Why is Antshares dropping and Litecoin going up? - @beachbuminvestor says look to the trade volumes

in litecoin •  2 years ago

For those of you following me, you will know I like to look to real world economic information to get my lead on certain cryptocurrencies.

Litecoin has been the highest traded coin in the crypto-economy over the last 24 hours. With over U.S $1billion in trade volume, Litecoin has surpassed crypto-giants Bitcoin and Ethereum. All the countries leading crypto-investment are jumping on board.High volumes out of Korea, China, and the U.S suggest that Litecoin is the preferred currency among crypto-enthusiasts early in July.

This could also be significant in explaining the substantial retracement from Antshares since my sell advice (which I hope you all followed, see article bellow).


So is Antshares good buying? Not right now in my opinion. I believe we could see a further retracement as far as $6.00.

Your call frothers. I'm just trying to give you something to think about. You should always have a reason to buy or sell. FOMO and Panic are not reasons!!

Stay stoked, keep frothing, and always remember...... an informed investor is a successful investor.

Fish @beachbuminvestor

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This is just my personal opinion but I believe Litecoin to be so undervalued. The technology and development team behind are so good and now Charlie Lee is back too. Litecoin is so fast and it should've been shadowing Bitcoins movements but it wondered astray for some reason. I think people are just now realizing what it's really worth as we watch the price go up.


You're not the only one. We're seeing it climb right now.


Followed and upvoted. Additional information with that sort of speed. I think I just found a good one. Thanks for bringing extra value to this article @blockchainevo