Daily Digest #46 - Geodesic homes and more!

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Facts on how Geodesic homes! Making your own perfume and a dual language post about deforestation in Indonesia.

This is another jam packed curation promoting content that aims to make our world a better place.

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Building a Geodesic Dome, @bacinilat

Did you know Geodesic homes use around 1/3 less surface area to enclose the same volume as a traditional cuboid home?
Me neither. Did you know that this means less head escape in the winter and less air conditioned air to escape in the summer? Me neither. This and much much more in this post about building a geodesic dome home!

Read more here


Deforestation in Indonesia, @alkhalidi92

I love a bi-lingual post as they offer a different perspective to many posts we currently see on Steemit. This post is from an author in Indonesia, they are sharing some old, yet frightening statistics about deforestation in Indonesia! Here's hoping we can all help to make this better!

Read more Here


How to make your own cologne and Perfume, @llfarms

This is an author to follow. The mission is to empower people to make it instead of buy it. Here is an author we can all support. In their latest post you can find out how to make your own perfume. It was surprisingly straight forward.

Read more here


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Awrsome. Love these buildings.... and Yurts.

well done! heartly thanks from bulgaria! :))

I studied geodesic structures in college over 40 years ago. I am interested in building sustainable housing - earth ship homes has architectural plans for building them with recycled materials.

I found that you followed me. I am looking for like-minded people who are looking for ways to sustainable living, off-grid living.
I plan to buy some timber land in the Ozarks - Arkansas and will need young people who are interested in building sustainable housing and farm organically - fish, goats, chickens, turkeys, pigs, and perhaps horses and cattle - and of course, dogs and cats.