Lost Content Digest #5: all proceeds go to featured authors!

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Welcome to the Lost Content Digest! On LCD, we feature articles that have passed their first payout, are well-written and original, and are written by relatively new writers, but received little attention. If an article has passed a payout without any attention, it is extremely rare for it to ever get noticed again. That's where we come in!

Each issue of LCD features a handful of articles (this one has 5), and all of the SBD proceeds of the issue are distributed evenly to the authors of the featured articles. So if I receive a payout for this issue of $100 in SBD, I will send each of the following authors $20.

In no particular order, today's articles are:

@icen2345 shares the story of a road trip through Greece and Italy.

@lanimal gives us some thoughts on competition, cooperation, and complementarity.

@base1626 gives us an introduction to something that's always fascinated me: BASE jumping!

@ats-david writes about how to make coffee great again.

@tombritton gives us a primer on building large muscles.

I encourage you to go read these articles and upvote them if you think they're particularly good! And as always, follow me if you want more lost content suggestions like these!

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