millionaire lottery: the first, round 02. Code 01.02

in lotto •  last year

Lottery Results: Code 01.01

There are 6 lottery tickets. The lucky number is 1348 (See a screenshot below the article)
None of you:
@arupkumer: 2345
@jamesho1991: 45290
@xuanphuc98: 1454
@ngocbuivan: 0975
@femolala: 6289
@nampvhn: 1620
wins the prize. So, unfortunately.

Now we will go to the second round of the first. Code 01.02


95% of author rewards from (this blog + rewards code 01.01)

= 95% of authors rewards (this blog) + 4.846SBD + 1.280SP


  • Vote this blog: To increase for reward value
  • Follow me @haccolong: To update your chances
  • Resteem this blog: To add players =>to increase for reward value
  • "Reply" your lucky number and it is your lottery ticket, if this number is the same as the number of SP receive from this blog then you are the winner.
    Example: If your reply is1234 and author rewards I'll receive from this blog is 1,234SP, you are win; if I get 12,340 you aren't the lucky one.


  • If there are no winners, winner refuse to receive or winner is ineligible, the reward of this round will be accumulated for the next round, until has winner. This promises you can become millionaire.
  • If more than one winner, the reward will be shared equally.
  • Each player is only able to receive one ticket free.
  • Reply your lucky number must be made within 120hours, since the start of this round (UTC time). I will Reply your reply to confirm, if I do not Reply means that has expired and your number has no effect.
  • The results of the lottery round will be publish on the 8thth day or the 10th day, at the publish also the start of a new lottery round.
  • To ensure the transparency, and prevent given reward for Steemian not active. Within 30 days, the winner must confirm by reply the blog's publish results and should take proof of eligibility for the community to trust.
  • If your ticket is win but don't do one of the three actions: vote, follow and resteem, your ticket is not valid.
Tip: You can vote, follow and resteem now, still "reply" may to do on the 5th day.

Finally, Wish fun and good luck for you!

Photos lucky numbers (code 01.01)


This blog is posted at 18h44 2018-05-07 UTC


This is a lottery and it's free so it's not gambling

Copyright @haccolong

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My number is 0255


Hi @srijana-gurung
Glad you joined.
Verify, your ticket is: 0255


I want to be a billionaire. Good blog.


Opportunity has opened for you. Wellcome!

My number is: 0369


Verify, your ticket is 0369

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Thanks a lot!

My number is: 2412


Verify, your ticket is: 2412
I'm afraid it's a big number if not a lot of people. Since I will not use the bot for it anymore. From now on.
Anyway good luck to you


Vậy là maybe next time hả anh :D


Có lẽ là như vậy, nếu may mắn nhiều người tham gia thì vé em sẽ tới. hihih Anh sẽ duy trì trò này nhưng ko dùng bot, nếu dùng chỉ dùng cho vòng 01 thôi. Để đẩy giá trị lên cho mọi người chơi. :) Từ vòng 02 thì chắc lẽ không nên dùng nữa. Hẹn 7 ngày nữa có kết quả nha. :)


Em sẽ chờ 😆

Hi! This time the value is higher then.
Last time did not hit, this time guessed again.
My number is: 0589
Hi! lần này giá trị giải cao hơn rồi.
Lần trước không trúng, lần này đoán lại vậy.
Số tôi chọn là: 0589
Blessed with all of us :)


Verify, your ticket is 0589
You need to resteem this blog.

My number is 0473


Hi @n1rvana
Verify, your ticket is: 0473

trò này ko vui lắm, hay là lấy 4 số giải miền bắc. ai gần nhất thì win
chứ để chuẩn 100% thì khó lắm bác ơi


Đúng vậy bác ạ, mà e chọn số 3927 nhé :D


Verify, your ticket is 3927
Note: số chọn cao vật vã :(


Thế nên tham gia cho zui là chính ạ :D


Khó mới thành triệu phú chứ! thắng ngay thì giải thấp ẹch ah :(

Very good...


invite you to play!

I choose 0067


Verify, your ticket is 0067

Số 0068 nhé anh!


Verify, your ticket is 0068