Congratulations , GS Warriors!

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All of you were amazing! To God Be the Glory! Praying for Kd, Klay, Kevon, Andre, Demarcus,& Steph's speedy recovery and rehab before game # 3! Let's continue the Golden Dynasty for the Glory and honor of God, your teammates, & fans!!
Warriors felt disrespected at half-time refs letting lowry and gasol get away with everything. Letting dudes camp inside the paint so they went off 3rd quarter refs still tried to let them back in. Then Iggy hit that 3

This is probably our last ring! We're obviously getting old. But, we have a bench and Curry. Draymond is playing great but makes too many mistakes. Otherwise this could've been a blowout. Cousins surprised me and QC was awesome. One more ring. Let's get it!
Let's get this straight curry is straight out garbage he's not an all time anything but choker this dleaguer in the last minute had tech for a pt then a bad pass to Livingston then a turnover to van fleet who is clearly better than curry curry can't deal with him he's delladouva all over .

Curry needs to stop backing into the defence and then shooting to draw a foul its a dog move and an offensive foul but yet the refs always kiss him on the dick. kicking his legs into Pascal while hes coming back into his lane with no intention of making contact on Curry. Good game golden state, credit where credit is due .

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