Daily Digest #70 - Goats, Bridges and Fertile Soil

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Being sustainable means we have to plan for a renewable future as much as we replenish and maintain what we already have. Reusing, recycling and maintaining are all part of that.




"There are certain kinds of "goat lice" that can show up on goats, especially in the colder months. Usually once the temperature starts heating up they disappear on their own, but we didn't want to wait. We figured that the sooner we could rid our goats of their uninvited "friends" the better."

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Homemade Biochar to Sequester Carbon and Increase Soil Fertility, @sagescrub

Replenishing the soil that we farm is incredibly important. Constantly farming the same crops year in year out or planting in soil that has lacks natural nutrients is going to leave us with a poor harvest.

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Building a Bridge with Recycled Pallets, @senorcoconut

Helping to promote forest camping and country walking, this bridge made from reclaimed pallets now connects 2 forest paths at 'No Man's Land Extravaganza'.

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Delegators Wanted

We want to power up and we need to renew our leases for Steem Power. Before we go to the well known location to get SP we thought we'd ask our community. We pay 1 Steem per week for every 120SP delegated. If you would like to take part please contact us on the Discord Channel

Helping to Spread the Word

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Contest Updates

Every week there are two contests related to our environment and living sustainably.

This week there is a Taking Responsibility Writing Contest.

There is also a weekly photography contest with the intention of raising awareness of environmental issues. This contest ends on Thursday.

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Let's add fragmented wood on the top of soil, don't burn it !

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