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The Long-Game --> A game where the process is more important than the end result. Where building your masterpiece is the most enjoyable thing to do. My posts in this Long-Game series will be investigating the Steem blockchain and all the latest happenings on it! The future is bright.

They are all referring to the long-game of the Steem blockchain and anything that remotely relates to that.

In these posts, these topics and more will frequently be touched upon:
1. dapp developments
2. interface features
3. ideas for the future
4. content creators on Steem
5. entrepreneurs on Steem
6. and anything else!

Essentially, everything is up for grabs in these posts. They’re about the future of our favorite blockchain: the Steem blockchain.

Are you worried about your Steem investment?

Are you worried about the direction of this blockchain?

I read a post earlier today in which a long time steemian said that they were fed up with the current state of Steem.

They said that they are going to power down and then decide if they will fully leave the blockchain.

For now, however, they are largely undecided.

They simply want the liquidity to leave whenever they want.

Everyone who's invested in Steem should know that their investment is their investment.

Whatever they wish to do with their investment is their choice.

My opinion on the matter is this:

Steem is a blockchain that has been through so much.

We have seen ups and we have seen downs.

We have seen people and influencers of all sizes come and go.

Steem, however, is the best blockchain out there.

This is my opinion, but I believe that Steem has way more potential than any other blockchain simply because of the people who reside on Steem.

Steem is all about community. Steemit, Inc. has done a horrible job of maintaining, growing and nurturing the community of the blockchain that they brought to fruition.

But as we have seen with Aggroed and Steem Engine -- you do not need Steemit, Inc. to make major progress on this chain.

You don't need to rely on them and you certainly shouldn't. Their track record sucks.

So I continue to say:

If you stay here on Steem as I am staying, then look to the community, not to any individual or corporation.

This is a decentralized blockchain and it gets more so each day! Enjoy your time here and do your part to make it a better place ;)


What do you do to try to help the community?

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