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The Bruins are trying to throw the spin factor that they were cheated. Their coach is on all out assault. This is custom for teams to posture themselves for an advantage. Bruins say whatever you can say to try and win the game. Play your players without acknowledging their injuries. Take flops like you have said you need to draw more calls. Your coach Cassidy said this to the media after game 4. You want marginal calls?
But what's Boston's excuse for not scoring on the power play? How about losing all the face-offs and puck possession? What about the "dream line" and the other top players not producing? What about getting hit and losing on the fore-check? But the refs missed a call and that's the reason Boston lost. Boston losing had nothing to do with not scoring for 55 minutes after plenty of breaks and opportunities. Bruins don't deserve it. Pointing fingers instead of looking in the mirror.

These playoff have been a joke in regards to officiating. I'm happy the blues won, but am not entirely proud of my team. A wins a win.But Binner was standing on his head. Refs paid it back with letting a blatant tripping call go shortly after against Boston but I understand why you would all be upset. Alot of teams have had to deal with some bad calls. I do think there may have been a bit of embellishment on the missed call though, might be why they didn't call it.
lenty of missed calls. What would the Bruins do if it was reversed? Would they have refused the goal and boxed themselves? Boston had ten full minutes to get back in that game. One minute does not excuse 59 minutes of not getting the puck in the net.

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