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Tarun, Arvind and Vijay progressed toward becoming companions in GITAM college, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India. They came to go to their conference day. Arvind and Vijay were tattling, while Tarun was caught up in his own particular musings. Arvind takes a gander at Tarun and asks,"Vijay, what is fellow contemplating"? "Give me a chance to figure. Aarti"? asks Vijay. Tarun takes a gander at them with his eyes enlarged and squeezing his lips. "Brother, today is the latest day in here. What is your arrangement?" asks Arvind.

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"I brought a bundle", says Tarun.

"Great decision. Proceed", say the other two as one.

Tarun gets up and clears out. "Is he still perplexed" ?

"Perplexed about what, Arvind"? "The dismissal thing, about Aarti dismissing him"? "It is a troublesome thing to remark upon, I don't know".

Tarun scans for him when he hears a voice calling him", Tarun, pause". Tarun swings on his right side and sees Aarti and Sanjay meeting up. "Hey".

"Tarun, here is a welcome card for you". Tarun takes a gander at her inquisitively.

"Aarti, he didn't get it. You should desire our marriage".

The greater part of Tarun's valor vanished. Tarun figured out how to grin at them. After they cleared out, he went to his companions. Arvind asked, "Brother what happened"? Tarun came and sat in a seat, slipped the bunch from his hand. He gave the welcome card to his companions.

"What"? "She is getting hitched"?

"Folks, I am not ready to think. Personal require a bit of personal time".

"Beyond any doubt Tarun". After he cleared out Vijay said,"He is apprehensive, Arvind.

The following day was a Sunday so the trio wanted to meet once more". "What's the arrangement, Tarun"? "Give 's a chance to have a terrific in the shoreline, brothers". "At long last, you are back", said Vijay.

After two weeks, the trio met at a bistro. Arvind and Vijay were chating about the meeting day, while Tarun was constantly gazing at the sky". "He is stuck some place, would he say he isn't Arvind"? "Tarun what is it"?

He took a book and set it on the table". "What is this"?

"Open the book initially, Vijay".

"What we would it be a good idea for us to do with material science course book of XII class? At any rate, no complaints". They opened the book. "Tarun, XII class, B area". "Investigate there Vijay, there's another name". "Priya"? Asked the team. "You haven't said anything in regards to this young lady. Who is she? At the point when did you meet her?"

"I was in my eighth grade at that point. She was in seventh. Out of the blue, I met her in a transport. We didn't talk much the principal day in any case, as days cruised by, I wound up open. In spite of the fact that I don't recall what I spoke, I didn't understand that I drew near to her around then. She took my book for her twelfth grade from my mom, which I came to think about later. I don't know why I recollected this yet, I have a craving for meeting and drawing near to her once more". "It is safe to say that you are not perplexed of the dismissal thing"? "I wouldn't fret. I am clearing out".

Tarun left while Vijay said," I don't know whether she will state yes or no be that as it may, I am certain around a certain something. He has gotten himself".

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