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This is my Sunday's contribution to @juliank's @photocontests for #longexposurephotography.

This was taken at Camp 6, Kennon Road, Tuba, Benguet, Philippines. For water landscape, photography and long exposure, this is a good place to do so that is near where I live. This is also where my grandparents live and my aunt and her family. We therefore frequent this for a picnic or just for a quick getaway and relaxation.

What I like about this place is that every time we go there, the landscape changes especially after a storm or monsoon season. The water level goes up and rushes through the river. There are lots of tributaries that drains to this river. This river meets with another river on the other side. Where this was particularly taken, the water drains from Mt. Cabuyao. The other river drains from tributaries from Baguio City.

For this shot I used my Nikon D5000 at f14, ISO 320, 30 sec and using ND4 filter.


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The best, Arief!!!!! Woot woot! Ijay piman daytuy???


Ijay camp 6 baguio new territory nga kuna agot :D

Beautiful shot @leeart

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ay ang sarap magpasampal sa agos haha yan ung tipong pag umupo ka madadala ka ng agos tpos pag nilabanan mo ung agos pa ang nagpa massage...


[email protected] ang sakit naman nun kun sakali :D

Wow, nice capture.😊

Wonderful photography. Best of luck.

Ang ganda! #petmalu 😊


tnx! Mas petmalu ka hehe...dami mo na pala napanalunan :D lodi!


Hindi nmn. hehe. Actually, we are using the same Cam and I still need to learn how to get a good shot like this. Haven't try pa kasi. 😊


You should do it. It's a learning experience and you'll expand your creativity with it. Ako kasi nagstop na wala na ako cam haha!

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Beautiful photography long exposure
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Thank you so much!

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Galing Sir @leeart Hands down.

Beautiful shot, Arief!

amazing shot. galing galing nman tlga ni sir. :)

ang ganda naman parang natutunaw lang na dry ice :-)

A soft mist flowing down the stream :)

Congrats on the #longexposurephotography win.